Surprise, Surprise

Part 5
By joan the english chick

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Commander Benjamin Sisko was no longer questioning his sanity, although he still had a doubt or two about that of his senior staff. Things seemed to be getting back to a semblance of normal: Doctor Bashir was still spending a lot of time in Ops, but not as much, and he wasn't giving Dax those looks anymore. Sisko wondered what had happened between them...and what Kira and Garak had to do with it...he looked out over Ops, turning his baseball over and over in his hand, and his eyes suddenly settled on Ensign Sulak at the weapons array. Sulak was a good worker, efficient and of course logical, and he always seemed to know what was going on -- or maybe that was just Vulcan implacability. Sisko toyed with the notion of asking the ensign what he thought of the staff's odd behavior, but decided that it was a can of worms he would rather not open. He had bigger problems on his hands, Jake's broken heart. The boy had quarreled with his Dabo girl amour and was spending all his time moping in their quarters.

"Everything all right, Chief?" Sisko asked. Miles O'Brien looked up from his panel and nodded.

"All regulation, Commander. No problems this watch."

"If there's nothing else you need, Benjamin, I'll be taking Julian out of your way," said Lieutenant Jadzia Dax. Doctor Bashir looked startled. Dax rolled her eyes at him. "Did you forget our lunch date?"

Understanding flooded the young doctor's dark-chocolate eyes. "Oh...yes, of course, lunch. Commander?"

"Go ahead," said Sisko, and watched the two board the lift. Major Kira didn't seem to notice. Sisko threw up his hands and retreated into his office.

"Ensign," said Kira as soon as Sisko's door closed, "you have Ops."

"Yes, Major," replied Sulak impassively. He took his eyes from the weapons array to watch the Major's reflection in his panel as she waited for the lift to return.

"It's a good thing crew quarters are soundproofed," Dax observed as Kira nibbled lightly on her neck. "Julian's getting a lot better in public, but in private he sure is noisy." The two women reclined lazily on Kira's bed, watching Julian's lithe body writhe in ecstasy as Garak, his Cardassian tailor friend, moved over him with tongue and fluttering fingers.

"This Garak is full of surprises," Kira observed, pressing her pelvis against Dax's hip as she watched. "I thought *I* knew a lot about pleasuring the male body." Both women sighed in sympathy as Julian reached the peak of his torturous journey and began to subside, panting.

"Garak, you are truly talented," Dax complimented, as the Cardassian rose to his feet and stood by the foot of the bed. "Some of the former Daxes were quite adventurous, but you could teach them a thing or two."

Garak inclined his head in thanks. "It is fascinating the things one learns in my humble profession," he replied with a hint of humor.

"But I see you're not finished yet," Dax added, sliding across the bed to put both her hands on Garak's still swollen penis. Kira watched in fascination as Dax lowered her head to replace hands with tongue.

"That's for sure," Kira breathed. "Are all Cardassians so......well- endowed?" Although Garak had been included in their games for several days now, the Bajoran woman had kept her distance, leaving him to either Dax or Julian while she entertained herself with the other. Julian, lifting his head from the floor, noticed definite signs of arousal in Kira, and wondered if all that was about to change.

"My experience is considerable, but only up to a point," Garak evaded, then closed his eyes as Dax began to work in earnest. He sank to his knees on the bed.

"My research suggests Garak is exceptional, even for a Cardassian," Julian offered, sitting up on the floor. His whole body still throbbed with the memory of Garak's ministrations.

"Exceptional is the word!" exclaimed Kira, throwing caution and her own racial prejudices to the wind. She pushed Dax away and pressed herself against the still-upright Cardassian, impaling herself on his penis as she let herself slowly down. They fell backwards onto the bed and rolled, Kira on top as they abandoned themselves to interspecies ecstasy. Dax slid off the bed onto the floor.

