Learning The Ropes

By joan the english chick
Part 2

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I should add at this point that if any of the ... um ... contortions described herein seem physically impossible, well, don't blame me. I can't say I've field-tested them all. If anyone wants to volunteer to assist me in that endeavor, all in the name of literary research of course, just give a holler! ;)
Also, a word about protection. In this day and age no sane person would have sex with a stranger and not use a condom. However, in fanfic, such things can only slow things down and derail the plot progression. Yes, I believe in different rules for fictional characters. Please don't take the lack of condoms in this story to mean that I advocate unsafe sex. (And if it'll make you feel better, by all means let's assume that X and G are on the Pill.)

Please read the Disclaimer in Part One!
Xenite Disclaimer for Part Two: No farm animals were harmed in the production of this fanfic, although countless soybeans gave their lives to nourish Gabrielle.

"He's a punctual boy. I like that," Xena said, letting her hand rest casually on Gabrielle's upper thigh as the two women looked at the man. He stood fidgeting beside the bench, clutching his briefcase like a lifeline.

"I'm a product of my upbringing," he replied wryly. Xena smirked.

"Aren't we all." Putting both hands on Gabrielle's waist, she lifted the smaller woman off her lap and stood up. Luther's eyebrows rose as Xena unfolded to her full height, almost precisely equal to his. She gave him an appraising look.

"Luther, this is Xena," Gabrielle introduced, moving between them. "Xena...."

"Luther," Xena agreed, nodding acknowledgement. "Hungry?"

"Um, yeah," he said, looking for hidden meaning in the word. Xena nodded again and turned toward the restaurant.

"I put in a reservation."

In moments, the three had hung up their coats and were seated. Xena wore her usual black jeans with a plain white T-Shirt, her black leather jacket, and mean-looking combat boots (steel toed). Gabrielle wore plain jeans and a Harvard sweatshirt. Luther wore the conservative suit of Harvard Law. Xena watched Luther steadily, making him fidget still more. He sat stiffly in his chair.

"So, are you really in for this?" Xena asked with deceptive calm.

"Um ... I think so," he replied nervously, picking up his menu. "Gabrielle said something about ... rules...."

"That's right," Xena confirmed, reaching across the table and taking the menu from him. In confusion he looked to Gabrielle.

"Rule number one," the young poet explained. "Xena orders for all of us."

"Oh." He shrugged acceptance, looking intrigued.

The waiter arrived, and sure enough Xena took charge. "Cranberry juice all around," she instructed. "Green salad with Italian dressing and a tofu burger for her. Soup?"

"Minestrone, potato leek, and cream of broccoli," the waiter rattled off. Xena nodded.

"Cream of broccoli for me, and a Caesar salad. Potato leek for him and pasta primavera. And can you bring us a pitcher of ice water?"


"Thank you." She watched the waiter go. Gabrielle sipped her water.

"I do eat meat," Luther said. Xena narrowed her eyes at him.

"Not tonight you don't."

"So ... um ... exactly how does this work?" he asked, looking to Gabrielle as Xena's gaze made him nervous. Gabrielle looked to Xena.

"We eat," Xena said blandly. "We go back to my room and have fun. You follow the rules, you get lucky. You screw up, we kick your ass out and find someone else."


"Tell us about yourself," Gabrielle encouraged, looking interested. Xena rolled her eyes.

"Well, there's not much to tell." He continued to watch Xena as he talked, warily. "My parents are filthy rich. I have three brothers and two sisters. My father disapproves of everything I do." He shrugged. "What else?"

"You're not the oldest?"

"No, I'm third. I guess I'm kind of the black sheep ... like I said, I can't do anything right in my dad's eyes."

"So this is what happens to the black sheep in rich people land," Xena scoffed. "He gets sent off to Harvard. Oh, the horror!"

Luther shrugged. "I'm not really interested in law anyway. My dad would be embarrassed if he sent any of his kids to a second-rate school, so I figure the degree will shut him up for a while and I can figure out what I really want to do."

Gabrielle was nodding. "I know what you mean. My parents wanted me to major in Political Science. The only reason they accepted me being an English major is because I promised to write socially relevant plays."

"Okay, you two," Xena ordered as the waiter arrived with their soup and salad. "Quit empathizing and eat."

Xena made sure that they ate slowly and cleaned their plates; she also insisted that each drink two glasses of water. When the waiter came around to offer them dessert and coffee, she declined. She pulled out her wallet, but Luther pulled out his as well.

"May as well let my father pay for it," he said, looking as if he greatly relished the thought. Xena shrugged and permitted it.

"Why don't we get dessert?" Luther asked as he followed Xena and Gabrielle out of the restaurant. Xena turned to smirk at him over her shoulder.

"Oh, you'll get dessert."

