Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

Let's Get Married!

By TyranAmiros

This badfic was written by TyranAmiros ( and involves the characters of "Queer As Folk" (the US version).

Author's Notes: All those people who think Brian is supposed to end up with Michael are just wrong! I mean, Justin is soooo much hotter than Michael. How could Brian choose him?
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Spoilers: Well, you kinda need to watch QAF. It's set after Michael's party, episode 111 (I think)

Brian cuddled up to Justin. "I luv you. I want to be with you forever!"

"I know," said Justin. Brian loved him. He'd known that since that first night. "I'm glad you chose me over Mikey."

"I was never interested in him. I only want to have sex with you." Brian forced his tongue down Justin's throat. "Let's get married!"

"Okay!" Justin was happy; he was marrying the love of his life.

"You're so hot when you're happy. Let's have sex."

Brian kissed Justin and they made passionate love.

"Where's my sex?
You know I need it.
Don't want to beat it
--Weak Link, "Where's my sex?"

The next morning Brian woke up and looked at Justin. He had loved the boy from the moment he'd first jacked him off, now he couldn't live without him.

He cuddled Justin's chest, rubbing and massaging the younger man's pecs. Justin smiled as he slowly regained consciousness. "I want you, Justin." Brian whispered in Justin's ear.

"I want you more."

"No, I want you more."

The found their mouths touching. Reluctantly, Justin broke the kiss. "I want to get married now! I'll drop out of high school and run away to New York with you!"

"We're getting married today!" Brian exclaimed happily. "Let's have a ceremony at Babylon tonight!"


Brian and Justin went to Babylon and got married. All their friends, even Michael, came and were happy for them. Debbie was happy to see Sunshine married, but happier that now Michael could go off with Dave without Brian interfering.

That night, they were back at the loft when Justin asked Brian, "Can I get a honeymoon at least?"

"Anything for you, love." Brian surprised Justin with two tickets to Europe...

The end...for now......

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Last updated May 26, 2001