"Psst, Julian," she said. The young doctor took his eyes from the scene on the bed, with some difficulty, and looked at her. She was reaching for him when a chirrup filled the room. The Trill and the doctor looked at the pile of three Starfleet uniforms. It was impossible to determine which commbadge had made the sound. The gravelly voice of the station's security chief followed the chirp.

"Odo to Doctor Bashir."

Julian scrambled around in the pile of clothing and finally just said, "What is it, Constable?" He hoped distance and his own voice would mask the ebbing sounds of delight from the bed.

"Doctor, by any chance do you have a relative by the name of Maureen L. Bashir?"

To the amazement of everyone else in the room, Julian turned white as a sheet. "Why?" he croaked, his eyes round. Dax couldn't tell if his expression was amazed, frightened, or whatever else...she reached out a hand and found he was actually trembling.

"She's listed as a passenger on a freighter that just docked. I expect she'll probably be contacting you momentarily...if she knows you're here."

"I'm sure she does." Julian looked stunned. "Thank you, Odo. Bashir out."

Kira sat up on the bed, her full breasts still heaving with deep breaths and slightly red where Garak had grasped them. "Forgive the cliche, Doctor, but you look like you've seen a ghost."

"I haven't seen my cousin in....years. Eons!" Julian exclaimed, trying to sort his uniform from the pile of clothing. His color was beginning to return, replaced by an aura of suppressed excitement and anticipation.

"One can only hope she is as delicious as you, and as enduring," Garak said, smirking. Dax giggled.

"I should get back to my quarters," Julian began, but the commbadge chirped again.

"Infirmary to Doctor Bashir."

"Bashir here! What is it?" cried a flustered Julian, trying to stuff his legs into his uniform. The others grinned at him in varying degrees of amusement.

"Doctor, there's a woman here claiming to be your cousin. She'd like to see you. Shall I direct her to your quarters?"

"No!" Julian squeaked. "I mean, no, I''ll come to the infirmary. Give me a few minutes. Bashir out!"

"This I've got to see," said Dax, pulling on a uniform and then realizing it wasn't hers. She tossed it to Kira and put on her own.

"I guess Garak will hold the fort," Kira quipped, rolling off the bed as Garak snored obliviously. The two women hurried out the door after Julian.

The infirmary looked like a party in preparation: all the nurses were curious about the visitor, and even Commander Sisko had appeared to witness the reunion of the reticent doctor and his longlost cousin. Julian never said much about his family, and everyone wondered. Dax was fleetingly surprised that Quark wasn't there to sell tickets.

"Maureen?" Julian said timidly, confronting a compact, energetic young woman in a flowing grey-green dress. She was just about his age, though several inches shorter. Her skin was almost the same rich cinnamon color as his, her eyes sparkling green, her face delicately- boned and friendly. She gave a squeal of delight.

"Julian!!" She flung herself on him, wrapping him with arms of steel and threatening to hug the life out of him. Self-consciously, he hugged her back, aware of the eyes watching from every side.

"Umm..." Too soon, he pulled her away to make the introductions. "This is my cousin, Maureen Bashir. Commander Benjamin Sisko, Major Kira Nerys, Lieutenant Jadzia Dax."

"I'm so pleased to meet you all," Maureen said warmly, clasping each of them by the hand as if they were old friends. "I can't tell you how excited I was when I learned I would be coming here to see Julian in his new habitat! We haven't seen each other in forever!" She bubbled with excitement. The usually stand-offish Kira was infected and smiled just as warmly.

"Maureen, come into my office. We have so much to talk about," Julian urged, tugging on his cousin's gauzy sleeve as he had when she was a flighty child and he too old for his youth.

"Oh, excuse us! So nice to meet you!" said Maureen, letting Julian pull her away.

"That woman ends every sentence with an exclamation point," Sisko observed.

"She's quite charming," said Dax, wondering why the cousin's sudden appearance bothered her.

