Bad Fanfic! No Biscuit!

The Arc of Stars Across Infinity: The Sequel!

By Melissa

This badfic was written by Melissa ( and involves the characters of "Star Wars: The Phantom Menace." It is a silly follow-up to The Arc of Stars Across Infinity.

This is a transcript of som emails I had with a big fan of my storie's! She loves every word I write so I know I dont need a beta reader.

Our conversation started with a comment about "The raider's have attacked the Tureel Outpost."

> So, were they Tuksen Raider's?

No, Tuksen Raider's only live in the dessert's of Tatoinne with the Jawa's. You would have to of read part's 1-28 to find out the hole story!

> LOL! Stoppit!!! The sad thing is now I want to read pt. 30!!

Qui-gonn mope's some more and worrys about the baby. Obi-wan kills all the raider's but its OK because the Focre told him to do it. Then he goes back to the ship. Qui-gon talks to Lieutennant Mah-ri Su and tells her all his problem's, and she gives him very excelent advise and he goes to find Obi-wan.

> So do they fuck?

Sure, they fuck, becasue Mah-ri Su is the only woman who could cause Qui-Gon to turn away from his first love Obi-Wan, but afterwards he feels lot's of angst about it.

> And that's in parts 2 through 27, right?

Qui-gons carrying Mah-ri Su's baby. In part 43 Qui-gon and Obi-wan finaly see each other again, and them and Mahr-i Su decide to be a happy family together and raise the baby (but only after six or seven chapters of angst). They have amazeing three way sex. The baby is a super-Jedi who fulfills anceint prophesies (thus justifying dragging the series out to part 60 and beyond).

> That's disgusting and perverted to have Qui-Gone haveing sex with a women.

But eventually she got over it because my friend is going to help me write a five-part story dealing with Qyi-Gone and Ma-ri-Su's and Obi-Won's wedding.

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Last updated June 24, 2000