Learning The Ropes

By joan the english chick
Part 3

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Xenite Disclaimer for Part Three: No timid roommates were seriously harmed in the production of this fanfic. Please do not feed or tease the clueless straight people.

Gabrielle sat on the edge of the bed, taking deep breaths through her mouth, watching Xena. Xena turned and smiled hungrily at her.

"Did you like that?" Xena asked, her voice smoky. Gabrielle nodded mutely, feeling her skin tingle. She stood up and put her fingers on the button of Xena's black jeans, tugging it loose, pulling the zipper down. Xena watched, making no move to stop her. Gabrielle hooked her fingers into the belt loops and drew the jeans down, lowering her own body along with them until the fabric hit the floor and Gabrielle's knees were fully bent. She placed a light kiss on the soft skin of Xena's inner thigh, just above the knee, and felt fingers in her hair. Xena pulled gently, but firmly, upward and Gabrielle rose again, looking into her lover's dangerous eyes.

"That was bad," Xena admonished. "You broke the rules on purpose, didn't you?" Again Gabrielle nodded silently. She saw Xena's hand reach for Luther's belt and sucked in her breath with excitement. Slowly, she turned around, presenting her back to Xena, bracing herself for a blow.

A long tense moment passed and Gabrielle heard a soft swishing which ... she thought ... was the belt being coiled and tested. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Luther, still chained to the bed, give a little start, and Gabrielle tensed again. But no blow came. Instead, a sudden warmth, and the entire back of Gabrielle's body was enveloped by heated flesh. Xena had shed her white t-shirt and her panties, and now she pressed herself tightly against her smaller lover, wrapping her arms around her, cupping one of Gabrielle's breasts in one hand while the other slid between her thighs. Gabrielle felt Xena's hard nipples, still encased in fabric, press like two soft flames against her back, and the wiry tangle of Xena's pubic hair tickled her buttocks. Xena's breath was impossibly hot on her neck, a wet tongue squirming in her ear before the whisper: "Oh, no," Xena told her hotly. "For that naughtiness we need an even better punishment. How should I punish you for that, do you think?"

Flushed with passion, distracted by the omniscient hands fondling her, Gabrielle could only moan in reply. And then the encompassing warmth withdrew, and Xena's hands spun her around again, roughly. She saw that Xena was now naked except her bra, which had a front closure. Whimpering, Gabrielle put her hands between Xena's breasts and released the clasp with a practiced twist. The scrap of nylon fell away and her lover's full, perfect breasts spilled free, begging to be touched. Gabrielle moved for them, but Xena put up an arresting hand, and she stopped short, panting, blinking a desperate question up at the dark woman whose eyes glinted with glee.

Whirling, Xena left Gabrielle standing where she was and strode back over to the bed. Kneeling beside Luther, she pushed her fingers into the short hair at the nape of his neck and drew his head to her chest. His lips popped open willingly and closed again around a tight nipple, greedily sucking. Xena tossed her head back and hummed softly with pleasure. Gabrielle watched anxiously, jealously, one hand stealing down between her legs.

As if feeling Gabrielle's touch on her own flesh, Xena whipped her head around and gave the smaller woman a cautionary glare. Gabrielle let out a little squeak of fear and arousal, yanking her hand away from her body. Xena laughed excitedly and pulled away, her wet nipple tracing figure-eights in the air as she reached to the bedside table and found the handcuff key. Swiftly she released the cuffs from Luther's wrists and set them aside, then took a moment to yank off his shirt and tie before she turned, beckoning to Gabrielle. The poet moved quickly back to the bed and Xena lifted her bodily, turning her, placing her on her back near where Luther still sat. Xena pulled Gabrielle's arms over her head and put them in Luther's hands.

"Hold her," she ordered him, and slid down the length of the bed. Gabrielle tensed with excitement as she realized what was happening. Luther held her wrists firmly, essentially immobilizing her entire upper body, as he watched Xena's movements intently.

Xena settled herself on the bed and pushed Gabrielle's thighs apart as far as they would go. The familiar scent of her lover's arousal mingled with the strong musky scent of the semen. Xena put out her tongue and tasted Gabrielle's inner thigh, making her wriggle. Xena moved to the other thigh, licking it delicately. Then back again, this time kissing softly. Back again to the other, moving slightly higher each time, and this time she used her teeth a little, drawing the tender skin between them and rubbing her tongue against it, leaving a tiny mark. Gabrielle moaned loudly and wriggled more fiercely, but Xena had a firm hold on her legs and Luther on her arms. She thrashed her head back and forth, giving a little squeal of incoherent pleasure with each panting breath.