"Charming," Kira agreed. "I hope Ju-the doctor will be able to keep his mind on his duties while she's here."

"Let me worry about that," said Sisko. "There's a communique from Bajor that needs your attention, Major."

"Problems?" Kira asked, concerned, shifting her focus with ease.

"I hope not." Sisko's eyes twinkled. "It's from Vedek Bareil."

"Oh." Kira colored slightly. "I'll take it in my quarters. Jadzia, I believe you left something in my room the last time you visited?"

"Hmm? Oh!" Dax suddenly remembered the sleeping Cardassian. "Yes, I'll come fetch it, thank you, Major. Benjamin, I'll be back in Ops in a few minutes."

"Take your time," Sisko replied airily.

"I can't believe you're here," said Julian for the thousandth time. "It's like an old movie. You look so wonderful."

"So do you!" said his cousin, who had just finished telling him about her career, her aspirations, her triumphs and successes. Maureen was not a woman who loved to talk about herself, but she understood her handsome cousin very well even after all these years, and she knew he'd rather hear about her than talk about himself. She wasn't stupid: she'd sensed something going on between him and the women in uniform outside. Poor Julian, he still hadn't gotten over his fear of commitment. Maureen felt a twinge of guilt.

"It's so wonderful that you're actually in Starfleet," she said with a happy sigh. "And so successful! A well-known Federation doctor. Just what you always wanted to be!"

"I'm not exactly famous," he said modestly. "If I were that wonderful, they wouldn't have stuck me in some backwater station. But I'm doing what I always wanted to: helping people who are sick or hurt."

"Yes, what you always wanted...and your father didn't," Maureen said reflectively. Julian winced. Shrewdly, but smoothly, she changed the subject.

"But this isn't any backwater! Julian, this station is *essential* to the welfare of the Federation! Everyone knows it!" She leaned forward earnestly. Julian laughed.

"You're wonderful, Maureen. You haven't changed a bit."

"Oh, I have." She sobered, but only for an instant. "And I'm sure you have too! I want to get to know you all over again. Have you had lunch?"

"Lunch?" Julian fought to control a blush as he recalled all the activity his mouth had done that day... "Not exactly."

"Good!" Maureen bounced to her feet. "Let's go!"

Sisko and Dax sat at a corner table in Quark's, watching Julian and his lovely cousin talk to Rom. All eyes were on the young doctor and his alluring companion, and the ever-lascivious Quark was hovering around them with a decidedly proprietary air. The newcomer had garnered quite a crowd of admirers in her few days on the station.

"So where does she come from?" asked Sisko, knowing that Dax would have run a full background check on Maureen Bashir.

"Earth, same as Julian," Dax said absently, then realized what Sisko was really asking. "Oh...I don't know, Benjamin. According to the records she's a well-known and respected therapist. She uses dance and movement therapy to help children who are victims of war and other things. She's employed by Starfleet to counsel children of personnel killed in the line of duty. She has a degree in psychiatry as well as lots of dance experience. She studied under some of the best teachers -- and her psychiatric degree is from the Vulcan Science Academy."

Sisko whistled softly under his breath. "She must be damn good. The Vulcans don't take just any human who lands on their planet and teach them interspecies psychiatry."

Dax nodded. "She spent a lot of time on Bajor a few years back when the war was still cooling down: she counseled the children who only knew life in the camps, helped them reintegrate into society. But she hasn't been back here since the Federation retook the station from the Cardassians."

"What-" Sisko started to ask another question, but was arrested in mid-sentence by the curious sight of the ebullient Maureen throwing her arms around Garak with a cry of delight as the Cardassian tailor entered the room.

"Garak!" Her infectious laughter filled the room. From a dark, secluded corner of Quark's, the mysterious Morn watched with interest. Julian was clearly taken aback. Dax tightened her lips, trying not to smile wickedly at the young doctor's flustered appearance.

