Learning The Ropes

By joan the english chick
Part 5

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Thanks are due to Jenah for her extremely helpful information on fencing procedures. Any errors or inaccuracies that remain are my fault. Some of it is just ignorance; some of it is dramatic license. I hope it's not too egregious.
Please read the Disclaimer in Part One!
Xenite Disclaimer for Part Five: No buildings were harmed in the production of this fanfic, although Xena gave new and titillating meaning to the old phrase "If these walls could talk...."

"Wait," said the short MIT woman with the long braid as Cally and Hank stared each other down from opposite ends of the fencing strip. "You need a judge."

"You volunteering?" Hank asked her. Her eyes widened; she looked somewhat apprehensive.


"That's all right, Jessy," said Cally quickly. "We have the perfect judge right over there. Don't we?" She looked deliberately at Xena, then flicked her gaze back to Hank. He stared at her for a moment, nonplused, and then turned to look at Xena as well. The tall dark woman was still standing tensely by the edge of the arena, unable to sit.

Slowly, Xena walked across the strip and took the judge's position at the center. Gabrielle started forward, but then forced herself to sit still. Cally grinned with undisguised glee. Hank merely gazed at her, waiting.

Xena said something quietly, and the two contestants lifted their weapons, saluting each other. Now their eyes locked in preparation as Jessy moved back and the room hushed.

"Go," said Xena, and the match began.

At first, Luther couldn't see why Hank had feared that Cally would best him. The slender blonde was talented, but undisciplined; her footwork was impeccable, but her thrusts were more like desperate lunges, her parries haphazard. She didn't wait long before loosing a swift series of attacks on Hank, who deflected them easily and scored the first touch while she was hacking. Undaunted, Cally waited for Xena's signal to resume, then lunged again, aiming for Hank's navel. He brushed her attack aside and their swords locked, bringing them both to a momentary halt, panting, staring into each other's eyes. From across the room Luther could see Cally lick her lips, and he realized she was intensely aroused. Hank's jaw was set in a grim line, his eyes steely, and he beat her back again.

Suddenly, they seemed to find a rhythm, and the dance proceeded for a few minutes. Cally was more subdued, and now Luther could see that she was in fact straining Hank's abilities. She touched him once, and he her, and then she exploded again, her attacks becoming more vicious until, with a sharp shriek of annoyance, she flashed out with her foot and pulled Hank's from under him. His sword flew out of his hand as he fell with a thump on his ass, and Cally put her own sword-tip to his chest, grinning ferally. The crowd gasped and shouted, several people jumping to their feet in outrage. It seemed to Luther that had the sword been a real one, Cally would just as casually, just as swiftly have pierced the flesh of Hank's breast, pressing the metal all the way into his heart.

Xena had caught Hank's sword in midair, and now she stepped forward, using the foil to knock Cally's aside, allowing Hank to scramble to his feet. The smaller blonde turned to look up into Xena's eyes.

"You forfeit," Xena said, her voice carrying through the room. "You lose. The match is over." She swept her gaze across the crowd. "Everyone get out. The match is over!" Still murmuring, the crowd began rapidly to disperse. Xena reattached her eyes on Cally, glowering. "Gab-" But Gabrielle was already by the side of the mat, just behind Xena. The tall woman looked across at Luther, who still sat on the bleachers. "Well, come on," she growled. "We're leaving."

"Oh, Xena." Cally moved her foil, which was still held aside by Xena's. Now the blonde teased with her sword, flicking it so that it lightly caressed the other. Luther climbed down from the bleachers and reached them just as Cally spoke again. "Don't you want to preserve the honor of your school? You can take Hank's place and fight me. It'll be just like old times." She licked her lips eagerly, eyes bright.

Xena shook her head slowly, smiling, although there was neither amusement nor pleasure in it. "I knew you didn't give a shit about the nationals," she said with contempt. "A hundred witnesses just saw you break the rules. You've got no chance at the nationals. But you don't care."

Cally shrugged airily. "It doesn't have to be over the nationals, then. We can fight over whatever you like." She flicked her eyes toward Luther, who stood uncertainly with Gabrielle at the edge of the mat, flanked slightly by Ian and the still-seething Hank. "Ooh," Cally said juicily. "Xena, is that yours?" Her sword tip flicked back toward Luther. "I'll fight you for him."

Xena's lip curled. "If you want him, have him," she sneered scornfully. "I don't fight for meat."

Cally pouted prettily. "Oh?"

"We do," Ian put in, somewhat saucily, trying to lighten the mood. He intercepted his lover's glare with an insinuating jerk of his head toward Luther. Hank looked Luther up and down, slowly, really seeing him for the first time, and his gaze became a calculating smirk.

Xena, meanwhile, rolled her eyes and scoffed at the petite blonde. "You don't need an excuse, do you? Poor little Cally. All she wants out of life is to fence with me, one more time. For -" voice dripping with scorn, she echoed Cally - "old times' sake." Shrugging with exaggerated lack of concern, she lifted her sword into ready position and moved onto the strip. "Well, let's get it over with, then. Right?" She slapped Cally's sword with her own. The blonde gave a muted squeal of ... anger? excitement? ... and the two began to fight.

