Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

The Lessons

In order to further our message that "an informed writer is a better writer," we have put together some material to explain the more common and egregious aspects of Badfic. If you're very new to the fanfic world, we recommend reading these in the order listed; otherwise, dive in anywhere.

A list of common fanfic terms, in case you're new to the "scene" and are wondering what all that stuff is in the intro to every fanfic on your email list.

Common Errors
A list of the most common fanfic errors. These include grammatical errors as well as stylistic and compositional errors. A good "intentional badfic" should contain as many of these errors as possible.

Sex Tips for Writers
A collection of suggestions and things to think about when writing a sex scene.

Why Use a Beta Reader?
An essay on why you should consider using a beta reader. (If you don't know what a beta reader is, read the glossary first!) By Siubhan.

Interview with Mary Sue
The Plaid Adder interviews her own Mary Sue character, Ophidia, about why Mary Sue-ism is bad and why it nevertheless runs rampant in the fanfic world.


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Last updated March 14, 2001