Warrior/Bard Quiz

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At 6:35 PM -0400 4/9/97, THPFT@aol.com wrote:
>How does one figure out if one is a warrior or a bard? It is so much more
>than just a butch femme thing.
>Would there be any campers up to making me a kind of Cosmo style quiz to help
>me out a bit?

1. When faced with a snag in your romantic relationship, you:
a. stalk grimly into the forest and keep walking till you find someone to beat up
b. want to talk it out
c. burst into tears
d. write a poem about your feelings

2. Your idea of the perfect dinner is:
a. anything you've killed yourself
b. anything organic
c. anything fat-free
d. anything that tastes good

3. Your favorite Star Trek character is:
a. K'Ehlar or B'Elanna
b. Janeway
c. Wesley
d. Chakotay

4. Your favorite Shakespeare play is:
a. Macbeth
b. Merry Wives of Windsor
c. Romeo and Juliet
d. Midsummer Night's Dream

5. Your favorite article of clothing is:
a. anything leather
b. Birkenstocks
c. anything designer
d. a dramatic cloak

6. While traveling, you find a baby abandoned by a river. You:
a. hastily hand it off to your sidekick while wishing it had been a warlord
b. denounce the patriarchal society that forced a mother to abandon her child
c. pick it up gingerly, hoping it doesn't need changing
d. pick it up and coo sweetly until it smiles at you

7. During a battle, you are injured, and immediately:
a. get up and rejoin the fight
b. look around for the right herbs to mix a poultice
c. pull off your clothing and put it in cold water so it won't stain
d. faint

8. When you discovered that Xena had taken over Autolycus, your first thought was:
a. "Him? But he's no warrior!"
b. "Him? But he's a man!"
c. "Hey, he's kinda cute."
d. "What rhymes with Autolycus?"

9. You think Ares is:
a. an annoyance
b. an outdated symbol of an overly violent patriarchy
c. a hunk
d. imbued with a properly godly arrogance

10. When you go home to visit, your mother says:
a. "Don't bring those bloodstained boots in MY house!"
b. "It's been so long, we were going to head to the courthouse to bail you out."
c. "You look a little thin."
d. "So, what have you been doing with yourself?"

and a bonus question:
11. You think Joxer is:
a. an annoyance
b. an annoyance
c. an annoyance
d. an annoyance :-)

Scoring: Give yourself 4 points for each A, 3 for each B, 2 for C and 1 for D.

10-17: Bard
17-25: Can get into Bardic College, but probably will drop out and become a nomad.
25-32: Can entertain the other soldiers with your singing and storytelling.
32-40: Warrior



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Last updated 28 July, 1997