Feelin' Woozy

Music: "Feelin' Groovy" by Simon and Garfunkel
Xena Song Parody by sHaYcH (shaych3@aol.com)

Slow down, you drink too fast,
You got to make the moonshine last,
Just takin' the town and breakin' bones,
Lookin' for a buzz and Feelin' Woozy.
Hello torch rack, whatcha' knowin',
I've come to watch your flamelight glowing,
Ain'tcha got no wines for me?
Dootin' doo-doo, Feelin' Woozy.
Got no bards to do, no promises to keep,
I'm schnockered and drowsy and ready to sleep,
Let the morning time drop all its headaches on me,
Wine, I love you,
All is woozy.
La da da da da da da da da, Feeling Woozy.

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 3 January 2000