You're Gonna Make Me Miss You When You Go

Music: "You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" by Bob Dylan
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Xena Song Parody by Bart Leib (

I've seen men go by my door
but they're always such a bore
never make me want to share my soul
been hiding desires for far too long
when something's not right it's wrong
You're gonna make me lovesick when you go.

Sparkling stars so high above
I've seen security, called it love
and pretended that I didn't know
but this time I'm gonna set things right
take you, make you mine tonight
you're gonna make me lonely when you go.

tight black leather, perfect waist
midnight hair around your face
you could make me cry as pleasure grows
can't remember what we fought it for,
why don't you 'distract me' 'til we're sore
You're gonna make me horny when you go.

Lovers by the dozens all meant nothing
blue-eyed Warrior Princess beats them all
my heart jumps when our hands are touching
I could stay with you forever
and I'll answer when you fin'ly call.

Situations are changin' soon
a relationship by tomorrow noon
Mine've all been short and brought me low
but after we're at last united
all that love will be requited
you're gonna make me miss you when you go.

You're gonna make me wonder what was I doin'
walkin' far behind, not next to you
You're gonna make me wonder what I'm hearin'
stoic Xena sayin' "I love you"!

I will look for you in Amphipolis
in Athens and all throughout Greece
someday your past will catch you up, you know
But you'll hear my thoughts in the Elysian Fields
a force for good that never yields
You're gonna make me tearful when you go

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 3 January 2000