Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

Who Are We?

Unlike some other Bad Fanfic sites, we have no intention of hiding in anonymity behind a free webpage service. We don't like to name names, but... ah, what the hell, yes we do! The Godawful Fanfiction Page and Bad Buffy (which seems to have disappeared recently anyway) are two examples of sites whose webmasters don't have the guts to put their own names on the sites. We here at "Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!" agree with just about every single damn word on these two websites, but we don't like their methods. We don't like the way they hide behind the Internet, and we don't like the way they use the First Amendment to excuse being nasty to badfic authors. Sure, the First Amendment gives you the right to do it, but, as your mom should have taught you, it's not nice.

Anyway, here's who we are. The idea for this website was dreamed up, and the vast majority of the content was written, by:

Additional contributions to the content, format, organization, and philosophy of the site were made by:

This website was mostly coded by Joan the English Chick, with input and assistance from the aforementioned. All graphics on this site were created by Siubhan.

Tech Details
This website was tested on the following browsers: Netscape 4.7 for Macintosh, for Linux (Red Hat 6 running Gnome XWindows), and for Windows NT 4; Internet Explorer 5.0 for Windows NT 4; Internet Explorer 4.0 for Windows 95; and Lynx. If you experience any difficulty viewing any portion of this website, please email


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Last updated January 4, 2001