"It's so wonderful to see you," said Maureen enthusiastically. "I can't believe you're still here, even with all the other Cardassians gone and the Federation all over the place."

"Indeed, I had a little difficulty adjusting to the new order of things," said Garak, casting an eye at the glowering Odo, "but this station feels like home to me."

"I, um...I take it you two have met," said Julian idiotically.

"Goodness yes!" Maureen exclaimed. "Why, I learned more about fashion from Garak than I ever knew! I still have some lovely clothes I got from him specially!"

"Maureen is always a pleasure to dress," said Garak unctuously, with the appended "and undress" left unspoken but hanging in the already-crowded air. Julian gulped, unable to keep himself from wondering just how friendly his cousin had been with the Cardassian. Quark chose that charged moment to barge in on the conversation.

"Some more wine, Doctor? Perhaps another glass for your charming cousin."

"No-" Julian began.

"Oh, yes, thank you so much!" Maureen interrupted smoothly. "Garak, join us, won't you? Julian tells me the two of you have become friends. That's so wonderful. It's nice that Julian has a good friend or two here on the station. That Commander Sisko seems like a gentleman, but so stiff and formal!"

"Indeed," said Garak noncommitally. "Commander Sisko is a good officer."

"Oh, I'm sure! But tell me about yourself. How long have you two been friends?"

"I feel sorry for poor Julian," Dax remarked, almost to herself. "She's so unlike him, but she obviously knows how to push his buttons."

"I'm sure she's got a button or two Julian could push if he felt like it," said Kira sourly, joining them from the balcony above where she had witnessed the previous scene. Sisko gave her an odd look.

"What's wrong, Major? The other day when Maureen arrived you were so gung-ho about her. Now you look like you could chew her up and spit her out without a moment's remorse."

"I just wish she'd leave the doctor to his duties once in a while," said Kira, her words rich with secondary meanings. Dax winced. Since the arrival of Maureen and her subsequent monopolization of Julian's time and attention, Kira had grown increasingly frustrated. She had returned to her former reticence where Garak was concerned, apparently embarrassed by her own ardor the previous afternoon, and although she was as lusty with Dax as always, it was obvious that she missed the slender skillful fingers -- and other body parts -- of the lovely young doctor.

"Well, if he becomes a real problem, I'll have a talk with Maureen. I'm sure she'll be more than accomodating," said Sisko, getting to his feet. "I'm due back in Ops. Dax?"

"I think I'm going to stay for dessert," the Trill said thoughtfully, still watching the mini-drama at the bar. Sisko rolled his eyes and left. Kira sighed and did likewise.

Striding down the halls, Kira was in no mood to be intercepted. Bad enough her alter-ego had had Julian in his office, masquerading as Kira herself -- she experienced a momentary twinge of curiosity about the Intendant, for after all, what was wrong with a little autoeroticism? -- but then it was Garak occupying most of his attention, and now Maureen. Kira doubted that the relationship between the cousins Bashir was, or even had been, sexual, but the fact remained, the charming Maureen was apparently omnipresent all of a sudden.

Kira's dark thoughts were interrupted by a dark man who stepped from the shadows near her door and greeted her intimately by name. "You look terribly worked-up, Nerys."

"Bareil!" Kira suddenly recalled the communique of yesterday, which had told her that the handsome Vedek would be on the station soon, but which had completely slipped her mind in the ensuing frustration over the loss of Julian from the games. She threw her arms around her compatriot and kissed him passionately, her tongue probing into his mouth as she pulled him into her quarters.

"Worked-up indeed," Bareil chuckled, making no objection as the redhead worked to divest him of his cumbersome Vedek robes. He lifted her in his arms, iron muscles standing out across his entire lean body as he moved toward the bed.

"Commander Sisko," said Maureen Bashir earnestly, "think what a wonderful thing you'd be doing for the children of Bajor! This could be just what they need! So many of them still have to heal from the wars and the Occupation...."

