Silver Linings

By joan the english chick

Written May 1995

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Warnings/Ratings: Rated NC-17 for sexual content.
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"Captain, unidentified vessel directly ahead. It appears to be adrift," Tom Paris reported from the pilot's station. Kathryn Janeway looked up.

"On screen."

"It seems to be a Federation-issue runabout," Harry Kim observed as the picture formed on the viewscreen. "Their hull temperature is dangerously high."

"Open hailing frequencies," Janeway ordered.

"Open," Tuvok replied coolly.

"Unidentified runabout, this is the USS Voyager," Janeway said. "Are you in need of assistance?"

"Boy, are we glad to hear you," said a brassy female voice, crackling with static over the comm channel. "Our sensors are down, and we're losing hull integrity. We were just about to dock at Dee Ess Nine."

Deep Space Nine? Janeway exchanged a look with her first officer, Commander Chakotay. "Runabout, stand by." She gestured to Tuvok, who cut the connection. "Janeway to transporter room -- beam that runabout to shuttlebay one."

"Aye, Captain."

"Bridge to engineering. Lieutenant Torres, meet me in shuttlebay one."

"On my way, Captain." On cue, Tuvok followed Janeway into the turbolift.

"Transporter room to Janeway. Transport complete, Captain."

Janeway and Tuvok arrived at the shuttlebay just as B'Elanna Torres did, and the three entered just in time to see the runabout's passengers disembarking. The first out was a muscular-looking woman with short fiery hair and Bajoran features. Janeway heard Torres' quick intake of breath, and shot her a look. The captain's glance clearly said, Stooone butch, honey! The Klingon woman's answering smirk just as clearly replied, We'll see about that!

But both women caught their breaths as the runabout's other occupant stepped down the ramp. Janeway kept her professional detachment, but B'Elanna let her eyes run slowly across the length of the newcomer, noting every detail: creamy caramel skin ... long slender legs ... dark liquid chocolate eyes ... thick soft brown hair ... and the blue uniform of Starfleet Sciences. B'Elanna licked her lips. Janeway strode forward, trying to ignore the twinges as her thighs brushed together.

"Welcome to Voyager. I'm Captain Janeway."

"Thank you, Captain," the Bajoran woman said. "I'm Major Kira Nerys, Bajoran liaison to DS9. This is Doctor Julian Bashir."

"A pleasure," Janeway said, and both Tuvok and B'Elanna knew it was a prediction, not a nicety. "My chief of security, Lieutenant Tuvok, and my chief engineer, Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres."

"Delighted." Kira concealed her amusement -- and other emotions. The wicked reactions of B'Elanna and Janeway to her and Julian's arrival had not escaped her notice. Nor indeed was she offended -- on the contrary, she had always wondered what it might be like to bed a Klingon. Not for the first time, she chided herself for failing to take the opportunity to jump that lieutenant when the Enterprise had visited DS9 ... what was his name, Warp or something. But the chief engineer of the Voyager could easily have been a female version of Warp. Several hours alone in the runabout with Julian had made Kira astoundingly horny, and in fact if the Voyager had come along a few minutes later, it might be that the only sound they'd hear over the commlink would have been Julian's shrieks of pain and pleasure....

"Captain," said Kira as they boarded the turbolift, "I must admit we're a little surprised to see you here. Just before transport Julian and I realized that the Voyager disappeared several months ago. What are you doing out here by Bajor?"

"Bridge," Janeway said. "Major Kira, I don't quite know how to tell you this. Perhaps it should wait until we get to the conference room."

"The Delta Quadrant?!" Kira exclaimed, jumping to her feet. Julian looked shocked. Janeway sighed.

"I'm sorry," she said. "We've been trying to get home for months. Some sort of spacial anomaly brought us here -- and you, too, it seems. We've been exploring the quadrant, hoping to find a race with a technology that can get us back home. So far, we haven't been successful."

"So we're stuck here," said Julian, his youthful face glum. "There's no way of getting back. By now Commander Sisko's probably got our names listed right alongside Voyager, missing in action."

"Not necessarily," said B'Elanna, feeling a sudden strange urge to comfort the beauty. "There's got to be a way to get back. We just haven't found it yet!"

