Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

Submission Guidelines

If you have written an intentional badfic that you would like to see posted on this website, email it to with "Badfic" in the subject.

Please bear in mind the following guidelines:

  1. You can send your story in plain text, or in HTML. We will be very grateful if you do the HTMLing yourself, but if you don't know how, we'll do it for you. Please do not send attachments. Due to the proliferation of viruses on the Internet, we cannot accept any attachments as submissions.
  2. Please include a list of the Badfic conventions that you are spoofing in your story. We prefer it if you use footnotes (check out some of the stories currently on our site to see how we typically do it) but, if you like, you can simply write a few paragraphs of summary.
  3. Any fanfic genre is fair game. Your Badfic can include characters from any TV show, movie, book, etc. Crossovers are also welcome.
  4. Your fanfic may be erotic in nature if desired, but please indicate in your email if it has sexually explicit content. We like to put warnings on stories with such content.
  5. Sexually explicit fanfic that includes real people as characters will NOT be accepted.
  6. We will not proofread or beta-read your story. If there are spelling or grammatical errors, we will assume you put them there intentionally. We will basically put your story on the site exactly as it is received, so proofread it carefully before sending.
  7. Please include an email address at which you can be reached and give us a name or nickname with which you would like to be credited. We will include a mailto link on your story, unless you specifically ask us not to.
  8. If you like, you can provide us with a URL where your other fiction is located, and we will link to it, so that our readers can see that you are capable of writing Goodfic. :-)

Again, email your submissions to:


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Last updated August 11, 2001