Mirth in Heaven

Part 9

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Please read the Disclaimer in Part One!
Warning: This story is rated NC-17. Do not read it if you are under 17 years of age, or if the idea of two women in love turns you off. This story contains fairly explicit sexual content, as well as at least one four-letter word (in part two).
Special Warning: Part Nine gets extremely explicit! Don't say you weren't warned!
Xenite Disclaimer for Part Nine: No vibrating items intended solely for the purpose of relieving muscular pain were harmed during the production of this fanfic; however, numerous AA-size batteries gave their lives for the cause.

   You see that I am hungry for a life of understanding
   And you forgive my angry little heart when she's demanding
   You bring me to my knees while I'm scratching out the eyes
   Of a world I want to conquer, and deliver, and despise
   And right while I am kneeling there
   I suddenly begin to care
   And understand that there could be
   A person that loves me...
       --Madonna, "Rescue Me"

Gabrielle was on her back in the soft grass beside the campfire, panting with delight as Xena lay over her, caressing her slowly. At some point the warrior had removed her armor, and her leathers rubbed enticingly against the bard's skin. Xena moved her lips firmly over Gabrielle's, kissing her hungrily. She pushed her hands underneath Gabrielle's green top (which had miraculously reappeared when Aphrodite restored her female body) and slid her long, strong fingers across the bard's breasts, eliciting a shocked gasp of pleasure. Gabrielle tried valiantly to hold still. Already twice she had attempted to seize her lover, and twice she had been pressed gently but firmly back with a cautionary "Slowly, Gabrielle." She squirmed slightly under Xena's sweet assault, whimpering.

"You don't want to take it slow, do you, love?" Xena muttered huskily against her lips. Her fingertips brushed harshly across one of Gabrielle's nipples, which was already hard as a diamond. The bard gasped again.

"No...." Desire stole coherence from her brain and all she could do was whimper. Xena laughed excitedly, a dark lusty sound, and moved over her captive lover, pinning her down with her larger body. Gabrielle watched in fascination as Xena's eyes narrowed and her lips thinned in a wicked smile. The bard was seeing yet another previously unknown side of her friend: the bedroom warlord side, the side that delighted in the thrill of seduction, that lived to drive the "prisoner" to the edge of control. And Gabrielle was only too willing to be driven. She trusted in Xena completely.

Seeing that trust reflected in Gabrielle's eyes sent an added wave of lust coursing through Xena's body. Growling with excitement, she straddled the bard and pushed her hands higher underneath the green top, giving a sudden yank. The fabric tore in two; the top fell away, exposing Gabrielle's breasts to the chilly air of gathering dusk. In an instant Xena had dropped flat and covered one breast with her hand, her mouth fastening on the other with a tight, hot grip. Gabrielle let out a moan that thrilled her lover; her hands rose of their own accord to dig into Xena's soft dark hair and pull that sensation closer.

"Mmmm...." Xena hummed softly, feeling the blood thump through her body as she ravished her beautiful bard the way she'd wanted to for ages. Gabrielle's skin was satiny under her tongue, burning hot and salty with sweat. The scent of the younger woman's arousal filled Xena's senses, making her slightly dizzy. She slid her free hand up Gabrielle's thigh, delighting in the slow sensuous motion as her rough fingers caressed the soft skin. Gabrielle was writhing underneath her, and the dampness between her thighs was palpable even before Xena's fingers slipped between them and touched the bard's most sensitive spot.

To Gabrielle, it seemed as if Xena's hands and lips were everywhere at once. The sensation of the warrior's skillful tongue circling her nipple was unlike anything she had ever known. She felt Xena's hand sliding up her thigh and her stomach muscles tightened in anticipation. And then everything happened so fast -- in another instant the world exploded, her back arched, and it was all she could do to keep breathing.

Another unmeasurable span of time went by before Gabrielle came back to earth, panting. Her body was slick with sweat and trembling slightly. Xena was holding her in one arm, watching her face. The pure warlord expression was mostly gone, replaced by a look of adoration and, perhaps, a little amusement.

Wordless, Gabrielle stretched up to press her mouth against Xena's for a long moment. When she pulled back, Xena gave her a breathtaking grin.

"Had enough?" the warrior rumbled suggestively. She moved her other hand a little, and Gabrielle realized that two of Xena's long, nimble fingers were inside her. A flush of heat spread across her body. Her groin was still throbbing in reaction, but she felt the arousal beginning to build again.

"Never," Gabrielle whispered breathlessly. "I want to-" She reached for Xena, pulling her leathers off. Gabrielle filled her hands with Xena's beautiful breasts, revelling in the beautiful and totally unfamiliar feeling of the all-too-familiar body.

But when she tried to reach for more, Xena pushed her hands away. "No, no. Let me." She moved her fingers slowly, stroking the inside of Gabrielle's body with a knowing touch that made the bard's head fall back, gasping. Much as Gabrielle wanted to fill her own mouth with Xena's dark nipples, to give pleasure as she had received, she was helpless against the tide of sensation. That maddening stroking continued as she became aware that Xena was sliding slowly downward, trailing light kisses across Gabrielle's breasts, stomach ... and lower .... The bard gasped again as her lust-fogged brain processed Xena's intent. She clutched at her lover's thick silky hair, half in excitement, half in alarm.

