From Wednesday, December 11th through Monday, December 16th (Tokyo time), I was in Japan with my mom and other members of the Cambridge Community Chorus of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Following are some of the many pictures I took during that time.

Day One: Imperial Palace/Asakusa
On the first day, we had volunteer tour guides who were members of the Japanese choir that we had come to Japan to sing with. Each volunteer took a group of about ten of us, and showed us two sights of Tokyo (the same two for each group). The main purpose of this expedition, aside from seeing the sights and meeting our Japanese hosts, was to get us familiar with the Japanese subway system and how it works.
Day Two: Tsukuba
On the second day, a small group of us formed a delegation to Tsukuba (pronounced "scuba"), which is the Japanese Sister City of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Day Three: Meiji Shrine
On the third day, my mom and I and another chorus member visited the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo, a shrine and garden dedicated in the memory of Emperor Meiji, who died in 1912, and his wife Empress Haruko.
Day Four: Concert Day
On Saturday, December 14th, the Cambridge Community Chorus and Tokyo's Messiah Messengers choir performed Handel's Messiah at Showa University in Tokyo. Here I have some pictures of the pre-concert rehearsal and some of the post-concert party. (Coming soon)
Day Five: Yanaka
On Day Five, some chorus members and I visited Yanaka, a very old area of Tokyo, which has MANY shrines/temples, as well as at least one museum. We were also lucky enough to stumble upon a street festival/celebration in honor of the upcoming New Year. (Coming soon)
Day Six: Kamakura
On the last day, my mom and I went to Kamakura, a town near Tokyo, where there are several famous temples, as well as the 1000-year-old Daibutsu (Great Buddha), widely renowned as possibly the most beautiful statue of Buddha ever made. (Coming soon)
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