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Past Journeys

By Melissa

This badfic was written by Melissa ( and involves the characters of "Highlander." The author's explanation of the badfic elements of this story is given at the end of the page. Click here to skip directly to the Notes. Or, click any footnote.

Past Journeys
Last Updated: August 12, 19992

[Insert ongoing story about the adventures of Duncan MacLeod here.]

"MacLeod, I want to thank you for all the help you have given us," said Dmitri. "Without your help, we would never have caught that assassin before he could kill the Czar. So, where will you go now?"

"I'm not sure," Duncan replied. "There's still the theft of the Chinese jewels to investigate, the disappearance of the French ambassador's assistant to look into, and that mysterious but alluring Immortal woman who keeps following me to catch." He shrugged and waved goodbye. "I'll just head down the road and see where Fate takes me!"

The End -- For Now!

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1. WIP = Work In Progress. Sometimes the author is posting pieces of a complete story as she gets them done, which is fine. Other times, WIPs are just a variant of The Series That Would Not Die. The important thing is, will the author ever finish the story?
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2. Well that answers the question. This story is not actively being worked on. Why should I read your half a story if there is no evidence of a commitment on your part to reach some sort of ending?
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3. You mean you don't know? You've got a bajillion plot threads going and no plan for how to wrap them up. If you don't know what's going to happen next, no wonder you've lost interest in finishing the story.
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