Xena paused, looking up across Gabrielle's flushed body, beautiful in its repose. The warrior's expression became serious. She slid her fingers slowly, slowly back inside Gabrielle and said softly, "You've never done this before, have you?"

"Wha- No," Gabrielle agreed breathlessly, knowing instantly what Xena meant. "No, never."

Xena's smile was feral and somehow, oddly, tender at the same time. "Close your eyes."

Gabrielle's breath quickened, and she obeyed. A long, tense moment of waiting passed, and she wriggled with frustration until she felt, feather-light, a breath of warm air blowing across her sensitive vulva. Her hands clenched in Xena's hair and she was halfway over the edge even before the warrior's talented tongue touched her wet folds, dipping and tasting delicately. Xena teased her with light stroking movements until the bard was sensitized to a point almost beyond pleasure, almost over into the realm of pain. And then in a single electrifying instant Xena attacked, somehow finding exactly the spot, her tongue digging deep as Gabrielle screamed her release into the warm forest air.

It was, again, many minutes before Gabrielle recovered again. This time she found her legs felt like wet cotton and her throat was slightly sore. Refusing to blush any more, she snuggled deeper into Xena's embrace. The warrior had seized a blanket from their nearby packs and spread it over their naked forms; underneath, they were closely entwined. Gabrielle basked for a moment in utter carnal satiation.

A thought made its way through her happy brain at last, and in alarm she lifted her head. Xena raised an enquiring eyebrow.

"But...." Gabrielle didn't quite know how to put it. "Xena, that was ... so wonderful," she managed to say without blushing again, "but .... what about you...."

"Gabrielle." A quick brush of mouth on mouth silenced her. "Don't worry about that, okay? I wanted your first time to be...."

"It was," the bard agreed quickly. "But-"

"For me too," Xena interrupted in turn. "See for yourself...." She captured Gabrielle's hand in her own, drawing it down their joined bodies. Gabrielle felt the hard muscles of Xena's thighs, damp and warm with arousal ... oh! She smiled with delight.

"I never knew." She rolled her eyes slightly at Xena's smirk.

"Now you do."

"Yeah...." Gabrielle stifled a yawn as she put her head back down on Xena's shoulder. "I'm not tired." Her eyes drifted shut.

The sun was filtering strongly through the leaves overhead when Gabrielle awoke. Xena was already awake, but, unwilling to wake her lover and break up the magical moment, had not moved. The bard opened her eyes to see the wide blue gaze of her lover watching her. Gabrielle smiled slowly and stretched. Unfamiliar muscles complained, but went unheeded.

"Morning Xena."

"Good morning Gabrielle." They shared a long sweet kiss before Xena added, reluctantly, "We should really get going."

"Yeah.... I guess so." With equal reluctance, Gabrielle allowed the warrior to disentangle their limbs and move away.

As the warrior sat up, something caught the bard's eye. "Xena, what's that?" Sitting up herself, Gabrielle examined her lover's shoulder. Glistening slightly in the morning sunlight, three parallel scratches shone with oozing mostly-dried blood.

"Did I do that?" Gabrielle asked, blushing yet again. She lowered her head and kissed the small wounds gently, revelling in the act of intimacy. She could hear Xena's none-too-steady breathing and feel her heart beating, the blood pulsing through the veins just under the skin against Gabrielle's lips. Her kiss became a caress, hands moving. This time Xena made no move to stop her. Gabrielle's hands circled around to cup Xena's breasts as she moved her tongue over the broken skin. She discovered three matching scratches on Xena's other shoulder and moved her attention to those, lavishing all her love on them. Xena gave a tiny groan of pleasure, her long strong hands covering Gabrielle's smaller ones as they fondled her breasts. Gabrielle's own nipples were tiny points of heat pressing against Xena's back.

Gabrielle became bolder, encouraged by the intense reaction of her lover. She moved her mouth up Xena's neck, seeking out the most sensitive spots. Cautiously, one hand slid across the warrior's firm stomach and downward, brushing the dark tangle of hair. Xena kept her hand on Gabrielle's, guiding her, egging her on. The bard was a fast learner. Her fingers explored Xena's moist folds with alacrity, each texture a world of new sensation, each ecstatic reaction a new triumph. When she found the exact spot she sought, she stayed with it, and felt her own body shiver with sympathetic relief when Xena, gasping desperately, surged to her peak.

Afterward, Xena turned in Gabrielle's arms and covered her face with kisses, dropping her usual taciturnity in a sudden overflowing of emotion. I love you," she whispered several times before devouring Gabrielle's willing lips for a long moment.

When they finally arose, moving slowly as sore thighs and backs twinged, pulling light shifts over their naked bodies in preparation for bathing, they found the Gods of Love and War standing by Argo, waiting for them.

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