"I said I'd think about it, Doctor," said Sisko, still having trouble getting used to the fact that there were now two Doctors Bashir on his station. "But I also have to consider the risks. Dee Ess Nine isn't exactly a leisure station. With the wormhole right here and all the danger that could come at us from the Gamma Quadrant, not to mention the Maquis making trouble in the Demilitarized Zone, I'm not so sure this is the place for a bunch of children."

"What's going on?" asked Dax, entering the infirmary with Kira on the tail end of the sentence. Julian extricated himself from the discussion to explain.

"Maureen wants to set up a therapeutic center for the children of Bajor, here on the station," he said with a hint of pride. "She has a lot of experience working with traumatized children in low-gravity environments. She's trying to convince Commander Sisko to convert one of the unused loading bays into a low- gravity exercise center to help the children work through their problems."

"Who would run the center?" Sisko was asking. "We don't have all that much personnel, and I don't think Starfleet would look kindly on your pulling trained personnel from their duties in order to retrain them for something entirely new."

"Starfleet has given me carte blanche in these sorts of situations before," Maureen pointed out, "but actually the center wouldn't need that much personnel, Benjamin." Dax noted that Maureen was suddenly quite familiar with Sisko.... "I usually encourage the parents to come along and help with the therapy. It's very effective that way."

"Most of those children you're talking about are orphans, *Doctor*," said Kira bitingly. "They don't *have* parents anymore."

"I understand!" Maureen shifted her focus to Kira, gazing earnestly up into the Bajoran woman's eyes, taking her hands. "You needn't be so hostile, Major, truly. I want what is best for the children of Bajor. Surely there are grandparents, older siblings, other relatives who can help: who want to help?"

Kira, trying not to notice how much the lovely Maureen resembled her delicious cousin, conceded that point. "Yes, plenty of children were taken in by aunts and uncles when their parents were killed." At that, both Julian and Maureen flinched visibly. Julian looked at the floor. Maureen withdrew her hands from Kira's.

"I'm sure," was all she said.

The tension of the moment was broken by Vedek Bareil, standing in the doorway. "I think it's a wonderful idea, Commander," he said, striding into the infirmary. His robes were back in place, impeccable as ever. Kira looked away. Dax read in that gesture what had happened earlier, and even Julian was not so immersed in his cousin's presence that he couldn't surmise how the two Bajorans had spent the previous evening.

"Maureen Bashir...Vedek Bareil of Bajor," Sisko made the introductions. "Doctor Bashir is a trauma therapist, and she's trying to win me over."

"Do allow me to offer my assistance toward that end," Bareil said to Maureen, gallantly, and added, "Is your entire family so look at?" Julian bit his lip. Maureen couldn't help but interpret the slight pause after "pleasurable" and wondered just how much fun -- or trouble -- Julian was having on his new assignment?

"Thank you," she said, "for the help, and the compliment. But I think I can handle Commander Sisko. For the moment, he's agreed to think about it, and I think it best to leave the matter be." She smiled winningly at Sisko. "I trust he'll make the right decision."

"Tell me, Maureen," said Dax, putting a firm arm around the smaller woman's shoulders and leading her toward the door, "would this center compel you to make a permanent move to Deep Space Nine?" Bareil saw that Dax had a plan, but he couldn't fathom the intent. He turned to Sisko.

"Commander, would you care to consult with me on a matter of security? Kai Wynn is concerned about the incident of last week."

"Certainly," said Sisko, and the two men moved toward the door in their turn. Kira turned to Julian.

"Do you have a patient, *Doctor*?" she asked. For the first time in a few days, Julian looked directly at her and actually *saw* her.

"N-um, not right now, Major, no," he stammered.

"Good. I'll see you in your office." Julian experienced a moment of deja vu as Kira turned and stomped toward his office. He reminded himself that this was the real Kira, not the Intendant, and followed her.

"I've missed you, dammit," said Kira as the door closed behind Julian.