Xena worked scrupulously, cleaning every bit of stickiness that she could find from her lover's legs, then moving higher to dig her tongue inside Gabrielle's folds and cleanse her there too -- always carefully avoiding contact with that one nub of flesh that most urgently cried out for her attention. Gabrielle was delirious with need, whimpering, her hips straining against Xena's restraining hold as she fought the need to thrust upward.

Xena prolonged it as long as she could, teasing with her tongue, until she saw that Gabrielle was almost stimulated to the point of pain, and that Luther's arms were beginning to tremble with the effort of holding the strong little redhead still. Then, finally, Xena shifted her focus to where Gabrielle needed it the most, flicking the tiny organ with her talented tongue and lavishing her love on it until Gabrielle climaxed, screaming hoarsely and shuddering. The tremors lasted several more minutes.

Sitting up on her heels, Xena nodded to Luther and he let go. His recovered cock had stiffened anew during the proceedings, which fact was not lost on Xena. Lifting her gasping lover back up, Xena finally allowed Gabrielle to touch her coveted breasts, which the young poet did for a brief eternity, filling her hands and eager mouth with the beautiful soft mounds. Luther watched, shifting nervously on the bed, clenching and relaxing his hands to a ragged rhythm.

At last Xena pulled Gabrielle away and turned her around, once again pressing the younger woman back against her. Leaning back against the opposite wall, Xena settled Gabrielle comfortably in her lap. Fiery red hair spilled across her dark breasts, and her longer legs lay intimately against Gabrielle's. She put her arms around her lover and cupped both Gabrielle's breasts, lightly flicking the sensitive nipples with her thumbs. Glancing up, she caught Luther's hungry gaze with her own and gave him a tiny nod.

Gabrielle gasped as Luther approached, his erection at the ready, and Xena's hands drifted down to push Gabrielle's legs apart. The bigger woman held her lover still in her lap as the man moved between her knees and found his way inside her once again. Gabrielle, still ultra-sensitive after her explosive orgasm, gasped again and shuddered as he entered her. Cautiously, he began to thrust. Xena seized Gabrielle's hands and moved them onto Luther's waist; Gabrielle moved them lower of her own accord, grabbing his tight buttocks and pulling him against her.

Gabrielle felt as if she could die, crushed sweetly between her two lovers, the maddening distraction of Xena's wetness rubbing her ass with every thrust of Luther's hips. Xena's hands were back on her breasts, Xena's mouth hot on one side of her neck and Luther's pressed equally hot on the other side, scratching her slightly with his prickly chin. One final thrust and her back arched, a sweet shriek escaping her lips as she peaked, the strong contractions of her inner muscles drawing Luther over the edge as well.

By now they were all drenched in sweat, panting, exhausted, and, Gabrielle dimly realized as she came back to her senses, Xena had still not been satisfied. There were many days in Gabrielle's memory when her dark angry lover took a strange pleasure in withholding her own release, bringing Gabrielle to orgasm after screaming orgasm without once sparing a moment for her own body. There were times when Gabrielle drove herself to distraction trying to fully understand her lover's complex psyche... but this was not one of them. As Luther pulled away and the three disentangled themselves, she licked dry lips and gave Xena a pleading look.

"What is it?" Xena asked, although it seemed that she (as always) already knew.

"Let me pleasure you," Gabrielle said hoarsely, almost whispering. "Please."

Xena looked at her for a long moment, considering. Abruptly she stood up, went again to the bedside table, and found the vibrator. Eight inches long and about one in diameter, made of sturdy plastic, it made a quiet but insistent buzzing when she turned the switch. She went to the edge of the bed and stood over Luther, intimidating with her size, relishing the way his eyes moved from the tool to her face.

"Ever take it up the ass for the greater good?" she asked him harshly. His eyes widened sharply, and for the first time he looked actually apprehensive, shaking his head 'no.' Gabrielle gave a little gasp and started to protest, but a single icy look from Xena's blue eyes and she was quiet. Xena turned her glower back on the man, a small calculating frown wrinkling her features as she considered him.

"The greater good of what?" Luther demanded, and quickly closed his mouth, realizing his mistake. Xena's expression cleared and she grinned, showing teeth. Reaching down, she pushed him roughly and he fell onto his side, rolling onto his stomach. Xena pointed.

