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Originally designed as one geek's personal site (who is Joan the English Chick?), this site has, as so often happens, evolved beyond its original purpose. Yes, there are still some pages about my personal interests and hobbies (particularly grammar). Yes, there are still the obligatory cat pictures. But this site is now primarily dedicated to my two kids. Sad but true. ;)

The Kids

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Isaac was born June 11, 2003, and is at this writing three and a half. He's learning how to read, singing "Jingle Bells" and "Animal Fair", and completely obsessed with trains.
Ruth was born March 24, 2006, and is at this writing eight months old. She's teething, learning to crawl, and dealing with a stranger-anxiety phase.

Everything Else

In May 2004, Isaac and I were at City Hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts, when the first same-sex marriage applications in the United States were accepted.
Pictures of the ceremonies and celebrations | My December 2002 trip to Japan and Hawaii | Cats

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