"Unfortunately, we on Voyager have had several months to adjust to this situation," Commander Chakotay pointed out. "Maybe we should give our new guests some time to assimilate."

"Good idea," Janeway said. "B'Elanna, will you show them to quarters?"

"Of course, Captain," the engineer said, her eyes sparking. Kira caught the look and thought, One room will probably do...

Janeway wondered how long she could wait before joining them. "Mr. Kim, have you learned anything new about the anomaly that brought our friends here?"

"Negative, Captain," Harry said, his young face showing frustration plainly. "Perhaps if I examined the runabout's sensor logs...?"

"Go ahead. B'Elanna will be" tied up "busy for a while, but be prepared to give her a full report."

"Aye, Captain."

"Commander," she turned to her first officer and lowered her voice slightly. "You have the bridge for the foreseeable future."

"Of course, Captain," he said, and almost added, Have fun!

When Captain Janeway arrived at the guest quarters, Julian was sitting nervously in a desk chair, watching Kira pace. The arc of her path took her across the room toward him, and then back toward B'Elanna, who was leaning against the wall. The two women were idly comparing spacial theories. Both came to attention when Janeway entered, and Julian stood up.

"As you were," Janeway said, and saw it on the other women's faces that she would have to be the one to initiate things here. "Doctor," she said, subduing her strident command voice to one softer and more alluring, "I hope you're not too upset by this new development."

"Upset?" Julian looked around, watched the three women close in on him with a mixture of anticipation and bewilderment. "Um ... No, Captain, I think I'll manage to come to terms with it." Kira snickered, wondering whether the double entendre had been intentional. She'd never thought of the young doctor as having a sly wit.

"I'm glad to hear it," Janeway said, moving still closer in and putting a gentle but authoritative hand on his arm. She was nearly as tall as he, and he was looking directly into her eyes when she closed the tiny distance remaining between their lips. Her tongue probed into his willing mouth, taking command instantly. Her hands moved boldly across his body, sliding over the lump already forming in his uniform, then moving onward, seeking the zipper.

Julian moved his hands up to take hold of the Captain, but as if at a silent signal B'Elanna and Kira moved forward to take his arms and hold them away. He grunted in surprise and frustration, arching his neck toward Captain Janeway, straining forward with all his might. Behind his back, the other two women exchanged an appreciative look.

"Captain," Julian breathed, catching his breath with difficulty when Janeway finally broke the violent kiss.

"Call me Kate," Janeway breathed back, sliding the zipper of Julian's uniform down with a sensuous slick sound. Kira and B'Elanna helped, each pulling the sleeve off the arm she was holding. The three women worked in tandem as if they had been doing it for years. B'Elanna watched her captain admiringly, wondering why she had never yet had the guts to ... well, better late than never!

Julian stood naked in the open air now, and Kate stepped back to look him over. By the stars, he was gorgeous, from the tips of his amber toes to the top of his silky black head. His slimly muscular chest heaved slightly with each labored breath; his strong thighs were tense, and his erect penis seemed to be reaching earnestly toward Kate Janeway. She wanted to devour every inch of him.

"Computer, increase temperature by five degrees," she said. She looked Julian in the eye and explained, "I want to see you sweat, my dear."

Julian's mouth twisted in a small smirk. "Turnabout is fair play, you know," he replied. Kira pressed her lips together, trying to quash a grin. She admired the feel of the strong corded muscles moving under Julian's soft skin as he tugged at the restraining hands, trying to move forward.

"Now, none of that," Kate admonished. "I hardly need to remind you that everyone else in this room outranks you, young Doctor."

"I can take orders with the best of them, Cap-Kate," Julian shot back, and again Kira admired his heretofore unknown ability to match quip for quip. Suddenly, he yelped as B'Elanna's sharp teeth broke the skin on his shoulder.

"Sorry, Captain," the engineer apologized, brushing her lips softly over the tiny wound. "I couldn't resist."

"I understand completely," Kate replied. "Not all of us enjoy verbal foreplay, do we, Major?"

"They say it takes all kinds," Kira agreed, but her words were choppy and her breathing labored. As she continued to hold Julian's arm captive he had turned it against her, literally, and his slim fingers were making bold with her firm breasts. It was a liberty he never would have dreamt of taking on the station, their one brief liaison notwithstanding. Thinking back, Kira wondered if she had underestimated the young twit. She had assumed that her intense response to his kisses were a result of the Betazoid-induced frenzy, but now....