Luther was forced to walk behind the two women the entire way back. Harvard Square, typically for this time of evening, was crowded, but Xena's head towering above the rest with Gabrielle's fiery one beside it made an easy reference point, and he had no trouble keeping up despite Xena's long stride. In minutes they had crossed the Yard and made their way to Xena's dorm.

"What about your roommate?" Luther asked as Xena pulled out her keys. She turned on him an almost feral glare that made him recoil slightly. Then she nodded to Gabrielle.

"She's out with her boyfriend, and anyway she never asks or tells," Gabrielle said. "And rule number two: You don't get to ask any more questions."

"Um ... okay." The suppressed excitement, charged with eroticism, that hung in the air between the two women was infecting the man as well. Trancelike, he followed their lead in dumping his coat and briefcase before entering Xena's room.

She had prepared the room earlier, pulling the riot of blankets off the bed, arranging a few toys in convenient locations, clearing a small expanse of floor. A single director's chair sat against the wall, next to the bed, and it was here that Xena sat, sticking her long legs out in front of her. With the ease of long experience, Gabrielle slid quickly out of her clothing and knelt to unlace and remove Xena's combat boots. She pulled her lover's socks off as well and then stood, goosebumps prickling her naked flesh, awaiting command.

"Check the thermostat," Xena instructed, running a finger down Gabrielle's leg. Obediently, the small redhead went to the wall and checked.


"Good." Xena looked over at Luther, who stood uncertainly watching and waiting. "Explain."

Gabrielle went to the man. "The word is pendulum," she told him. "Don't use it unless you really mean it. You understand?"

"Y-" He cleared his throat. "Yes."

"We won't hurt you ... much," Gabrielle added. "You do what you're told and no more. You don't speak without permission. Understand?"


Gabrielle looked at Xena. The taller woman licked her lips. Luther let out a small nervous laugh. Xena's eyebrows shot up.

"Something's funny?" she demanded.

"Um ... no," he quavered anxiously.

"Why did you laugh?"

"I, ah ... actually, I was thinking you kind of reminded me of my sister," he confessed. Xena stood up in a single fluid motion that dizzyed his eye. Barefoot, with him still shod, she had to tilt her head only a fraction to meet his eyes.

"Oh? Does your sister treat you like this?" she asked in a voice that was silk wrapped around steel. Unexpectedly, she plunged her hand down the front of his pants and seized his penis. He gasped loudly. Gabrielle smiled, her chin rising.


Xena smirked, nodding. "I thought not." She pulled her hand free and returned to her seat, gesturing to her lover.

Gabrielle stepped forward, reaching up to slip Luther's suit jacket off his shoulders. He watched her passively, trying not to look at her small golden breasts or the dark blonde curls between her creamy thighs. She tossed the jacket aside and undid the cuffs of his shirt, then pulled the shirt out of his pants and unbuttoned it, slowly, starting at the top. As she worked her way down, she could hear his breathing quicken. Unbuttoned, the shirt revealed a thin cotton undershirt and a strong if bony chest, nicely shaped, without much hair. Gabrielle glanced at Xena, who shook her head slightly.

Leaving the shirt, Gabrielle unbuckled the belt, pulled it out of its loops and tossed it to Xena, who wrapped it idly around her hands and pulled at it as she watched the undressing. Gabrielle knelt briefly, untied Luther's shoes, and stood again, gesturing to him to kick the shoes off, which he did. Then she unfastened his pants and slid them slowly, sensuously across his buttocks and thighs and down. He stepped out of them and she kicked them aside.

Now Luther wore only his shirts and tie, his socks, and a pair of dark blue boxers. Gabrielle looked again at Xena, who nodded. Stepping even closer, so that he could feel the heat emanating from her beautiful pale skin and smell the scent of her arousal, Gabrielle hooked her fingers into the boxers at his hips and pulled them down. As with the pants, he stepped out of them and she kicked them away. His half-erect penis drew her gaze and her hand lifted, but she stopped herself and looked over at Xena once more.

Now Xena gestured with her head toward the bed, and obediently Gabrielle walked to it and lay down on her back, parting her legs. It was Luther's turn to look at Xena, and again she nodded, and eagerly he walked to the bed and climbed on top of Gabrielle, lowering himself until his cotton-covered chest brushed her breasts, making her already hard nipples sing. Gabrielle groaned softly and reached between them, finding him, pulling him between her legs. She was already dripping wet, and she slid him inside her without missing a beat. A moan escaped his lips and he moved to kiss her.

"No," said Xena sharply, the first word any of them had spoken in several minutes. Startled, Luther twisted around, trying to see her, but she was out of his line of vision. He was caught off balance. Gabrielle suddenly clamped her strong thighs around his hips and rolled him over, and when the room stopped spinning he found himself on his back, with Gabrielle crouched over him, his erection still deep inside her. Now she leaned over so her breasts brushed his lips, and he parted them eagerly, taking one nipple in his mouth and flicking his tongue across its tip. Dimly he noticed that Xena had left her chair and moved to stand near their heads, but he was too engrossed in sensation to pay her much mind. Meanwhile Gabrielle had twined her fingers with his, bearing down with her hips, riding him up and down with a slow steady rhythm.

