This is the first set of pictures I took of Katherine the Art Chick's kitties. These are thumbnails. Click the thumbnail to jump to the "big picture" version. Or:

Here's Persephone relaxing in splendor on Katherine's bed. At the right you can see the head and paws of what I think is Hermes.

Katherine is surrounded by kitties.

Even with the other kitties egging him on, Adonis refuses to look directly into the camera.

Aphrodite warily approaches the evil waterbed monster.

Katherine cuddles an unwilling Adonis as Circe looks on. Persephone seems to be thinking, "Oh great, there goes Aunt Joan with the camera again."

Katherine and Circe reach out and touch each other.

Katherine continues cuddling Adonis. You can see Persephone watching in the mirror.

The view from under Katherine's bed.

Persephone likes to lie this way when her back is bothering her. Apparently it helps to have her paws hanging over the side of something. Isn't it cute?

Aphrodite says, "What are you doing playing with that silly camera when you could be petting me?"

Circe struggles to escape the clutches of the evil Meowmie, while Adonis thinks "Whew! She finally let me go!"

The best way to get lots of kitties to pose for a picture is to get out the kitty treats!

I left this one uncropped so you could see the thing of beauty that is Katherine's bed... not to mention the three pairs of eyes. :-)

Hermes tries to watch TV, while Aphrodite stalks the deadly toes.

Hermes is still trying to watch TV, but someone keeps shooting off a flash at him! Hmf!

Aphrodite and Hermes face off in the mess that is my bedroom floor.

Circe thinking, "She's pointing that thing at me again. These humans are crazy."

Achilles thinking, "If I just hide behind all these boxes, she'll never notice me."

Persephone and Hermes chillin' on Katherine's bed.

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Last modified 10 June, 2000