As you may have gathered by now, I'm a pretty big cat lover. I have a webpage about each cat that I've ever lived with, and of course there are lots of pictures! If you think kitty pictures are boring or silly, turn back now!

Here are brief biographies of the kitties. Click the kitty name to see pictures.

  • Toes was my cat from the time I was a little kid until she died at the ripe old age of 20, on June 4, 1999. I have a memorial page to her with a picture and an essay I wrote about her long life.
  • The Pantheon is what I like to call the five cats who live with Katherine the Art Chick. I lived with them for a while in 1999-2000, which is why I have so many pictures of them. They're called the Pantheon because they're all named after Greek gods or figures from Greek mythology.
  • Mister Softie and Nomar:
    • Mister Softie, formerly known as The General, joined my mom's household around Christmas 1999, at the age of about one year.
    • Nomar is the newest addition to my mom's household, having been adopted in April 2000. He's about the same age as Mr. Softie, maybe six months younger.
  • Bini (short for Cherubino) is my newest kitty friend, whom I adopted in November 2000. He was born approximately Spring 1994.
I also have, fairly randomly, a picture of my brother's cat Scout in a suitcase.

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