Dea Ex Machina

By Joan
Part 7

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Please read the Disclaimer in Part One!
Warning: This story is rated NC-17. Do not read it if you are under 17 years of age, or if the idea of two women in love turns you off. This story contains fairly explicit sexual content, as well as at least one obscenity (in part 3).

Xena and Gabrielle walked steadily down the forest path, leading Argo. Gabrielle felt as if a very large weight had been lifted from her shoulders, although she was still trying to sort out her confused feelings. Xena, meanwhile, was contemplating the tale Gabrielle and Hercules had told her, with a mixture of horror and amusement.

At last Xena decided she just had to say something. "Gabrielle," she muttered, and then stopped walking and stood, profoundly embarrassed, trying to formulate some sort of apology.

Gabrielle stopped walking as well, and watched her friend struggle with words for a moment. "Xena, it's okay," she said, reaching out to put a tentative hand on the warrior's arm. "You don't have to apologize."

"Well, I just want you to know," Xena tried, then paused, and forged on valiantly, "that if I did anything to, you know, upset you, or...well...I just hope this doesn't have to change our friendship."

"," Gabrielle said softly, but Xena heard the slight note of disappointment in her tone. The big warrior had been avoiding the bard's eyes, but now she met them, and was glad she had. She turned and started walking again, and Gabrielle did the same.

"I mean," Xena went on, feeling emboldened, "I don't even remember most of what happened, and that isn't exactly how I had imagined the aftermath of our first lovemaking."

Gabrielle's eyes widened, and she blushed deeply. " imagined"

"Sure...once or twice," Xena said nonchalantly, trying to hide her smirk.

"Oh...." said Gabrielle, and they walked on in silence for a moment.



"Are you sure the spell is off?"



Another half-mile or so went by.


"Now what?"

"When two women, know..."

"Have sex?"



"Well, what does it, um, involve?"

"Do you want a demonstration?"

They stopped walking again.


"Well, maybe when we stop for the night I'll give you a few pointers."


"Are you all right, Gabrielle?"

"Oh, yeah...fine. Thanks."


Another half-mile or so.



"How soon till we stop for the night?"

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