Present's End

By joan the english chick

This story was inspired by, but written before, the Star Trek: Voyager two-part episode "Future's End." It could occur pretty much any time in the Voyager and X-Files chronology.

Disclaimer: The characters and locations of "Star Trek: Voyager" and "The X-Files" are property of their owners, not mine, and are used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. This story is property of the author, and may not be reproduced, retransmitted, or posted anywhere without my expressed permission.
Warnings/Ratings: This story is rated NC-17 for explicit sexual situations and language.
Spoilers: See above.

"Crap," said Kathryn Janeway with feeling as she picked herself up off the floor of her bridge. "What was that?" Red alert sirens were blaring, and Tom Paris struggled to bring the ship back on course.

"It appeared to be some sort of temporal vortex, Captain," said Tuvok from his post. "Origin unknown."

"Where are we?" Janeway demanded, staring out the viewscreen. "That's not the Delta Quadrant. That looks almost like - "

"Earth," Chakotay confirmed grimly. "But not our time." Across the bridge, hearts skipped beats.

"When?" Janeway demanded.

"Analyzing," Tuvok said. "I would estimate late twentieth century." Gasps and groans erupted. Janeway glared around until everyone was quiet.

"Stand down red alert and engage shielding," she ordered. "They've barely even started space flight yet, we don't need them noticing us."

"Captain, what are we going to do?" Harry Kim asked anxiously.

"Bridge to Engineering. B'Elanna, is there any way we can get back into that temporal vortex and return to our own time?"

"I'm working on it, Captain," the engineer's tinny voice replied.

"Let us know as soon as you have something. Meanwhile, everyone stay calm."

"What is it this time, Mulder?" Scully asked, arriving at the office with soy sauce still dripping down her chin. "You could have at least let me finish lunch."

"Sorry Scully," Mulder said, not sounding very sorry. "Check out this satellite report."

Scully scanned the paper. "Mulder, this is classified NASA information. Where did you get it?" She looked at him and shook her head. "No, lemme guess - the Lone Gunmen."

"Byers just emailed it to me. What do you think?"

She read the information again. "Mulder, it could be anything. A small meteorite, random subspace emissions, a reflection off another satellite..."

"Gimme a break, Scully. Those satellites are state-of-the-art, they can't be fooled. That was a real alien ship they picked up!"

"And after two minutes it just disappeared. Where - into hyperspace?"

"Don't play with my emotions, Scully. They probably have some sort of masking device that hides them from satellite surveillance." Mulder's eyes were bright with excitement. "This is it, I just know it."

"Mulder, try not to get your hopes up okay? It could be nothing. It could be a government plot."

"Not everything is a government plot, Scully!"

Scully burst into laughter.

"Hey, what's so funny?"

"I'm sorry, Captain. I still can't give you a definitive answer on getting us back," B'Elanna Torres said in frustration as the command staff gathered in the briefing room. "I need to do some more analysis. If you could spare Harry - "

"Absolutely, he's all yours," Janeway said. "Meanwhile, Lieutenant Paris and I are going to beam down to the planet. I mean, down to Earth. I mean - " She rolled her eyes. Everyone laughed a little at the unintentional pun. "Chakotay, you'll be in command."

"Captain, at least take a shuttlecraft, and take Tuvok, or a couple of security people," Chakotay urged.

"No, I think the fewer of us the better," Janeway said. "We just want to scout around, see if there's anything going on that we should know about - perhaps something the local government has been doing that might have affected that vortex. We don't want to arouse any suspicions."

"I've already scouted a forested area that's near a larger city," Tom said. "If we beam down into the forest, we should be able to walk to the city without attracting much attention."

"We leave immediately," Janeway said. "Chakotay, if anything goes wrong, get out of here. Hide behind the Moon if necessary, until it's dark on the western hemisphere. If our calculations are correct, they still don't have accurate scanners back there."

"Aye, Captain."

Scully jumped out of the car and jogged to catch up with Mulder, whose long strides took him rapidly into the woods. "Mulder, where are we going?" she demanded breathlessly.

"Analysis indicates that if the spaceship is going to send down a landing party, they'll end up in this forest somewhere," Mulder said over his shoulder. He pulled his tie loose. He had left his suit jacket in the car.

"Mulder, that's ridiculous. If they were going to land, someone would notice, and besides, why out of all the forests in the world would they pick this one? Just because you happen to be in it?"

