Top Ten Reasons to Look Forward to Season 4

10. Ephiny's much-deserved revenge on Xena for breaking her arm in TBS

9. Stubborn donkey from "A Solstice Carol" returns as Argo's annoying, bumbling love interest

8. Returning to her bad old ways, Xena hunts down and beheads that boy who implied Sinbad is a bigger hero than her (BTDT)

7. Alt-universe Xena and Aphrodite have a rematch of their catfight -- this time naked in Jello

6. Long-awaited return of Hower -- we find out why Xena doesn't WANT her whip back ;)

5. Xena travels to Tartarus to find her son, only to discover Solon has become a satyr -- Katrina sues the Xenastaff for royalties

4. Attempting to outdo the subtle, sophisticated humor of "Porkules" and "Chimpules," the Xenastaff turn out a comedic masterpiece in "Xebra"

3. Dramatic showdown between Karl Urban's Caesar and Gina Torres' Cleopatra ... with special guest, Tony Todd as Marc Antony (*drool*)

2. The three naked Gabrielles (TQIM) team up with the three Xena lookalikes in a cunning plot to conquer the world while rescuing Joxer from certain doom (yay certain doom)

And the number one reason to look forward to Season 4:

1. Finally find out what part Ares' sideburns play in Dahok's evil plan.