Command Decisions

By joan the english chick

Written January 1996

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"Benjamin, are you sure everything's all right?" Jadzia Dax asked her friend. He looked up from his dinner and grunted.

"Everything's fine, old man. What could be wrong?" Dax scrutinized his face carefully, but no clues were forthcoming.

"I know you, Benjamin. Something's bothering you. Let me know when you're ready to talk about it," she said commandingly. Sisko rolled his eyes and nodded.

"Okay, okay. You'll be the first to know." Dax wasn't fully satisfied, but she let it drop.

"Well, then, what about that new game Quark's got? Want to try it out?"

Sisko looked across Quark's at the crowded gambling tables. "I don't think-"


"Ops to Sisko. Sir, we're receiving communication from Starbase 226. Admiral Morton wants to speak to you."

"On my way." Sisko tossed down his napkin and gave Dax an apologetic look. "See you in Ops next shift?"

"Sure." She watched him go, shaking her head thoughtfully.

"Something wrong?" Julian Bashir entered the bar, taking up the seat Sisko had just vacated.

"Oh, hi, Julian. No ... well, actually, yes." Dax changed her mind in mid-sentence. Maybe Julian could help. "I'm a little worried about Benjamin. I think something's bothering him."

"Like what? What did he say?"

"He didn't say anything, that's the problem." Dax sighed. "It must be something to do with Cassidy. Maybe they had a fight."

"Well," Julian said, leaning back and splaying his long legs out languidly, "if Captain Sisko needs to talk, he knows where to find you. You're his oldest friend."

"No," Dax shook her head, "he won't talk to me about this. He almost never talks about sexual matters with me."

"Why not? Isn't that the kind of thing old pals talk about?" Julian thought of all the times he'd confided in Miles O'Brien about romantic involvements.

"Not these old pals." Dax leaned forward. "Julian, promise you won't tell anyone this...."

Julian sat up. "Absolutely not." He sensed some good gossip coming.

"Well, a really long time ago, Curzon and Benjamin got really drunk and um...." Dax lowered her eyes and blushed. "Well, they kind of had sex." Julian's eyes widened. "It didn't affect our, I mean their friendship, but ever since, Benjamin's been uncomfortable talking about sex with me. And now that I'm a woman, it's worse than ever. Are you shocked?"

"Oh, no ... not really. Most people experiment with different sexual options in their youth," Julian said, thinking fondly of his days at Starfleet Academy, and of a certain golden-skinned, golden-haired fellow cadet named for one of Earth's most beautiful cities....

Dax looked imploringly at Julian. "Would you talk to him? I think he really needs someone to confide in about this. Please, Julian. I'm worried about him."

Julian sighed. "Well, I'll give it a try. But the Captain has never really shown much of an interest in male-bonding with me. And I'm not exactly a psychiatrist. But I'll see what I can do."

"Thanks," Dax said, looking relieved. "I gotta get going, Julian. I'm on duty in a few minutes. Let me know what happens."

"Sure," Julian said, and watched her go, wondering what he was getting himself into.

Later that evening, Captain Sisko sat in his empty quarters, staring morosely into a glass of Romulan ale and thinking about the conversation with Dax. He wished he could confide in his old friend, but something was holding him back. Probably it was Jadzia herself ... he looked into her sensitive, concerned, and extremely feminine eyes and he just couldn't seem to talk to her the way he could Curzon. Anyway, what was he going to say? Well, Casidy and I decided to just be friends, and I'm incredibly horny ... haven't had sex in months and I'm starting to wonder if I'd remember how! He shook his head ruefully. Well, the glass was almost empty ... maybe it was time to make friends with his right hand again.

Beep! The door chime woke him from his slightly aroused reverie.

"Come in!"

"Captain?" Julian stood on the threshold, peering uncertainly into the darkened room. "I hope I'm not intruding."

"No, come on in, Doctor," Sisko said, swirling the liquid in his glass. "Computer, increase illumination by fifteen percent." The lights brightened slightly.

"Um ... I just thought I'd stop by and see if you were all right," Julian said, choosing his words carefully as he stepped into the room.

But not carefully enough ... Sisko laughed. "Dax sent you, eh? Have a seat."

"Well, yes," Julian confessed, lowering himself onto the sofa next to Sisko. "She's concerned that you might be have a personal problem you don't want to discuss with her."

"She's very perceptive." Sisko drained his glass and set it on the coffee table. "Doctor, I appreciate your concern, and I don't want to seem rude, but my personal issues are not something I feel like discussing right now."

"I understand," Julian said. "May I speak to you as a friend, rather than a subordinate, for just a moment?"