"There's a high concentration of -" Mulder stopped walking and talking, midsentence, and lifted a hand. "Did you hear that?"

"What?" He shushed her. Then they both heard it - a high-pitched whine, Dopplering away from them. At the same instant, they saw a bright flash of blue light through the trees.

"This way!" Mulder cried, and took off at a run, with Scully close behind.

"Captain?" Tom Paris called, clutching a tree branch for support.

"Over here, Mr. Paris. The transporter seems to have miscalculated."

"That's one way of putting it," Tom said, looking down at the ground ten feet below him. "I always hated climbing trees as a kid."

"Just slide down slowly," Janeway said, appearing underneath him. She held out her arms to help steady him. But Tom's hands slipped, and he let go of the tree too quickly, and fell to the ground with a thump, yelping. The captain fell on top of him and immediately rolled aside.

"Are you all right, Tom?"

"Think I twisted my ankle," he gritted through pain-clenched teeth, easing his leg out from under him. He prodded the ankle gingerly and sucked in his breath.

"Janeway to Voyager," Janeway said, tapping her commbadge, but nothing happened. "They must have had to get away. Come on, Tom, let's get you up." She started to help him to his feet, but paused as she heard a voice in the distance.

"Over here," it called faintly. It sounded masculine, and definitely human.

"Tom, I hear some people coming. I'm going to go ask them for help," Janeway said. "Just sit here for a moment, I'll be right back." She propped Tom against the tree and moved off in the direction of the voices.

"Mulder, wait up!" Scully rounded a copse of tall bushes and looked around. Her partner was nowhere in sight. "Shit."

"Excuse me? We could use some help," said a voice behind her. Scully turned and saw a woman standing behind her. She was slightly older than Scully, taller (who wasn't?) and slender, with light brown hair in a tight bun. Her clothing was nondescript, in simple earth tones, but her body language and attitude were authoritative.

"What happened?" Scully asked. The woman looked disheveled, and there was blood trickling down her face.

"My friend and I - um, had a small accident," the woman said. "He twisted his ankle and can't walk. I wonder if you could get us to a hospital or something?"

"I'm a doctor," Scully said. "I'm sure my partner and I could help you out - if I could find him."

"Scully!" came Mulder's shout from a few yards off. Scully rolled her eyes.

"Right this way," she said to the other woman, whose eyes sparkled with humor. They moved off side by side.

Mulder rounded a tree, came into a clearing, and saw a good-looking blond man sitting against the tree, looking pale with pain, gingerly poking his ankle. "You OK?" Mulder asked.

The young man looked up in startlement, then forced himself to relax. "Just twisted my ankle pretty good. My - um - friend went looking for help."

"My partner's a doctor, she can probably help out," Mulder said. "Scully!" In a moment, he heard the crackling of leaves underfoot, and the murmur of female voices.

"Fox Mulder, FBI," he said to the blond, holding out his hand. The other man took it.

"Tom Paris," he said. "'Scuse me if I don't get up."

There was a crashing in the bushes, and Scully appeared, trailed by an older woman. "Mulder, next time don't move so fast," she chided, kneeling by Tom to examine his ankle. "Does this hurt?"

"OW!" Tom yelped, jerking back. "What are you, a sadist?" Mulder chuckled. Scully twisted around to glare at him.

"It's probably just a sprain," she said, getting up, "but it'll need to be iced and wrapped. Mulder, can you help him get to the car? I want to take care of Kathryn's cut." Janeway put a hand to her face in surprise, realizing for the first time that there was a gash across her temple.

"No problem," Mulder said. "We'll meet you at the car." The two women gave their respective men two very different significant looks, and left.

"We really appreciate your help," Tom said, struggling to get to his feet. Mulder leaned down to give him a hand.

"It's no problem," Mulder said, hiding his disappointment at Tom's obvious humanity. "You were lucky we came along. We were just investigating the woods anyway. Didn't find what we were looking for." He got Tom fully upright, and looked at him with some concern. "Sure you're OK? Can you walk?"

"Sure...." But when Tom tried to take a step, the ankle sent a jolt of pain up his leg and he stumbled, falling into Mulder. The taller man caught him easily, and supported him as Tom blushed. "Sorry," he mumbled.

