Nomar and Mister Softie

Mister Softie, formerly known as The General, joined my mom's household around Christmas 1999. At that time, he was named General Burnsides after the guy for whom sideburns are named, because he (the cat, not the guy) has big poofy bits of fur on the sides of his face. Eventually, though, we realized that it didn't fit his personality. He's much too easy-going to be a military kitty. And so he was renamed "Mister Softie," which refers to his "softie"-ness both physical (he has very soft fur!) and emotional. He is kind of aloof when it comes to petting and cuddling, although you can tell he enjoys it. He also allows Nomar to push him around a lot.

Nomar is the newest addition to my mom's household, having been adopted in April 2000. He's about the same age as Mr. Softie but much more outgoing; he likes to be cuddled and petted, but he also loves to run around and play! His favorite toys are the twisty plastic pieces that you remove from a jug of milk when you open it. He can never get enough of those toys! He hides some of them under the sofa for safekeeping, and the rest he likes to store in his food dish. He also enjoys chasing the red dot of the laser pointer, as you can see in one of the pictures below. Nomar's paws are much larger than normal. He has extra toes on all four of his paws (this is called "polydactyl"). He had one toe removed due to infection, but it hasn't slowed him down at all!

Pictures of Mister Softie
I don't have thumbnails of the following pictures yet:

Here are some with thumbnails. Click the little picture to see the larger version:

Pictures of Nomar
Being all black, Nomar's pretty hard to photograph. But here's a nice silhouette. And here are some more shots, with thumbnails. Again, click the little picture to see the bigger version.

Stalking the wild laser-pointer dot

Pictures of Both
Only one so far...

The kitties both hear something off in the distance! What could it be?

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