Up close, Luther could see that Xena was almost as aroused as Cally; she seemed to smolder with a violent passion. But, unlike her opponent, she kept her emotions schooled into the discipline of the sport. Swiftly, reacting to the turn of events, Hank and Ian both moved for the judge's spot. But Xena and Cally didn't seem interested in being judged. They battled grimly, mostly silently, at each other until finally Xena's foil touched Cally's side and they both stopped without waiting for a signal. Panting, they faced each other.

"You've been practicing," Xena observed snidely. Cally gave her bewitchingly nasty smile again.

"Oh, yes, Xena darling. I have a new coach, did you know?" She batted her eyes innocently.

Xena blinked slowly, and then her eyes flared wide for a moment before narrowing dangerously. "Is that right." Her glance darted around the emptied room, coming to rest on a lone figure that sprawled negligently on the bleachers near the door. Luther vaguely recognized the bearded, sweat-suited man as the director of athletics at MIT. He was clearly aware of the little group's attention, but he remained where he was, chuckling softly.

The sight of the man had a strong effect on Xena. Throwing down her foil, she snarled at Cally. "Go to hell!" With that, she wheeled and stalked out of the room. The older man rose pantherlike from his seat as Xena passed, but she ignored him completely. Cally laughed lightly, an incongruent tinkling sound in the suffusing tension of the gymnasium.

"See you there," she said softly. Gabrielle glared at her, but said nothing, turning to hurry after Xena. Luther followed anxiously in her footsteps, with Hank and Ian not far behind.

A few strides down the hall, as they caught up with the glowering Xena, Ian gave a little exclamation and slapped his forehead. "Dammit, I left my jacket back there. It's got my wallet in it."

"I'll go back with you," Hank said grimly, and the two men turned to retrace their footsteps. Heedless, Xena continued on her way, with Gabrielle and Luther nearly jogging to keep up.

The three strode down the eerily quiet, deserted hallway of the athletics building. As they passed the door to a women's bathroom, Xena suddenly grabbed Luther's tie and yanked him inside. Quickly, Gabrielle followed. Luther barely had time to process the sudden change of scenery before Xena had yanked open his pants, reached inside his boxers and wrapped her sweaty hand around his penis. He gasped and tensed, startled. Now Xena had him backed against the chilly tile wall of the bathroom, pressing her entire length against him, opening and closing her hand in an insistent rhythm that brought him hard and pulsing between her fingers in moments. Her breathing was harsh, rasping in her throat, and her eyes glittered as she watched him.

As soon as she felt him fully erect in her hand, she whipped him around and pressed her own back against the wall, shoving her sweatpants out of the way, opening her thighs and pulling him inside her. He had to bend his knees a little, and then she was off the ground, her legs hooked around his waist, with his face buried in her slender smooth neck and her arms around his shoulders as he thrust against her. Gabrielle stood watching, her arms crossed, her face impassive.

Inside Xena was tight and impossibly hot, and she was so close to the edge that it was only a moment before she exploded, gasping loudly. And only another moment later she had shoved Luther away, letting her feet hit the floor noiselessly, reaching down to pull her sweatpants back into place. Luther stood shivering, his pants still open, his desperate erection still poking out. Xena gave him a cold stare and started to speak, but stopped, cocking her head to listen. Her hearing was excellent; it was another few moments before Gabrielle and Luther could also hear the footsteps and hushed voices.

Xena shoved open the bathroom door and intercepted Hank and Ian as they passed down the hall. "In here."

Looking bemused, the two men shifted direction and came into the bathroom. Their expressions changed when they saw Luther standing there, panting, so taken aback by the rapid progression of events that he lacked the presence of mind to cover himself.

Ian looked from Luther to Xena, and the dark woman gave him an imperious nod. Before Luther had a chance to react, Ian had dropped to his knees and taken Luther's erection in his mouth. Hank folded his arms across his chest and leaned back against the doorjamb, watching. Xena turned to Gabrielle and pulled the smaller woman's arms from her midriff, placing them instead on Xena's shoulders. Pressing Gabrielle against the wall as minutes ago she had done with Luther, Xena pulled the long skirt up until Gabrielle's bare buttocks were exposed, touching the cold wall. Pushing her fingers between Gabrielle's thighs, Xena probed and found her lover very wet. Gabrielle's fingers tightened on Xena's shoulders and their eyes locked as Xena murmured softly, "Finished?"

Languidly, pushing her hips forward, Gabrielle shook her head. "Not even close."

Meanwhile, abandoning his futile first impulse to pull back, Luther had given himself over to the ministrations of Ian. The small blond man's tongue was incredibly talented and Luther, his head rolling helplessly back on his shoulders, couldn't hold out for very long. When he climaxed, Ian's mouth seemed to widen, swallowing every drop of the milky fluid as it pumped out.

Xena turned from Gabrielle, letting her dress fall back around her ankles, and growled. "Okay, back off!" Reflexively, Ian pulled back and got to his feet, leaving Luther to shakily rearrange his clothing. Ian glanced at Xena and licked his lips provocatively.


"Call me tomorrow," Xena ordered and swept out, Gabrielle in tow, past Hank who was still leaning coolly in the doorway. As Luther started to follow, Ian went to Hank and kissed him soundly, leaning up. Luther could see their tongues meeting and knew they were sharing his taste. He flushed, scurrying past them. As he went, Hank reached out and patted his ass, letting his hand linger briefly.

"Don't worry," Hank said to Luther as he paused, their bodies inches apart. "I'll fight Xena a hundred times if necessary, but we'll have you."

Trembling, Luther pushed through the door and hurried after the women.

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