"I'm sorry-" he began, moving toward her, but she was having none of it.

"Sorry isn't good enough. And if you think you can just bat your pretty lashes at me and pull my clothes off and make everything okay, you better think again."

Julian stopped moving. "What do you want me to do, Major -- apologize for spending time with my cousin?"

"No," said Kira shortly; she didn't really know *what* she wanted, other than complete control over that beautiful young body. She was unable to stop herself from sliding against Julian and pressing her groin into his thigh. His reaction was immediate and it became clear that he, too, was suffering from the lack of contact. He spun the Major around and clasped her against him, her back molding into his chest, her firm buttocks pressing against his erection. He cupped his hands under her breasts and kissed her neck, whispering into her ear.

"I really am sorry, Major. Let me make it up to you."

Kira let her head fall back onto his shoulder and drowned in sensation for a moment. But then she pulled away, drawing a moan of frustration from Julian and a sharp twinge of disappointment from her own tingling body.

"I'll think about it," she said crisply, and was gone. Julian looked after her, his eyes a little wild with unfulfillment.

Jadzia couldn't believe the diabolical plan taking shape in her head. It was something the pre-Joining Jadzia would never have dreamed of doing, but it was quintessentially Dax. Jadzia decided to step back, so to speak, and let Dax take over. She could practically feel the symbiont quivering with anticipation inside her.

"I have to tell you, Maureen," she heard herself say as they approached the slim visitor's guest quarters, "you have somewhat interesting timing. Your arrival came in the middle of a particularly interesting experience for Julian." Not to mention your good friend Garak, she added mentally.

"What do you mean by that, Jadzia?" Maureen asked curiously. Dax felt it was time to take the metaphorical bull by the horns.

"Well, in recent days Major Kira and myself have been attempting to give Julian a little education in the ways of the world...if you know what I mean."

"I certainly do." Maureen's green eyes twinkled as she contemplated her virile cousin's acrobatics with the two beautiful women. "I'm sure it's been quite the eye-opener for him."

"Indeed," Dax agreed, deciding for the moment to omit Garak's and Bareil's parts in the games. "But since you got here, I'm sorry to say Major Kira feels you've been rather monopolizing Julian's time."

"Oh!" Maureen's eyes widened as she realized how much fun Julian had probably been passing up to spend time with her. "The silly goose -- he should have told me!" The twinkle returned to her eye. "But then, he was probably too embarrassed. I left home when he was just starting to figure out the whole sex thing...who knows how our relationship would have changed if I hadn't had to leave?"

"You had to leave? Why?"

"Well, my father was a Starfleet officer killed in the line of duty when Julian and I were very young...Julian's parents, my Aunt Cassandra and Uncle George, took me in, but when we were fourteen my mother came and took me away. Julian tried so hard to convince her to let me stay -- we both tried, but she wouldn't listen." Maureen's mouth tightened for a moment, but she visibly shook off the ghosts and brightened as she returned to the much more pleasant thought of her cousin's sexual adventures. "Well, I'll certainly try to give him more free time from now on," she promised.

"I have a better idea," Jadzia heard, and knew it was she who had said it. She steeled herself and leaned over to talk softly into Maureen's ear. A delighted grin moved slowly across Maureen's expressive face.

"Wonderful," she whispered, as if to herself. "Oh, wonderful!" She threw her arms around Dax and, to Jadzia's great surprise, kissed her. Jadzia felt her own arms move around the smaller woman, as if of their own volition, as Maureen's warm tongue probed into her mouth. Dax thought Maureen would devour her. After a too-brief moment they moved apart. "Well, let's go!" Maureen exclaimed cheerfully. "I can't wait to see the look on Julian's face...."

Dax moved a hand to her commbadge. "Dax to Kira."

"Kira here," said the major's grouchy voice. "Whaddya want, Jadzia?"

