Bini joined my household in early November 2000. Like Nomar and Mister Softie, he was adopted from the Animal Rescue League in Boston. Bini was probably born sometime in 1994 so right now he is about eight years old. His full name is Cherubino, after a character in "The Marriage of Figaro."

Bini is somewhat high-strung and neurotic, and he's not the smartest kitty in the litter, but he does like to play with a few toys, and he loves to cuddle.

It's been very hot lately, and Bini has taken to lying on his back to expose his tummy in an effort to cool down. Click the thumbnail image above to see the full-size version. Isn't it cute? You can also see a much bigger version of this picture or a picture of the same thing from farther away.

More Pictures of Bini
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Last modified 12 July 2002