The Xena Song Parody Page

What is a Xena Song Parody (XSP)?

A Xena Song Parody (XSP, pronounced "zisp") is a song whose lyrics have been replaced with Xena-related lyrics. If you are familiar with filk, this concept should be clear to you. You can replace every word of the song, or you can try to stick with the original song's meaning as much as possible. The only requirement is that your new lyrics fit the melody.

Structure of this website

On a couple of songs you will see the original lyrics in a table alongside the parody lyrics. This is because the parodist sent me both. I thought about including original lyrics in every song but decided it would be waaaaaaaaaaay too much work for me.

Send Me Your XSPs!

If you have written a XSP and would like it to be included on this page, please email it to me at If possible, please include the full title and composer's name for the original song.


Copyright Disclaimer:
The characters and situations of "Xena: Warrior Princess" are property of MCA/Universal and Renaissance Pictures, and are used with love but without permission. Neither the songs on this page, nor the page itself, are intended to infringe upon said copyright. Also, the songs parodied herein are property of their respective composers/singers, and are also used without permission. All parodies included herein are used by permission of their authors.

Rating Disclaimer:
Some of these songs contain four-letter words, sexual and/or violent imagery, and/or assumptions of a romantic relationship between two women. Proceed with caution.

Xena-esque Disclaimer:
No eardrums were harmed during the production of these songs, although my wrists did suffer some tendon pain during the production of this webpage.

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Last updated 19 September, 2000