"Enough!" Kate strode forward, her authoritarian attitude unshakeable. With a single swift motion she cut Julian's feet out from under him, and he, without benefit of his arms to help him balance, went down. He hit the carpet on his rear with a solid thunk and an "Oof!" While he was still slightly stunned, Kate straddled him and leaned over, still fully clothed, to capture one of his tight nipples between her teeth. He groaned and then, to the astonishment of all three women, began to giggle.

Kate sat up again, glaring. Julian squirmed and bit his lips, trying to stifle the reaction. "I'm dreadfully ticklish right there," he managed breathlessly, indicating his outer ribs where Captain Janeway's hand had inadvertently fallen. Kira laughed. B'Elanna resisted the temptation to tickle him again. The captain nodded briskly.

"I'll bear that in mind," she said, and pausing to kick off her shoes, she returned to the task. This time, as she nibbled delicately at his nipples she slid her hands underneath him, moving her sharp fingernails across his back and buttocks. She was straddling his thighs so that each movement pressed her lower abdomen against his straining erection, and now she had his full attention. Suckling until his nipples were stimulated almost to the point of pain, she moved her mouth to the little bite mark on his shoulder, and then back again.

Emboldened, B'Elanna took the opportunity to do something she had wanted to do for months: remove Janeway's clothing. The zipper in the back of the captain's uniform moved downward like lightning, and the Klingon woman slid her hands inside it, moving them around and across Kate's stomach and then up to cup her breasts. She brushed her thumbs lightly across the captain's nipples before withdrawing to remove the uniform entirely. Kate cooperated, lifting her hands in turn from Julian to remove them from the sleeves. When the uniform was bunched around her waist, Julian shifted deftly underneath Kate and reached to capture one of her nipples in his own soft mouth, but she moved back out of reach.


Nodding at the captain, Kira rose from the chair she had chosen from which to watch the activities. While watching she had removed her own clothing and now she moved, naked and proud, toward Julian's head. He twisted around to watch her approach, discovering that her breasts were larger than he would have imagined. They bounced slightly with her movements, and his mouth began to water.

Kira knelt by Julian's head and took hold of his arms, lifting them above his head and holding them firmly down. On cue, B'Elanna planted herself on the floor between his legs, holding him down by the ankles. Janeway lifted herself up for a moment to admire the sight of the lean young body stretched out underneath her, immobilized, helpless. She stood up and divested herself of the rest of her uniform. Now B'Elanna was the only one left clothed.

Kate knelt again, this time beside Julian's body, and kissed his forehead, and began to move her mouth downward across his body. She kissed his nose and chin, sucked briefly at the soft flesh of his throat, moved her tongue across his wiry chest and firm stomach. She avoided his achingly erect penis with complete discipline, tracing with her tongue the outlines of the tense muscles in his thighs and moving down, B'Elanna shifting out of her way, to finally wrap her mouth around his toes and suck firmly. By now he was moaning and panting, and a light film of sweat formed on his dusky skin. Janeway ran a finger across his thigh, testing the sweat. "Computer, increase temperature by another five degrees." The computer beeped acknowledgement, and the captain sat back on her heels to consider her next move. All three others watched her for a cue, Julian with barely controlled lust, the two women with anticipation.

"B'Elanna," Janeway said after a moment, and the Klingon engineer thrilled to the sound of her first name in the captain's husky tones. "You must be awfully hot."

"Yes, Captain," Torres acknowledged, and at a nod she stood and hastily removed her clothing. Nude, she was almost as dark-skinned as Julian, and fully as muscled, her breasts high and full with large dark nipples. Janeway took her by the hand and led her to Julian, where both women stood straddling his chest. Before B'Elanna could react, down went the captain, her hot mouth burning a trail across B'Elanna's stomach and between her thighs. She sat on Julian's chest and curved her hands around B'Elanna's buttocks, licking and sucking with all her considerable skill. The engineer cried out and gasped, unable to move as one of her greatest fantasies was fulfilled. On the floor, Kira continued to hold Julian captive, her strength unwavering as he struggled.