He felt the pressure building, the peak nearing, but the sudden sensation of cold on his wrists distracted him, and he broke out of the fog to discover that Xena had quite skillfully slipped a pair of handcuffs onto him and cuffed him to the headboard of the bed.

Startled, he twisted around on the bed, pulling uselessly on the restraints, staring up at Xena. She stood calmly and watched. After a moment his initial panic subsided and he stilled.

"Never done anything like this," Xena said to him. She spoke it like a statement, but he responded to it like a question, mutely shaking his head no. Gabrielle's breathing was loud in his ear. Xena's expression didn't change.

"But you understand about the word," she added, and he nodded, still silent. Xena returned the nod, looking satisfied. She reached down and loosened his tie a little, then pushed his undershirt up and put her hand on his chest, making him gasp slightly. Her fingers were warm. She slid her palm across his slightly sweaty stomach, moving down toward where he and Gabrielle were still joined. Reaching in between their bodies, she touched Gabrielle lightly, making the younger woman gasp and jerk. Xena gave a quick nod and Gabrielle began to move again, resuming her rhythm. With his hands restrained, there was little Luther could do but lie there and experience the moment; his legs tensed and his hands clenched. His eyes drifted shut, but again Xena barked "No!" and they snapped back open. Gabrielle leaned closer, capturing his gaze with hers, and he took the hint, watching her lovely face as she rode him.

Again he felt the delicious pressure building in his groin, soaring ever closer to the peak, but again Xena stopped it, the low growl of "Stop" bringing Gabrielle to an instant halt. Xena jerked her head to the side, and Gabrielle gave a low moan of dismay, but she obeyed, climbing backwards off of Luther, his now raging erection sliding out of her. Her own groin throbbing desperately, Gabrielle clenched her hands and waited for Xena's next signal.

Xena's mouth curved upward again in that wicked grin Gabrielle so loved. "Now, suck him," she instructed, gesturing Gabrielle toward the imprisoned man. Gabrielle's eyes widened a little and she hesitated. Xena frowned.


"I've never...." Gabrielle blushed a little, looking down. Xena tossed her dark head and laughed with genuine amusement, as well as a little contempt.

"I knew there was a reason I called him Prude-icus," Xena scoffed. "Well, you're a fast learner, aren't you?"

"Yes Xena," Gabrielle said meekly, and turned, leaning downward, resting her hands on Luther's thighs. He held his breath as her head descended.

As Gabrielle's mouth closed tentatively around his hard flesh, he saw Xena, still fully clothed, move over to the bed again and rest her hand on Gabrielle's lovely backside, which stuck up in the air as she was leaning down. He felt the redhead inhale quickly. Xena's hand slid down, parting the folds of flesh, stroking slickly. Gabrielle's tongue dragged along the forgotten erection as she lifted her head, moaning and shuddering. The intensity of her orgasm surprised both her and Luther.

Xena withdrew her fingers slowly, using her other hand to pull Gabrielle back upright. She extended the wet fingers to Luther, pushing them into his open mouth. He sucked them fiercely, drawing the sweet taste of Gabrielle from them. Meanwhile, Xena claimed Gabrielle's lips again, twining her tongue around her lover's. Still twitching slightly from her release, Gabrielle leaned up into the kiss, her sweaty hands catching at the beltloops of Xena's black jeans.

After a long moment of this Xena pulled back again, rolling one of Gabrielle's silky nipples in her fingers. "Get back in the saddle," she said huskily. Gabrielle moved back into position, squatting over Luther. He was so hard now that she had to pull his cock back from his belly to take it back inside her. Almost as soon as she had engulfed him, the spasms began to take him, his back arching. Xena made no move to stop them this time, watching intently as he poured his ecstasy out into Gabrielle.

When the waves of pleasure finally subsided, both were panting and gasping for breath. Gabrielle pulled away again, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. Luther watched weakly as Xena stepped forward and grabbed his hands, forcing the fists to uncurl, inspecting his wrists. The cuffs were padded, so the chafing was not too bad, but his circulation was beginning to deteriorate.

"Flip over," Xena said, and he found that he could turn onto his stomach. She helped him get up into a kneeling position, and then to sit by the headboard, his arms still bound but now in a more comfortable angle. Her touch was businesslike, making his head spin. He started to speak, but remembered the rules and stopped again, biting his lip.

Xena took uncharacteristic pity on him. "What?"

"Uh ... now what?"

She glanced at Gabrielle, whose breasts jiggled enticingly with her rapid breathing. The young redhead's eyes were bright with anticipation.

"Now," said Xena, "we give the monster a minute to rest," jerking her chin at his softening penis, "and then the real fun starts."

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