"Don't be," Mulder said, more softly than he meant to. Tom felt the heat of the other man's skin against his, and felt a rush of excitement.

"Here we are," Scully said, opening the car door and getting out her little medical bag. "Let's get that cleaned up." Janeway leaned against the car while Scully went to work cleaning and bandaging the cut on her face.

"So you and Mulder are government agents," Janeway said conversationally.

"Well, yeah, but we don't really work *for* the government so much as *with* it. I think they're sort of scared of us - of Mulder, anyway," Scully said. "If they - " She realized what she was saying and stopped, biting her lip.

"What?" Janeway, sitting on the car's hood, was just about Scully's height. Now she looked into the agent's eyes, trying to read her expression. "What were you about to say?"

"Oh...nothing," Scully said uneasily. "Just I sometimes think that the government wants us working for them, because they know how much damage we could do them if we were working for someone else." She put aside a bloody piece of tissue and began smearing antibiotic gel on the cut. Her touch was light and gentle. Janeway watched her face as she worked.

Sensing the scrutiny, Scully shifted her eyes and looked into the captain's. She gave a small gasp as she saw what was there. Janeway put up her own hand to capture the one at her face, rubbing her thumb softly across the palm. Scully's mouth went dry, and she felt a throbbing begin in her groin.

"I'm glad you were around," Janeway said softly, anticipation making her voice even throatier than usual. Scully's blue eyes were wide, and her full lips were soft and yielding when Janeway leaned forward to take them with her own. They tasted each other deeply, fingers entwined, pressing their bodies together.

Tom felt a little silly standing there on one leg, but at least he didn't have to do too much balancing what with Mulder's hand down his pants. His own hands were wrapped lightly around Mulder's forearms, keeping Tom upright, and Mulder's other hand - the one that wasn't curling loosely around Tom's swelling cock - was around his waist, steadying him. Tom looked up and found himself confronted with a long expanse of throat, which he greedily kissed, little knowing how rare it was to find that throat uncovered. Mulder inhaled sharply and his hand tightened instinctively as Tom sucked the tender flesh between his teeth. He slid his hand down Tom's back, pausing to squeeze his ass firmly, then further down the thigh of the injured leg, which he pulled up around his waist. He pulled Tom tightly against him, rubbing their eager groins together.

"Lucky for me you showed up when you did," Tom muttered huskily, making them both chuckle. Mulder disentangled his hands from Tom's clothing and lowered them both toward the leafy ground, their crotches still pressed against each other, always careful not to jar the ankle. Mulder covered Tom's body with his own, both grunting softly as they squirmed against each other. Tom stared in fascination at Mulder's pouty lower lip, which hovered closer and closer to his own mouth - and then Mulder licked it unconsciously, making Tom groan.

"I knew it," Mulder said excitedly. "You're an alien, aren't you? You came from that ship!"

Tom froze. "Um - I don't know what you're talking about," he said carefully. "I was born right here on Earth." He slid his hands underneath Mulder's pants, wrapping his slender fingers around the other man's tight buttocks, pulling him into even tighter contact.

"I knew it!" Mulder exclaimed between panting breaths. "I knew our government was working with them!" The thought seemed to arouse him, anger turning to lust in an age-old chemical reaction. The powerful suggestive stimuli Tom was offering didn't hurt, either.

Watching Mulder's mouth move, Tom could stand it no longer. He stretched his neck up and bit that lip, pulling it between his teeth, rubbing his tongue across it. Mulder moaned more loudly and they fell into a deep, hungry kiss.

Scully heard herself whimper breathily as Kathryn Janeway's hands touched the skin of her stomach, sliding under the folds of her beige power-suit to stroke her belly and sides. They had moved into the car and Scully was lying on the backseat, clutching helplessly at Janeway's shoulders as the older woman's knowing tongue ravished her mouth. Dana moaned aloud as the delving fingers found her aching breasts and gently stroked the nipples into hard peaks.

"You've never done this before, have you?" Janeway murmured, taking her mouth from Scully's and trailing it across her cheek to speak in her ear. Her hot breath stung Scully's earlobe and she gasped again.

"," she said. "Never."

"Just relax," Janeway advised as she deftly pushed Scully's skirt up and pulled her underwear down. "It's been far too long...."

