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Timeline: This story takes place in the third-season episode "Tunguska," after Mulder brings Krycek to Skinner's place and Skinner handcuffs Krycek to the railing on the balcony. The first two lines of dialogue in the story are from the episode.
Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual interaction between two men. Please do not read it if such things offend you or if you are under the legal age in your area.

"You can't leave me out here! I'll freeze!" Krycek whined as the handcuffs clicked solidly into place.

Skinner bent over him, seeing the smaller man cringe slightly as he came into proximity. "Just think warm thoughts," he growled, and stood up. He felt a flush of excitement, and it wasn't just from standing up too fast. Walter Skinner was not normally the power-tripping type, but 'Nam had taught him all too well about the powerful erotic thrill of violence. And as battered, scruffy, dirty and jaded as they looked, both Mulder and Krycek were beautiful boys. The adrenaline continued to sizzle through Skinner's muscular body as he went back inside to hear Mulder's report.

When the agent had finished filling him in, Skinner sent him away. "Get some rest, Mulder," he advised. Mulder looked extremely beat. "I'll call you in the morning for an update."

After Mulder had gone, Skinner let himself feel a small twinge of guilt at his treatment of Krycek. Moving smoothly in his new kitchen, he brewed a strong pot of coffee and drank a leisurely cup. Then he poured a second cup and took it out to the balcony.

Krycek flinched again, and his eyes were fearful at Skinner's approach, but he took the cup with his free hand and slurped its hot contents greedily. Skinner watched him drink, thinking about what Mulder had told him. If all - or even most - of the information was true, Krycek had been through a lot. He was a tough kid, all right.

Krycek drank about half the cup before looking up. His usual bravado seemed to have returned as he met Skinner's gaze squarely, though his voice was still hoarse.

"Well, if you've poisoned it, at least I'll die happy," he rasped. Skinner almost laughed.

"You've got balls, Krycek," he said drily. Krycek's answering grin was saucy and deliberately provocative - or at least, so it seemed.

"That's the truth," he agreed slyly, shifting on the floor. No, he wasn't just shifting - he was twisting his hips, calling the eye to the front of his jeans. Skinner's glance flicked across the bulge there and returned to the renegade's face. His eyes narrowed.

"You playing games with me, Krycek?" Skinner moved quickly, rearranging his kneeling form so that his strong thighs straddled Krycek's lower legs. He loomed over the younger man, intimidating with his size more than his actions. Krycek's eyes were large and worried. He shook his head silently. His hand trembled slightly as it lifted the coffee cup again, and he drained the liquid so quickly it spilled across his chin. His tongue flicked out to catch it, and again the look in his eyes was unmistakably seductive. But he gave a little squeal of fear when Skinner's mouth descended on his, kissing him deeply, fiercely, licking away the drops of coffee. Skinner held the kiss just long enough to feel Krycek begin to return it, and then backed off. "Liar," he hissed against Krycek's mouth, and then sat back. The younger man looked up at him, panting slightly, shaking his head "no"....but his jeans bulged even more at the crotch, and his tongue had definitely touched Skinner's.

"You're a liar and a tease on top of it," Skinner said, dropping his hands to the button on Krycek's jeans. He left his hand sitting there lightly, not moving. "I'm giving you exactly what you're asking for, but you'd rather tease me all night."

"No," Krycek whispered, almost inaudibly. Skinner paused, caught off guard, as the button slipped free.

"No, what?"

Krycek licked his lips again, this time working the seductive expression for all it was worth. "No, I'm not playing games with you...sir."


Alex Krycek gasped in startlement as the zipper of his jeans flew down in a single motion and his eager erection poked its way free....he wriggled his hips encouragingly, bending his knee so that it pushed up into Skinner's crotch and contacted the matching bulge there. Skinner had still not put on a shirt, and his big toned chest enticed as he loomed over Krycek, but the younger man had too little range of motion to reach it. His mouth was open, watering slightly as he strained upward, pressing his cock into Skinner's hand, trying to make contact with that broad expanse of chest.

Skinner knelt there calmly for a moment, watching Krycek writhe sensuously underneath him, stroking the boy's erection with his strong knowing hand. His own cock was a heavy demanding weight in his pants, but he ignored it, prolonging the delicious suspense. After a moment of this, he leaned forward and kissed Krycek again. This time there was no initial shock, no resistance, only an eager, responsive mouth, a seeking tongue and a series of excited grunts as Krycek tried to devour his former boss's mouth. Skinner kept up his slow stroking on Krycek's cock as his other hand moved to his pants, opening them, pulling out his own erection. And in another instant he broke the kiss, pulling away abruptly, sliding higher up Krycek's body until his cock was level with the younger man's slightly swollen mouth.

A sly, devilish grin crooked the corners of Krycek's mouth upward as he eyed the dark, throbbing cock in front of him, and then he put his lips on just the very tip of it, stroking it with his tongue, delicately, teasingly, until Skinner gave a growl low in his throat and thrust forward, pushing it farther in. Krycek had just enough time to breathe in through his nose before his mouth was filled with cock, and he sucked eagerly, strongly, closing his eyes to savor the tactile sensations. His free hand was cupping the older man's balls, playing with them, rolling them in his fingers, tickling with his nails. Skinner threw back his head voluptuously, thrilling to the sense of power as much as the hot wet mouth. He reached behind him and grabbed Krycek's cock again, pulling strongly on it with a rhythm to match the suckling of the boy's talented mouth. But he had teased Krycek too much, and it was only another minute before Krycek's mouth stopped working as he exploded, Skinner's cock muffling his moans as he twisted on the cold concrete. He pulled his head back and panted quietly for a moment, his body twitching slightly as his cock subsided in the director's hand.

Skinner gave him a brief moment to recover, then grabbed his head roughly and forced it back to task. Krycek curved his one free hand around Skinner, digging his fingers deep into the flesh of his buttocks, pulling him even closer as his mouth worked the thick hard cock savagely to its release. Skinner put his head back again and gasped, managing not to yell by a firm exercise of will. His semen filled Krycek's mouth and dribbled down his chin.

Pulling back, Skinner leaned down once more to kiss Krycek, tasting himself on the boy's tongue. He felt how the younger man strained toward him, saw his cock move slightly, and knew that Krycek could probably go all night. But Skinner wasn't that young, and it *was* getting chilly out here. He pulled away, hearing with satisfaction the little moan of disappointment that Krycek uttered, and went inside to clean up.

In a few minutes, Skinner returned with a wet cloth and a second cup of coffee. The former he used to clean up Krycek's now quiescent penis before putting it back in his jeans - it started to harden again when Skinner touched it, but there was no helping that - and the latter warmed Krycek's stomach for the night ahead. And then Skinner went inside and got back in bed, alone.

The next morning, before he left, Skinner took yet another hot cup of coffee to his prisoner, and when Krycek had drunk it, he got a little lecture. "Don't think anything's changed, boy," Skinner said in his dangerous tone. "Maybe you think you'd enjoy having me ream your ass. Well, if you're lying to me and Mulder, you're gonna find out just how wrong you are about that." He narrowed his eyes. "That clear?"

The fear was back in Krycek's eyes again, Skinner noted with pleasure. "Yes," he muttered. Skinner considered pushing for a "sir," but decided to leave it alone.

"Good. When I get back, after I've talked to Mulder, you and I are going to have a long chat." He turned on his heel and left.

Krycek watched him go, shaking his head cynically to himself. "Story of my life," he muttered to himself. It occurred to him to wonder whether Mulder knew the taste of Skinner's cock. Now, that was something Alex Krycek would pay money to see. With that pleasant picture animating in his head, he drifted back to sleep.

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