"I think I have the answer to our little problem, Nerys," Jadzia said insinuatingly. One could almost hear Kira's eyebrows lift.

"Do tell," was all she said, her voice laden with interest.

"Are you alone?"

"Yes, Vedek Bareil is still in consultation with Commander Sisko."

"Well, then here's what we do...."

"Major Kira to Doctor Bashir," said Julian's commbadge. Surprised, he touched it.

"Bashir here."

"Doctor, I wonder if you could come to my quarters for a few minutes? We never really finished the discussion we were having earlier."

Julian's eyes widened. Had the Major decided to forgive him after all? "I'll be right over. Bashir out."

Julian strode down the corridor with a spring in his step and a gleam of anticipation in his eyes. In the last few days with Maureen he hadn't realized how much he was missing the amorous games with Dax and Kira...and the others. The sound of female voices outside Kira's door brought him up short. He paused before turning the corner, and listened to Dax and Maureen talking.

"I'm so glad we had this chance to talk, Jadzia," his cousin was saying. "I'm happy I got a chance to meet you. Julian talks about you in his letters, you know. All the time!"

"I hope he's complimentary," Jadzia said lightly. Maureen laughed.

"Oh, of course. Always. He's ever the gentleman. But it's nice to actually meet you in person. You're just as lovely as he always says." Julian blushed in the shadows.

"Thank you, Maureen." There was a muted timbre in Jadzia's voice that he couldn't quite identify. "You're quite lovely yourself." Silence. After a moment Julian realized with shock that the two were kissing. He stole a glance around the corner and saw his cousin wrapped in Jadzia's arms, kissing her with as much passion as he ever had. He felt his uniform grow tighter as he watched. When the two women parted they were panting.

"Maybe we should see if the Major is in for company," Maureen said breathlessly. Dax nodded, her hands lingering on Maureen's waist. It was the smaller woman who finally reached around the Trill to press the doorbell. Julian couldn't hear what was said, but the door opened and the two women went inside.

Julian moved toward the closing door, still in shock. He wondered just how well Jadzia and Maureen had gotten to know each other -- and when had they had the chance? Had they been sneaking around while he was asleep? The idea was appalling -- but according to the reactions of his body, he was anything but appalled. In fact, what he was, was anxious: anxious to get that door open again! He pressed the doorbell. It made an unpleasant sound.

"This door is not in operation," said the computer's voice. "Please try again later."

"What?" He pushed the button again. Zzzt!

"This door is not in operation. Please try again later."

"But-" Julian slapped his commbadge frantically. "Bashir to Kira!" No response. "Bashir to Dax!" Silence. "Computer, locate Major Kira."

"Major Kira is in her quarters."

"Computer, open the door to Major Kira's quarters, authorization Bashir delta three two six."

"Unable to comply. Major Kira has locked her door."

"Security override!"

There was a pause. Finally the door swept open on Maureen's hysterical giggles. Feeling suddenly like a voyeur, Julian poked his head inside and looked around. To his surprise -- and secret disappointment -- all three women were still clothed. Maureen was on the floor, writhing and laughing helplessly as a determined Dax tickled her senseless. Kira was sitting in a chair watching and laughing as well. Julian blinked. Dax noticed him and stopped tickling. Maureen sat up, gasping for breath and trembling as residual chuckles rippled through her.

"Oh, Julian," she said breathlessly, "why didn't you tell me how much fun you've been having?"

"I, um..." Speechless, he felt himself flushing again. "Fun?"

"Silly boy." She rose gracefully to her feet and shook a playful finger at him. "You should have told me what I was keeping you from. Poor Jadzia had to entertain Major Kira all by her lonesome."

"I hardly think that's true," Julian began, but Maureen wasn't finished.

"Besides, it isn't nice to keep secrets. I think it's about time we both stopped doing that, don't you?" Before he could answer or anyone could react, Maureen swept her gauzy dress over her head in a single smooth motion, and let it fall to her feet in a pool of silk. Kira's mouth fell open. Dax rose to her knees in surprise. Julian's eyes widened, then quickly moved away. Maureen took a slow step toward him.

