Top Ten Signs you may be obsessed with "Xena: Warrior Princess"

10. Passing by your local leather shop, you consider going in to see if they have a Xena costume.

9. While cooking, you look speculatively at your frying pan and wonder what Gabrielle might give you for it.

8. Someone tries to tell you about something that happened to them ten years ago, and you roll your eyes and shake your head resignedly.

7. You read a newspaper report on crime that uses the word "lawless" and mistakenly assume it means the cops called in Xena to catch the baddies.

6. There is no six.
5.9. You think the song "Banned from Argo" is about Gabrielle not being allowed to ride the horse. (Trek fandom joke, sorry)

5. You bring home a Xena dollie and imagine you can hear your Darth Vader action figure screaming with fear.

4. It's an Olympic year, and you're wondering where they found the other four chakrams for the flag.

3. You turn on "General Hospital" and say, "Hey, this reminds me of the time Gabrielle got kidnapped and...."

2. Upon learning that Lucy Lawless is an Aries, you spend several days pondering the implications before realizing it's a zodiac sign, not the God of War.

And the number one sign you may be obsessed with "Xena: Warrior Princess":
1. Your mythology teacher is getting sick of hearing you say "No, that's not how it happened...."