Mulder was already rock-hard by the time Tom figured out the button-zipper combination on his pants and got them off. Sitting up, Tom attacked Mulder's cock with his own talented mouth, while Mulder knelt over him, moaning strongly and reaching down to play with Tom's tight nipples. Tom covered Mulder's cock generously with saliva, caressing his balls with one hand while the other flirted with the opening to Mulder's ass. But then he pulled his head back, letting the tip of Mulder's big cock slip out of his mouth with an erotic sucking sound. Mulder gasped as the chilly air hit his wet cock, and looked down as Tom leaned back, settling his shoulders onto the ground, drawing his legs up and up, exposing his own tight ass to Mulder's greedy eyes.

With a slow sexy grin and a growl of pleasure, the agent grabbed Tom's calves - remembering at the last moment to avoid the right ankle - and pulled them over his shoulders as his eager cock quested forward.

Scully was already dripping wet by the time Janeway slid a finger, then two inside her, testing her warmth, her tightness. She nearly screamed when the captain put her hot mouth on the inside of one knee, kissed it softly, then moved to the other knee, then back....Janeway moved slowly up the insides of Scully's thighs, kissing the soft white skin, alternating back and forth while Scully thrashed on the seat. Janeway laced her fingers through Scully's and held the smaller woman down, and by the time her mouth reached its ultimate goal Scully was a whimpering puddle of arousal.

She *did* scream when the captain's tongue touched her throbbing clit, and as their hands parted Scully dug her fingers into Janeway's hair, urging her on, while Janeway put those two fingers back inside Scully's slick depths, twisting and rotating them in a way no penis could ever emulate. Scully cried out again and exploded in a fragrant flood that made the captain smile with triumph.

Janeway slid swiftly up across Scully's body, pausing to run her tongue over one puckered nipple before claiming Scully's mouth again, letting the young agent taste her own juices on the lips of another. The captain wrapped her strong legs around Scully's thigh and rubbed herself hard against the younger woman until she too was sent roaring to the peak and beyond.

Mulder held Tom steady with one hand while the other continued to stroke Tom's throbbing cock, both men moaning pretty much continuously as Mulder thrust with slow, deliberate but urgent strokes into Tom's waiting anus. Tom wrapped his arms around Mulder's back underneath his shirt, and brought his mouth up to bite one of the agent's tiny nipples. Mulder let out a hoarse yell and shuddered against Tom. The sensation of hot wet semen pouring into his ass made Tom gasp, and his cock spurted convulsively into Mulder's hand.

After a few gasping, panting moments had gone by, Mulder pulled carefully out and let Tom's legs down from his shoulders. Tom winced when his right foot hit the ground.

"Sorry," Mulder said, wincing himself in sympathy.

"'S'okay." Tom pushed himself up slowly, feeling the delicious ache in underused muscles, and looked with satisfaction at Mulder's limp wet cock, his exposed chest, the deep red lovebite on his neck, his luscious mouth swollen from kissing. "'s been way too long," Tom said fervently. He took Mulder's hand, damp and sticky with Tom's come, and brought it to his mouth.

"You're not kidding," Mulder agreed. Tom slipped one finger into his mouth and Mulder groaned in surprise as his cock stirred again.

"Let's clean you up," said Tom with a wicked grin that made Mulder twitch. He finished sucking the fingers clean and moved his mouth down to Mulder's cock again. Exhausted but still aroused, Mulder sat back and gave himself over to it.

"Oh, God," Scully said as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Her hand crept down to cup Janeway's breast lightly. "I don't look forward to this cleaning bill."

Janeway laughed low in her throat. "I wouldn't do that if I were you," she said, pulling the bold hand away, "unless you want that bill to be even bigger."

"'d be worth it," Scully sighed, but she sat up reluctantly and looked herself over. She groaned. "What will I tell Mulder?"

Janeway's eyebrows rose. "How about 'none of your business'?" she offered. She backed out of the car and stood up, straightening her clothing.

"Yeah," Scully muttered. "Lord knows I've heard that from *him* often enough." She looked sadly at her torn pantyhose and wadded panties, then shrugged and stuffed them in her purse. Mulder would never notice *that*.

Scully groaned as she climbed out of the car, stiff muscles protesting at the awkward positions. She let her skirt fall back down around her knees, tucked her blouse back in, tried to smooth down her hair. Janeway stepped forward to help her, but the touch of the captain's hand sent a little shock through both of them, and they both prudently took a step back.

