Music: "Day-O" by Harry Belafonte
Xena Song Parody by LaLa Watts (gadfly@pacbell.net)

Premise: Just another day in the life...

Gabrielle sings:
Xen-A! Xen-A!
Daylight come and me wanna sleep in
Day? Oye vey! Let sleeping bards lay! Hey, hey! Don't take my blanket away!
Daylight come and me wanna sleep in

Walkin' all morn' in the hot sun
Goin' too fast won't ya please go slow
Travelin' in your dustcloud ain't much fun
No, I don't want to ride Argo

Earth to Warrior Princess, is anybody home?
Sometimes I think you tune me out
Am I talkin' to myself? Am I travelin' alone?
(sotto voce) Big dumb warrior! *see Gab pout*

6 mile, 7 mile, 8 mile oh!
Xena, how much farther to go?
9 mile, 10 mile, 11 mile geez!
Xena, can we take a break please?

Xena sings:
Lunch-o! Lunch-o!
Gab sit, relax, and eat some food
(sotto voce) I'll be! Gods, she's cranky! Over my knee, I'll spank thee! Wait and see!
Maybe dessert'll improve your mood

Gabrielle sings:
How about you and I go for a swim?
No, I'm not sitting on the soap
Don't take long for splash fight to begin
Xena, would you watch where you grope!

1 kiss, 2 kiss, 3 kiss, 4
Whisper sweet nothings in my ear
5 kiss, 6 kiss, 7 kiss, more
Be nice and you can guard my rear

Hey, have your way oh!
Quick! Commercial about to end
Yes! Touch my breas--yes! You're the best! I confess! Yes, yes! (Ooops, made a mess!)
Wipe your chin and stifle that grin

Xena of Amphipolis, who do you love more?
Is it me or is it Argo?
Think before you answer or you're sleepin' on the floor
Then again, do I wanna know?

G: Xen-A, Xen-A
G: How about a sensitive chat?
X: Ack! A chat? Oh drat! Please not that! Gotta check Argo, be right back!
G: Hey, Warrior Princess, not so fast...

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D. Joan Leib
Last updated 3 January 2000