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These kitties live with Katherine the Art Chick and Brian. I lived with them for a while too and that's when I took all these pictures. Katherine calls them "Fufus" or "FuFu NookNooks." (If you think that's disgustingly sweet, you should hear her baby-talking them sometime!)

Persephone is the oldest kitty and the mother or grandmother of all the others except Adonis. She is the boss kitty and the others all know it! She also has a bad back, and when it bothers her she can get grumpy and start taking swats at the other cats. If she starts taking swats at the humans, we call her "bitch kitty" and make her sit on the floor. Adonis is the second-oldest. He is about the same age as Persephone, and is her mate and the father of her children. As such he's the alpha male, but he is very mild-mannered and doesn't go bossing the other cats around -- probably because he knows Persephone would kick his butt if he did! He spends a lot of his time washing the other cats and trying to avoid Persephone's wrath. His nickname is "Mingy" because that's what he sometimes sounds like he's saying when he meows.
Circe is the daughter of Adonis and Persephone. She is quite timid around strange people, and spends a lot of her time hiding under Katherine's bed. But at night she emerges to go on hunting expeditions, and sometimes during the day she'll emerge and stalk the evil rubber bands that infest our home. She also spends every night sleeping between Katherine's legs. She has a maternal streak and likes to spend a lot of time grooming her daddy Adonis and her brother Achilles. Achilles is the son of Persephone and Adonis, and is what Katherine calls "the omega male," also known as the low man on the totem pole. Achilles has a permanently worried look on his face, probably from knowing that once Adonis is gone, Hermes will kick his butt if he tries to take over as alpha male. But he's very sweet, and enjoys rubbing up against legs (and occasionally nibbling on them). Achilles also has the amazing ability to sense a human eating something within a one-mile radius.
Hermes is the bastard grandchild of Adonis and Persephone, although his exact parentage is unknown. (He was fathered by one of Persephone's other sons, after Katherine gave them to a neighbor who already had a female cat.) Hermes is the youngest and most of the other cats treat him like the baby, especially Persephone, who plays favorites. Hermes likes to think he's the alpha male, and acts like it when Adonis isn't around. He hold his ears a little crooked, and along with the tilt of his eyes this gives him a rakish, insouciant look. Aphrodite died in early May 2000. :-(   She was one of the sweetest kitties in the whole world. She was the daughter of Persephone and Adonis, and she mostly kept to herself, except when she wanted to be petted. Then she would sit by your feet and look at you adoringly, until you were overcome by her cuteness and you began to pet her. When you scratched her ears, she would go into a paroxysm of ecstasy and lie down on the floor, writhing in delight, waving her paws in the air. Sometimes it took several minutes of this before she realized that you had stopped petting her! She will be missed.

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