"You used to tickle me with as much alacrity as Jadzia was just now," she said. "Don't you miss those days, Julian?" He looked at her face and was unable to help himself remembering his first kiss -- which had also, as far as he knew, been Maureen's. Both their mouths were older and more experienced now, but he found himself wondering if hers was still as soft...

"Try it," she almost-whispered, seizing his hand. Obediently he tickled her ribs, and she quivered but didn't laugh. He moved his fingers higher and tickled just under the swell of her small breasts -- it had been her most sensitive spot as a child, until they reached an age where he was no longed allowed to touch her that intimately.

Julian's skin felt flushed all over, and he was aware of the interested eyes of his superior officers. With the tip of one index finger he found the gap between Maureen's top two ribs. Then suddenly, he flattened his palm against her abdomen. She gasped a little. Watching her face for signs of alarm, he slid his hand upward until it cupped her breast. Maureen sighed and moved closer, pushing against Julian but never letting his hand lose contact with her breast as their lips finally met, again. Julian swam in sensation, almost unable to believe that it was really his beloved cousin whose slender nude body was rubbing so enticingly against his own...

"Is this a private party, or can anyone join?" Garak seemed utterly unsurprised at the scene before him. Dax wondered if anything surprised him. The two cousins Bashir parted as the words filtered into their passion-clouded brains, and all four occupants of the room suddenly realized that Julian hadn't shut the door behind him. Kira leapt to her feet, pulled Garak inside and shut the door quickly.

"Garak!" Maureen's cheerful voice rang through the room again. "How lovely, a wonderful improvement of the gender ratio. Don't you think, Jadzia?"

"Indubitably," said Dax, standing before the Cardassian and letting him divest her slowly, carefully of her uniform. In the past few days she had discovered that the tailor had a slight fetish for undressing women. As he eased the fabric over her hips, she put her hands lightly on his upper arms and enjoyed the feel of the muscles moving under his greyish skin.

"Maureen..." said Julian, whose thought processes were lagging a little behind. He was still trying to deal with the fact of his cousin's delicious body, her apparent willingness...

"Hush now, Julian," she said fondly, helping him out of his clothing like a mother with a child, as Garak did the same for Kira with decidedly less innocent sentiment. Kira turned her back on Garak as he stripped her, and she kissed Jadzia, but it was Garak's hands that made her flush with passion when they stroked her thighs.

The Cardassian turned his attention to his own clothing, and as he did so Kira and Dax looked over at the bed. Maureen lay half on top of Julian, kissing him, her small hands on his chest as if she thought he would bolt given half the chance -- which might well be true. Aroused as he was by the ministrations of his cousin (whom he had spent his early adolescence fearfully desiring), he was still having trouble believing that it was all really happening.

"Looks like we got our man," Kira said, "so to speak. Your plan worked beautifully, Jadzia."

"Plan?" Julian repeated muzzily. Dax squirmed a little.

"Come on, Doctor," Kira said, climbing onto the bed. "Quit hogging." She reached for Maureen and the two kissed, sprawling across Julian, who watched in amazement. But his inhibitions were fading fast, and he was already reaching for the nearest available body even before Dax and Garak came to join the fun. The five of them plunged into ecstatic exploration.

Half an hour later, as the throbbings subsided and the lovers lay back in various states of disarray to catch their collective breath, Kira suddenly lifted her head.

"Hey!" she said. "How's this old bed holding up?"

"Quite well, actually," Maureen observed.

"We Cardassians build our furniture to last," Garak said pantingly, and Dax marveled, not for the first time, at his ability to pack a maximum of innuendo into a simple statement.

"Let's see if we can fit one more in," Kira said. "Computer, locate Vedek Bareil...."

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