Kauai, Hawaii

Below are my pictures of the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Click the thumbnail to see the bigger version. The majority of these pictures are 800x600 pixels in size and they range in file size from approx. 100KB to approx. 185KB.

Unless otherwise indicated, all pictures were taken with my Hewlett-Packard Photosmart 315 digital camera.

Waimea Canyon

One of Kauai's main attractions is Waimea Canyon, nicknamed "The Grand Canyon of Hawaii." You can drive up the side of the canyon, stopping at the many lookout points along the way to admire the view. (There are also hiking trails, but we don't hike so I have no pictures of those.)

At the last Waimea Canyon lookout point, you are at the very top of the canyon. As you walk toward the fence that looks out over the canyon, all you see is sky and cloud. It looks like you're walking toward the end of the earth; you can't see the mountains and the canyon until you get right up to the fence. That's what I was trying to capture in this last picture. No, that area of darker blue is *not* the ocean; it's a line of clouds. The people in this picture are, from left to right, my grandmother, my uncle, and my mom.

Spouting Horn

Spouting Horn is a spot where a natural geyser is created by a hole in the coral/rocks. When the ocean water flows over the rocks and rushes into the hole, it is forced out in a big spray, a very impressive sight, accompanied by a weird groaning noise. According to Hawaiian legend, the noise is the sobbing of a huge sea lizard who, blinded with tears upon learning of his sister's death, accidentally swam into the hole and got stuck.

Kilauea Lighthouse

The Kilauea Lighthouse is no longer a functioning lighthouse but remains as a historic sight for tourists. The area all around the lighthouse is a wildlife preserve, filled mainly with birds native to Hawaii. Unfortunately, we arrived just as the park was closing so we didn't have a chance to look around much for wildlife, but we did get to see the stunning view of the cliffs opposite the lighthouse, as well as the lighthouse itself. In the two pictures of cliffs, each little white dot is a bird.

A Hawaiian Sunset

All of the following pictures were taken during the sunset on Friday evening, December 20th, 2002. Some of them were taken from different vantage points (we moved to a closer spot partway through) or of different angles/views, but they are presented below in chronological sequence.

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