"Well, no one's going to force you to talk about anything against your will," Julian said softly, "but it can't hurt to try it. You know you can trust me to maintain complete confidentiality ... and people are often quite surprised at how much better they feel after talking things out." He had his eyes fixed on Sisko, his face radiating concern. The older man looked at the long, slender shape of his CMO and felt the rush of arousal return, stronger than before.

"Well, maybe you're right, D-Julian," he said, leaning slightly closer, watching with fascination as the large chocolate eyes dilated to follow his movement. "In any case, it seems clear that I have some ... tension I need to resolve."

Julian continued to hold Sisko's gaze, not letting his own eyes wander, although in his peripheral vision he could see the slight movement, so familiar to him, that signaled Sisko's arousal growing in his lap. "As I said before ... you can trust me, Captain," he said even more softly, his tone ringing with invitation. The title itself carried a special seductive weight. "It's a terrible thing, to carry around unrelieved tension all by oneself."

"You said a mouthful," Sisko murmured, leaning in even closer. Julian kept still, not backing away as his commanding officer bent his head and softly covered his lips with his own.

The contact, which seemed doubly forbidden, was therefore doubly exciting, and both men felt a thrill run through them as their mouths met. Julian felt Sisko's beard scratch his chin slightly, and he responded willingly to the kiss, though he kept his hands where they were by his sides until he felt Sisko's hand on his knee. Then Julian's went into motion, sliding in tandem across the other man's smoothly shaven head, coming to rest on his shoulders as the kiss intensified, both men pressing more closely together as their tongues slid across each other. Sisko wasted no time in sliding his hand over Julian's thigh and between his legs, cupping him authoritatively while he felt for the zipper of Julian's uniform with his other hand. Julian moaned throatily, breaking the kiss as he arched his neck with pleasure. Sisko bent his mouth eagerly to the exposed length of dusky skin, running his tongue along the side of Julian's neck, feeling the carotid throb just under the skin and the entire neck vibrate excitingly as Julian moaned again.

Delighted by the intensely responsive beauty under his fingers, Sisko quickly pulled aside Julian's uniform shirt and ran his fingers across the slim, supple chest, moving his head down to bite lightly at the dark shapes of his nipples, already hardened by the contact. Julian was sprawled backwards on the sofa, Sisko half covering him with his own thicker torso. The older man's clothing consisted of a simple one-piece leisure garment, which Julian easily pushed aside as he lifted his knees. Now Sisko was fully straddling him, still nibbling and sucking firmly on Julian's nipples, his bare erection rubbing invitingly against Julian's clothed one. Julian reached down, trailing his fingers across Sisko's broad, muscular chest and wrapping them firmly around the captain's erection. It was Sisko's turn to groan with passion as a wave of sensation overwhelmed his senses. He tore off Julian's pants and ran his fingernails across the bare, tender skin of his inner thighs. Both men gasped and panted desperately as they caressed each other with single-minded intensity.

Julian slid downward, off the sofa, until he felt his butt hit the floor. Sisko's erection stared him in the face, large, powerful and demanding. He opened his mouth willingly and took it in, rubbing the tip of his tongue across the sensitive underside as he sucked. Sisko gave a deep cry of pleasure, somewhere between a groan and a growl. A moment of that sweet torture was all he could take before he too sank to the floor, his strong dark hands on Julian's slim waist, turning him around. Julian knelt, his elbows on the sofa. Caressing his tight ass lovingly, Sisko bent down to kiss it, moistening it with his saliva. Julian shivered fiercely with anticipation as the warm wet mouth covered his anus and then withdrew, leaving him with a chill sensation as the air hit him. But that lasted only an instant before being replaced by the delicious pressure of Sisko's head against his opening ... the captain slid his darker arms around the younger man's chest and clasped him close as he pushed slowly inside.

Julian gasped and moaned breathily, pushing his ass urgently backwards until he was completely filled. Sisko reached down and wrapped a hand around Julian's own aching cock, stroking it in a slow, insidious rhythm that matched the firm strokes of his thrusts. Sisko came first, growling again, and the explosion inside him sent Julian over the same cliff, drenching Sisko's stroking hand in creamy white.

A good ten minutes passed before the breathing and heartbeats of the two men subsided, and they looked at each other, sweaty, sticky and sated. Finally Sisko smiled slightly, his mouth twisting with irony.

"Thank you, Doctor. You've been very ... receptive." Julian gave a little snort of laughter at the pun, and shook a damp strand of hair out of his eyes.

"I'm glad to help, Captain," he said seductively, "but it doesn't look to me like your tension has been fully resolved." He put his hand confidently on the older man's thigh. Both looked at it, the slender caramel fingers standing out attractively against the darker, thickly muscled leg.

"Well, they say therapy is a long and complex process," Sisko observed wryly, moving in close for another kiss....

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