Even as her tongue worked its magic, Kate reached down with a hand to stroke Julian's stomach lightly, tweaking his nipples and moving her hand lower with each gentle stroke until it brushed his penis. His moans mingled with B'Elanna's. The Klingon's legs trembled and Julian watched, mesmerized, as her high breasts jiggled and her face contorted in ecstacy. She wound her fingers in Janeway's long loosened hair, moaning. Even as Kate sensed B'Elanna approaching her climax, she intensified her torment of Julian; rotating her hips slightly she slid her rear across his chest, wetting it with the juices flowing from her. She slid far enough forward that his penis brushed the furry juncture of her thighs for a sparkling moment before she pulled back again.

Instead of crying out, B'Elanna growled when she climaxed, a low grumbling sound in the back of her throat that increased in volume as her arousal grew and finally erupted into a fierce grunt as she shuddered in release, gasping. Janeway let the Klingon's hot juices flow into her mouth and across her chin, and as B'Elanna sank to the floor the captain turned and kissed Julian, sliding her tongue into his mouth so that he could taste B'Elanna on her. He responded eagerly and ran his wet tongue across the captain's cheeks and chin, tasting. Too soon, Janeway pulled her face away and leaned upward to Kira, their mouths meeting hungrily. Kira could taste both B'Elanna and Julian in the captain's mouth, and she took one hand away from Julian's still imprisoned arms to cup Kate's neck and pull her closer.

Julian found he had Kate's breasts pressing against his face, and with alacrity he opened his mouth to curl his tongue around her tight nipple. Janeway gasped in surprise and pulled back from Kira, pausing for just a moment to revel in sensation. "I take it your young doctor has been around," she said softly. Kira raised an eyebrow.

"So it would seem," she said, and she remembered the delicious skill of his young mouth on hers. She pushed Janeway aside and drew Julian's soft lips to her own breast. Kate smiled and moved away, pausing to slide a kiss across B'Elanna's still gasping mouth. Then the captain rose and went to the replicator, whispering her order. The next thing Julian knew, his hands -- which had momentarily been free to roam across Kira's lush body -- were captured again, and handcuffed to the chair, which in turn was bolted to the floor. He grunted in frustration and wriggled.

"Some of us were starting to forget who's in charge here," Janeway said, not unpleasantly. She and the other two women paused for a moment, naked, B'Elanna sitting at Kira's and Kate's feet, to admire the supple form of the doctor on the floor.

"Major Kira," Kate said, sliding her hand down Kira's stomach and between her thighs. Kira's legs parted and she pressed her pelvis forward as Kate's hand slipped between her labia. She sighed. "I can see we've been neglecting you," Janeway continued. "How can we make it up to you?" As she spoke B'Elanna came up behind her, her deft hand imitating the captain's, her fingers working their way between Kate's legs. Her free hand wrapped around Kate's breast and pulled the captain back against her. Kate's eyes met Kira's, and no words were needed. Capt. Janeway barely had the strength to nod before she moaned, leaning her head backward on B'Elanna's shoulder. The Klingon caught her and they sank to the floor.

Julian's fascinated observation of this activity was interrupted by Kira, who approached him with a gleam in her eye. "I never realized how much I've been wanting to try this," she said, kneeling over him with one leg on either side of his shoulders. Julian looked up at her and grinned his roguish grin.

"I have realized," he said silkily. "Since the day I came to the station." Kira's eyes widened in surprise -- and then stayed wide as he blew firmly on her tangled red pubic hair. When he did put his tongue to her, he did it so lightly that she almost didn't realize it. But then he was thrusting his way in, pushing his curled tongue up her vaginal tunnel and making little slurping sounds, and Kira was lost in lust.

Julian closed his eyes and gave his entire attention to the delicious task at hand, the entire universe forgotten as his existence was reduced to the smell, taste and feel of Kira, the sound in his ears of her passionate moans -- the gasp she let out when she finally came, a sudden gush of juices flowing across his tongue. When he returned to the room, he saw Kira sitting and regarding him with a faint smile, her chest still heaving with exertion; a similarly sated expression was on Captain Janeway's face as she lay in B'Elanna's lap, but it didn't last long.

"Well, there's one of us still not satisfied, at the least," she observed when she could speak steadily again. "Doctor, you look to be in quite a predicament."