"Gabrielle, lucky you. Now you get to spank him."

Eagerly, forgetting for the moment her other goal, Gabrielle moved to straddle Luther's knees. He stilled under her touch, tensing. She raised her hand and looked back over her shoulder. Xena nodded.

"Count ten, and don't slack off."

Licking her lips again, Gabrielle let her hand fall with a resounding slap. Luther jumped. A slight red mark appeared. "One," Gabrielle said huskily. She let her hand fall again, on the other buttock. He jumped again. "Two." Again. "Three." She didn't think he jumped quite so severely, so she increased the force. "Four." Now he was writhing a little, whether to escape or just in pleasure she couldn't tell. "Five. Six." By now she was usually screaming with pleasure. His ass was turning nicely red. "Seven." His hands clutched the sheet like a lifeline. "Eight. Nine." Her own arousal was building again as she watched his buttocks redden and felt them heat up. "Ten." Panting, she let her hand rest on him for a moment before moving aside.

"Good." Xena's voice was strangled, and when Gabrielle turned, she found that her lover had been using the vibrator while she watched the spanking. It was buzzing rapidly between her legs, and her eyes were wild. Gabrielle went to her like lightning, falling to her knees, wrapping her arms around Xena's thighs, opening her mouth to her lover as the toy fell away. And Xena surrendered finally, letting her knees give way, sinking slowly to floor as Gabrielle stayed with her the whole way, her silky tongue drinking hungrily from her lover's flesh. She felt Xena's fingers winding into her hair, pulling her ever closer, and when Xena finally climaxed it was like a roaring crack of thunder that starts as a distant boom and rolls over you in a flood, feeling as if it should rend the sky in two.

A long several minutes of heady sated silence followed, and Xena was just lifting her head to appraise the situation when there came a tremulous knock on the door.

"Fuck off," Xena called darkly. Minya's anxious voice drifted in to them.

"Xena, Hank and Ian are here. They, um ... need to talk to you."

Xena rolled her eyes and climbed slowly to her feet, still studying her two lovers. "Get dressed," she told Luther quietly. He scrambled for his clothes, strewn about the floor. Xena yanked her closet door open and took out a dress, a white and purple and blue floral pattern, ankle-length with no sleeves. She handed the dress to Gabrielle and opened the door.

Fully naked, Xena strode out of her bedroom into the living room of the suite. Minya's boyfriend Howard hastily averted his eyes, and Minya rushed him into her room. Ian blushed hotly and tried to look everywhere except at Xena. Hank looked determinedly at her face.

"This had fucking better be good," Xena growled angrily. Hank nodded.

"Sorry to disturb you, Xena. I need your help."

Inside the bedroom, Luther hissed at Gabrielle, "Is that Hank-"

"Captain of the football team, yeah." Shrugging into the dress, Gabrielle walked into the living room in time to hear Hank explain.

"Some people from MIT challenged me to a fencing match. My honor's at stake."

"They're saying he won last year's national tournament by cheating," Ian added, gratefully directing his eyes at the fully clothed (if barefoot) Gabrielle. "If he doesn't win tonight, they say they'll try to get him disqualified from this year's national."

"So I need you to come spar with me. I need to be in top form," Hank told Xena. "The match is tonight."

"Spar with Ian," Xena said irritably. Gabrielle stood by her side, silently listening.

"Ian's good," Hank said, "but you're the best. Come on, Xena. I need your help. We can't let MIT take the national."

Xena grimaced reluctantly. "Lemme get dressed." She turned and brushed past Luther as he emerged, buttoning his shirt. Hank and Ian's eyebrows shot up. Gabrielle's face remained blank.

In an instant Xena was back, pulling on tight sweatpants and an even tighter tank top. She glanced at Gabrielle, then looked again. Bending, she grabbed the hem of the dress and pulled it up to the waist. With a feral scowl, she seized Gabrielle's plain white bikini briefs and ripped them off. Tossing the scrap of fabric back into her room, she shoved her feet into a convenient pair of sneakers and seized her jacket. "Well?"

Grabbing their coats, they all filed out. "Who the hell is he?" Hank asked almost petulantly as they left the suite, jerking his thumb at the bemused Luther. Xena glanced at Luther and shrugged scornfully.

"Just some guy." She turned and stalked down the hall. The others, belatedly, followed.

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