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By joan the english chick

A Vague Disclaimer Is Nobody's Friend: The characters and locations of "Angel" are property of Mutant Enemy Productions (Grr, argh) and FOX Television, and are used without permission. No copyright infringement is intended. This story is property of the author, and may not be reproduced, retransmitted, or posted anywhere without my expressed permission.
Warnings/Ratings: This story is rated NC-17 for graphic descriptions of sex, and some four-letter words.
Timeline: Takes place after episode "Redefinition."
Spoilers: "Angel" 2nd Season through "Redefinition"

Lindsey lay in bed staring at the ceiling, thinking about Darla. What had he used to think about, before her? He couldn't remember. He didn't really care either. He focused on one spot on the ceiling and thought about Darla being like Ben-Gay, both hot and cold at the same time, confusing the senses until all you knew was the tingle. (It was a bizarre analogy, he knew, but Ben-Gay was on his mind, and its noxious scent still in his nostrils, after the violence of recent days.)

When he first knew Darla, she had been warm -- physically, that is. He remembered the soft heat of her lips, the way her hands rested on his arms, their light touch so deceptively innocent. Later, after he had betrayed her, she had been colder. He remembered her chilly fingers, the tease of her mouth near his neck, the way she played with him. He remembered her low voice almost throbbing with pleasure when she told him he was going to die. He wasn't really sure which of his actions had been the betrayal. Was it making her warm, or making her cold?

He sighed thickly and reached down between his legs. During the day he had to try to restrain his thoughts of Darla, lest he embarrass himself in public, but here, at night, in the dark ... His left hand fumbled awkwardly, trying to achieve a rhythm. It had been several months, but he still wasn't entirely used to it; after all, it had been so many years with his right hand.

Another hand slid along his thigh and shoved his fingers aside. "You're pathetic," said a low voice beside him. Lindsey took a quick, annoyed breath.

"Whyn't you shut up and sleep," he said irritably, not turning his head. The new hand wrapped itself around his dick and squeezed slightly.

"You know, she's still not gonna want you now that you've only got half the power," she said smoothly. "You're only half a man. Less, probably, from her point of view."

Lindsey felt a surge of anger, irrational fear at this threat to his cozy state of denial. He rolled over on his side to face her. "I really hate you, Lilah," he growled. She scowled up at him.

"Mutual," she bit back acidly. He rolled on top of her and shoved himself inside her.

The suddenness of it made Lilah gasp, which in turn brought a nasty curve to Lindsey's lips, making him wince slightly as the bruised muscles of his cheek twitched. Lilah lifted her knees and reached down to dig her fingernails into his buttocks. She was a little dry, biting her lower lip in pain, but she lubricated quickly as Lindsey thrust deeper inside. They both grunted with pleasure.

Lilah gave Lindsey a shove, making him roll over so that she was on top. She raised herself up to look down at him, tossing her hair back. He lifted his good hand to cup one of her little breasts, pinching the nipple hard. He wanted to hurt her, but not in a way that she would enjoy. She knew it, too. Her eyes narrowed.

"You know, Lindsey," she said, panting, "I'm really fucking sick of you yelling out her name." She stopped moving her hips and put her hands on his shoulders, shoving him down into the mattress. "Maybe if you never climax, I'll never have to hear that again, what do you think?"

Lindsey struggled momentarily under her weight, then slowly relaxed and stopped moving. Lilah gave him a wicked grin and ground herself against him. As she let herself be distracted by the sensation, Lindsey twisted his hips strongly, hooking one leg around one of hers and pulling her off-balance. They rolled again and he was back on top; it was his turn to grin, his turn to pin her down.

"I think you're the pathetic one, that's what I think," he rasped. He used both his hands to hold both of Lilah's against the mattress, making her wince as he twisted her still-healing left arm into an awkward angle. He pressed his lips down on hers, forced his tongue into her mouth, feeling her hard nipples rubbing against his chest. Predictably, she caved in and began sucking on his tongue. Lindsey jerked his hips urgently, thrusting himself fiercely into her; it only took another moment to shoot him over the edge. Lilah moaned and scraped her teeth along his tongue as he poured himself into her.

Gasping, Lindsey disentangled his mouth and groin from Lilah and rolled off. He resumed his original position, lying on his back, staring at the ceiling. He could feel Lilah glaring at him through narrowed eyes. He shot her a sideways glance.

"Nice 'working' with ya," he said with a smirk. "Now shut the hell up and go to sleep."

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