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Serious Stories

Last Posted: "Same Song, Different Lyrics" Part 3 (end), December 16 1999

Please note that in stories with more than one chapter, the link herein will take you to Chapter One, which then links to Chapter Two, which.... you get the idea.

(total size)
DescriptionPartsRatingSpoilersWhen Written
Deny Or Embrace
Xena and Gabrielle have to deal with a mysterious mountain, a terrifying vision, and their changing relationship, while helping a village prepare for a religious ceremony. 7 PG-13 "Sacrifice II" Summer 98
The Hills May Shift
An alternate-future story. Kind of melancholy but not really "dark." 1 PG-13 None Late 97
The Lessons Series:
1. Learning The Ropes
An Uber set at modern-day Harvard. Warning: Contains lots of profanity and explicit, very kinky sex. 8 NC-17 None Fall 97
The Divinity Series:
1. Apotheosis
A dark angsty story that has Xena struggling with the issues raised by episode "The Furies" while she and Gabrielle help a woman search for her kidnapped child. 3 NC-17 "The Furies" Late 97
2. Theodicy
Sequel to Apotheosis. Contains Amazons, third-season spoilers and lots of angst. 15 R Up to "The Debt Part II" Spring 98
The Transformation Series:
1. Mirth In Heaven
My first "serious" story attempt. Gabrielle wakes up one morning and finds herself transformed... she and Xena have to figure out why. 10 PG-13 None Summer 97
2. Strange Intimacy
Sequel to "Mirth in Heaven." Gabrielle wants to revisit the situation of "Mirth," but Xena's not so sure... with disastrous, but funny, results! 6 NC-17 None Nov. 97
3. Warrior... Princess... Mom?"
Gabrielle's decisions from "Strange Intimacy" come back to haunt her.... 8 R None Dec 97

Silly and/or Pure Sex Stories

(total size)
DescriptionPartsRatingSpoilersWhen Written
Dea Ex Machina A comic piece in which Aphrodite makes Xena fall in love with Gabrielle. 7 R None Summer 97
Warrior King A silly takeoff of the episodes "Warrior... Princess" and "Warrior... Princess... Tramp" 1 PG-13 None Summer 97

Non-Story Humor

The Xena Song Parody Page Features (currently) more than sixty Xena filks by me and others.
Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to Season Four (contains spoilers for XWP Season 3 and HTLJ Season 4)
Top Ten Signs You May Be Obsessed with "Xena: Warrior Princess" (now somewhat dated... oh well)
Top Eleven Joxer Plots for Season Three (now somewhat dated... oh well)
Warrior/Bard Quiz Cosmo-style: how to tell whether you're a warrior or a bard

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