Joan's Tattoos

Here are some pictures of my tattoos. Enjoy.

Tattoo #1

I got Tattoo #1 in September 1994. It's an image of two golden (okay, orange) goblets, each with a treble clef (musical symbol) on it. And there's water flowing from one goblet to the other. The tattoo sits above my left breast.

Tattoo #2

I got my second tattoo in March 1995 for my 21st birthday. It's on my right shoulder and is a poorly drawn (because I drew it) version of the Venus symbol, also known as the woman symbol.

Tattoo #3

I got my third tattoo in March 1998. It's on my left bicep and is an image of two people dancing (or embracing, or whatever you choose) with the symbol for Pisces above them. I took the people design from a necklace that I saw in a store one time. You can see from the design that where the hands reach up, that's where the chain would go. (A very close approximation of the pendant is at Scroll down to the piece called "Dancers.") The Pisces part of the design was taken from the logo for a local company, which has since gone out of business.

Tattoo #4

I got my fourth tattoo in June 1999 to commemorate the death of my beloved cat Toes. It's on my right ankle and is an image of a crescent moon with a black cat perched on it, staring at a single star.

Tattoo #4

I got my fifth tattoo on March 24th, 2001, while on vacation in St. Petersburg, Florida, with my mom. In fact, my mom and I got the same tattoo together! It's on our left ankles. The tattoo is a peace sign with little blue flashes (I call them "bursty things") all around it. In the picture below, my mom's foot is the one on top, and mine is the one underneath it.

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