Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

Spank the Monkey, Part One

By Siubhan (website)

This badfic shows why some kinks should be clearly labeled, or better yet, never written about in the first place. It also contains major spoilers for the ending of Planet of the Apes (the 2001 remake).

Leo Davidson studied General Thade as he crouched under the console like the scared monkey that he was. All those ricocheting pulses had finally worn through that callous and cruel veneer of his and exposed him as the coward that he really was.

Leo's clingy pants grew tight as he remembered the first time he'd laid eyes on Thade. He took one look at the snarling and sniffing over-evolved chimp, and his mouth had grown dry. He'd wanted to be that monkey's slave, and he felt dirty for thinking so. But he couldn't help thinking about it, even as he tried to escape. He wanted Thade to want him enough to pursue him. And when Krull had jumped on him and castigated him for calling him a monkey, Leo couldn't help but imagine what it would feel like to have Thade on his back instead, those prehensile toes and fingers digging into his tender Human flesh, his more gracile body bearing down upon him.

And then when Thade had caught up with him, and they'd fought inside the crashed space station, their bodies tussling, Thade's strong fists thumping hard on his body... Leo fingered one of his bruises as he thought back to the fight and nearly came in his pants.

He'd so badly wanted to be this monkey's slave.

But now as he watched him cowering under the console, he felt an even deeper need. The need to be Thade's master. To turn the tables. To make him crawl. To make him beg. To pound his throbbing erection into his monkey butt until he heard him scream his simian scream.

Thade had been a very bad little monkey. And Leo was going to make sure he learned his lesson. Leo was going to show Thade his place on the evolutionary ladder the hard way.

He looked through the glass and licked his lips. Thade whimpered like a scared chimp, but Leo knew how to deal with scared chimps. They found comfort in following orders, and Leo was ready to dole some out.

"Come here," Leo barked, pointing to the ground in front of him.

Thade's eyes went wide, but he complied, crawling to the glass and curling up against it, as if to lie as close to Leo's feet as he could.

"You've been a bad, bad monkey," Leo said, smiling evilly at the flash of anger in Thade's eyes. "And you're going to pay."

Thade swallowed hard, but Leo saw the armor over his groin twitch. Excellent.


[Mercifully, part two was accidentally deleted from her computer in a freak accident involving angry Planet of the Apes fans and a sledgehammer.]

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Last updated December 3, 2001