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What is this page all about?
Don't be fooled by the title. This is one person's personal homepage. My online nickname has been Joan the English Chick for many years, and I recently decided I'm just geeky enough to need my own personal Web domain ... hence, EnglishChick.com. Herein you'll find a bunch of pages about the stuff that interests me, just like you'll find on any other person's webpage ... only without the distracting ugly colors, blinking text, scrolling banners, and other hallmarks of webpages that suck.

I invite you to check out my site. I hope you'll find some of it entertaining and/or informative. If you're so moved, feel free to email me and tell me what you think.

Who is this crazy Joan person anyway? And what's an English Chick? Find out on the obligatory "about me" page. Or, you can see my resume.

A site called EnglishChick.com wouldn't be complete without some stuff about the English language. So I've got a whole section of Grammar Lessons.

Book Reviews
I put together a page of reviews of some of my favorite books, and some books that I've read recently. They come from many different genres including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and The Classics. This is a new part of my site, so it's still being developed and more books will be added all the time! Click here to read English Chick Book Reviews.

Kitty Pictures
I currently live with just one cat -- a big switch from just one year ago when I was living with six! Then there's also my mom's two cats, and my beloved old friend Toes who died in 1999. Put it all together, and that's a lot of cat pictures. If you think you can handle the cuteness, check out the kitty picture pages.

Of course, no website would be complete without a list of links to other sites that the webmistress thinks are cool.

And in the completely random department, I wrote a little JavaScript program that lets you change the text and background color so you can test what various color combinations will look like. You can check it out here.

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