Julian became aware again of the tingling aching need in his groin, the way his penis twitched like an impatient animal and begged for relief. It twitched again, harder, as Kate stood up and walked over to him.

"Too much visual stimuli," she said thoughtfully. "They say men can't take it. Too pictorially-oriented, so they said in Starfleet Psych."

"I thought that was referring to learning curves," Kira said, sliding a hand across B'Elanna's hip to indicate which curves she was interested in learning. B'Elanna moved closer, and Janeway laughed and placed a hand over Julian's eyes. Straining, he heard a soft wet sound and knew that the other two women were kissing fiercely. He wriggled his hips urgently and heard the captain's husky laugh again.

"Not getting distracted, are we, Doctor?" she asked. Julian's covered vision exploded in sparkling dots as a soft, warm mouth closed over the head of his penis. She ran the flat of her tongue over it and then moved down, licking it like a frozen treat, and abruptly stopped. He realized he had closed his eyes, and she had removed her hand. He opened his eyes and saw the captain kneeling over him, gently pulling his erection back with one hand, guiding the tip of it between her inner labia and into the opening of her vagina. Kira and B'Elanna, flushed with excitement, had stopped whatever they were doing and were moving closer, watching avidly. Suddenly, as if on a hidden signal, they each seized one of his legs and held it down. He was immobilized, unable to act on the impulse to thrust himself firmly upward and fill the Captain in a single stroke.

Inch by slow inch Janeway lowered herself down, savoring every tiny sensation, watching Julian's face as he ground his teeth in frustration and lust. He was intensely sensitized to everything: the softness of Janeway's inner thighs brushing his, the heat and moistness of her opening, the heat of the other women's hands on his legs, the tickling of drops of sweat sliding agonizingly across his slick skin.

Finally, after what seemed like months, he filled her completely. Kate slid her hands across his chest and behind him, leaning forward to kiss him again, rubbing her pelvis against him. His legs were suddenly freed and he bucked upward, Kate letting him do all the work of thrusting harder and faster into her, panting, while she raked her fingernails ruthlessly across his back and nibbled on his tongue. When he climaxed, it seemed to come not just from his penis and testicles but from the very depths of his being, and his moans didn't die out for several minutes. And still Janeway stayed with him, contracting her inner muscles wickedly every time his spasms began to subside, setting off a new series of them. His head tossed weakly back and forth and his hands chafed at the restraints.

After a while, Janeway withdrew, slowly letting his limp exhausted penis slide out of her with a wet popping sound. Almost immediately, Kira pulled the captain aside and moved down to taste Julian's sperm on her. Almost as spent as Julian himself, Kate lay limp and whimpering softly as Kira's talented tongue went to work.

"I hope you're not about to fall asleep," B'Elanna said to Julian, moving her hands inside his thighs and wrapping them around him. He watched in amazement as his penis valiantly climbed back up to attention. He wouldn't have thought he had it in him so soon. B'Elanna took up the same position that Janeway had just vacated, sliding the new erection into her depths, and then she leaned forward and began to ride him like a Klingon chsa'lii beast, pinching his nipples hard with each stroke. The pain made Julian cringe, but it was also embarrassingly erotic, and he felt the familiar pressure begin to build. But B'Elanna pulled away before he could come again, and rubbed her wet clitoris against his shaft until she reached her own climax, with another of those deep tantalizing growls. She looked over at Kira, who was sitting triumphantly over a Captain little more than a puddle of satiated flesh.

"I think it needs you to finish him off," B'Elanna said, and without hesitation Kira moved to take Julian in her mouth, sliding him all the way in until her nose almost touched his stomach. She wrapped her supple tongue around him and sucked, and he began to climax again. Kira swallowed eagerly, but B'Elanna grabbed her hair and pulled her head back so that much of Julian's seed splashed on Kira's face and breasts, and began to drip down across her stomach. Then B'Elanna tossed Kira to the floor and began to clean her off, using her own skilled Klingon tongue for the task. Julian lifted his head to watch, the ache in his arms forgotten, obscured by the lingering memory of his two intense orgasms.

Recovering, Captain Janeway climbed to her feet and cast an appreciative eye over the scene on the floor. "Computer," she said, staggering over to the wall replicator, "four high-carbohydrate, high-protein ration packs. We're going to need some fuel for the fire before Round Two...."

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