Fortunately, just then the men emerged from the woods, Tom holding on rather more firmly than necessary to Mulder as he hopped awkwardly on his good leg. After his second orgasm, Mulder had returned the favor by using his tongue to clean up Tom's sticky cock and ass, and both men had thoroughly enjoyed their baths. The women looked them over with suspicious eyes.

"You've got a leaf in your hair, Mulder," was all Scully said as she took an Ace bandage from her medical bag. Mulder avoided everyone's eyes as he reached up to remove the evidence. Tom smirked. Janeway shook her head resignedly.

"Tom, if you want to sit down over here-" Scully began, but was interrupted by a weird bleeping sound.

"Voyager to Captain," said a tinny voice. Scully and Mulder looked around in confusion. Tom's eyes went wide with alarm. Janeway sighed and touched her chest.

"Janeway here."

"Captain, sorry to abandon you like that. We got in the way of an orbiting space station. Is everything all right?"

"Just fine," Janeway said, winking at Tom. He turned a deep shade of pink. "I think our work here is done," the captain added. "Two to beam up....but give us a moment."

"Aye, Captain."

Janeway turned to the two agents. "I'm afraid we'll have to leave you now," she said regretfully. "We can't afford to do any more damage."

"Damage?" Scully repeated, grinning uncertainly, trying to decipher a double-entendre in the statement. Mulder, on the other hand, looked dismayed.

"Wait-" he protested, but Janeway quelled him with one of her most captainly looks. It was startling similar to one of Scully's 'Mulder, you idiot' looks.

"We'll have to ask you both to turn your backs," Janeway said in a tone which made it clear she wasn't really asking. Slowly, uncertainly, the two agents turned their backs. They heard the eerie whine again, saw the blue light, and then all was silent. The agents spun around....but the two visitors were gone. Mulder and Scully looked at each other in shock.

"Captain, I've found a way to use the temporal vortex to take us back to our century," B'Elanna reported as Janeway stepped back onto the bridge. Tom, arriving from sickbay, slid into his pilot seat, and of all the bridge crew only Chakotay, Tuvok and Janeway noticed the way he eased his butt carefully onto the chair - and only Chakotay filed the information away for use in the very near future.

"Wonderful work, Lieutenant," Janeway said in surprise.

"Unfortunately," the engineer continued, and the crew (who had already heard the news) sighed unhappily, "it will also take us back to where we were in the Gamma Quadrant."

Janeway and Paris sighed with disappointment.

"'s better than nothing," Janeway said resignedly. As she moved to her chair, only Chakotay noticed the smell of sweat and female arousal rising off her skin. "Whenever you're ready, Lieutenant."

"It'll give us a bit of a jolt," B'Elanna warned. The captain slapped the shipwide comm button.

"All hands, brace for impact," she instructed, and gave a last wistful look at the serene Earth before everything went black.

"I'm telling you, Scully, they were aliens! Or at least, they were working with them! They transported back to their spaceship!"

"Mulder....." Scully rolled her eyes and pulled down the visor, exposing its little mirror so she could fix her lipstick. Mulder's tousled hair and the love mark she could see peeking out from under his collar were starting to get her thinking. She quashed those feelings firmly.

"Seriously!" Mulder could smell what had happened in his car; he just wished he could have seen it too. Of course, that would have meant missing what he had been doing.... "Come on Scully, how else could you explain that?"

"It was probably some kind of government prototype. Extremely top-secret. They were probably military scientists testing a new technology."

"In the middle of the woods?"

"Where else?"

Mulder shook his head. "You're right about one thing though - only the "Enquirer" would believe this story. Hey, maybe we should take it to them anyway. I can see the headlines now. 'Aliens Arrive - Federal Agents Get Laid!'"

Scully blushed hotly. "Mulder!"

He glanced sideways at her. "I hope it was as good for you as it was for me." She blushed even harder, and looked away out her window. "You know, Scully," Mulder went on, "we can't exactly go back to the office like this. Everyone else will think - well...." He didn't finish the sentence. He didn't have to.

"God, you're right," Scully groaned, shaking her head in dismay. "What are we going to do?"

The car cruised up to a stoplight. Mulder hit the brakes and turned to look Scully in the eye. He held her gaze until she began to squirm in her seat - but she didn't look away.

"Your place or mine?" Mulder asked.

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