Roll Over Universal

Music: "Roll Over Beethoven" by The Beatles
Xena Song Parody by Bart Leib (

Gonna write a little letter, mail it to Universal today
There's a kickass tv show I want my television to play.
Roll over, 'phobe censors, gotta do Xena right right away.

Well my temp'rature's rising, censorship is ruinin' the show.
Xena and Gabby gotta let those emotions flow.
Roll over the stereotypes, watch those ratings grow!

well, show 'em kiss-in'
it won't kill ya to
show 'em kiss-in'
the ratings will
move on up
just give it up now
Xena, Gabby
love each other

Roll over you fools let - it be done by the pros!

(guitar solo)

Early in the series, we gave you the warning,
Not to deny the love of the two
Hey, we're in the saddle, you better skiddaddle
You've got too much to lose.

Roll over and choke but first tell Sam Raimi the news

Well, the fan's know the answer, that's why "Xena"'s on top
Xena and Gabby in love...Perdicus? What a crock!
And now everyone knows, so the series will never stop!

Roll over, 'phobe censors!
Roll over the stereotypes!
Roll over you fools let -
Roll over and choke but
Roll over Universal, hurry up and fix the plot!

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 3 January 2000