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The purpose of this website is to show examples of intentionally bad fanfic, also known as BadFic, and to explain what makes them bad.

What is BadFic?
There are two definitions of Badfic, which are mutually exclusive:

Please note that the ONLY kind of badfic you will find on this site is the first type. All stories on this site are posted here with the permission of their authors, and all stories on this site were deliberately written to be bad. We are not interested in insulting or making fun of specific authors. We merely wish to do two things: a) make you laugh, and b) point out some of the things that turn a potentially good fic into an unintentional badfic. It's our hope that if more writers learn about the hallmarks of Badfic, there will be fewer unintentional badfics out there. For that reason, we have stories to illustrate our points in humorous ways, and we have Lessons to explain them in more depth.

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DISCLAIMER: As parody, all stories on this site are legal and we do not consider them copyright infringements. However, it is duly noted that the creators of this website do not own any of the characters or settings used in these stories. All characters are property of their respective owners and have been used without permission.
"Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!" is not responsible for any injuries, self-inflicted or otherwise, that may be incurred while reading the stories on this site.


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