If I Had a Chakram

Music: "If I Had A Hammer" by Pete Seeger (note)
Xena Song Parody by Aisa (ldyaislina@earthlink.com)
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If I had a chakram
I'd throw it every morning
I'd throw it every evening
All over this land
It'd ricochet off heads
It'd bounce all 'round the square
It'd slice through rock
And steel,
It'll even cut fish
A - all without slicing my ha-a-and

If I had a bard
She'd tell stories every morning
She'd scribble new tales
All over this land
She'd talk our way into scrapes
She'd talk our way out again
She'd stalk and pounce
Catch me off guard
A-and I got really annoyed.

If I had a sword
I'd swing it every morning
I'd swing it every evening
All over this land
I'd thrust it at warlords
I'd parry and lunge at Gods
I'd clash and clang
against any odds,
A - all without breaking a swe--e--a--t

Well I've got a chakram
And I got a bard
And I've got a sword to swing
All over this land
It's a chakram that breaks all laws
She's a bard who's been named a Queen
It's a sword that I've used against
Friends and foes
A-all in the name of good ratings.


Betcha didn't realize Pete Seeger wrote this song, didja? A lot of people think it was written by Peter, Paul and Mary or even one of the Guthries. Well, you learn something every day.

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 3 January 2000