This Kiss

Music: "This Kiss" by Faith Hill
Xena Song Parody by Sara (

I don't need another heartbreak
I don't need another man to die, no
I've already learned the hard way
We say hi, oh no, he dies
But Xena's got me like a chakram
Shooting straighy across the sky

It's the way she loves me
It's a feeling like this
It's centrifugal motion
It's perpetual bliss

It's that pivotal moment
It's ahhhh, impossible
This kiss, this kiss, unstoppable
This kiss, this kiss

Gabrielle said to Xena, how did we get so off course? oh
All I wanted was a warrior with a good heart,
soft touch, fast horse!
Ride me off into the sunset,
Xena I'm forever yours!

It's AHHHH, subtextual
This kiss, this kiss, homosexual
This kiss, this kiss

You can kiss me in the moonlight
When I'm dead or when I'm alive
You can kiss me when the wind is blowin
Or the rain comes pouring inside

Kiss me in sweet slow motion
Let's let everything slide(wink)
You've got me floatin, you've got me flying

It's ahhhh, subliminal
This kiss, this kiss, it's criminal
This kiss, this kiss

It's the way you love me Xena (repeat)
It's the way you love me darlin, yeah!

Repeat Chorus
Repeat Chorus

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 15 August 1999