Willow's Birthday Present

By joan the english chick

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Warnings/Ratings: NC-17 for sexual situations.
Spoilers: BTVS 4th Season through "The Harsh Light of Day."
Additional Disclaimer: No nail-polish fumes were inhaled during the production of this fanfic.

Oz was dropping Willow off outside the college library, on his way to a gig. Willow was kind of sad that she couldn't go to the gig, but she had a big exam the next day. She stood next to the van, kissing Oz goodbye through the window.

After a few minutes of this, Buffy showed up. "Hey guys," she said, pretending not to notice that they were sucking face.

"Hey Buffy!" Willow replied cheerfully, pulling away from Oz to smile at her friend. "Ready for some serious studyin'?"

Buffy put on her game face. "Can't get any readier!" Oz looked amused.

"Break a leg," Willow told him. He smiled and gave Buffy a nod, turning the key in the ignition. Willow turned to walk away, but then Oz's head popped back out of the window.

"Hey," he called. Willow turned back.


"It's almost your birthday," Oz said. "What do you want to do for it?"

"Oh!" Willow broke into a huge smile. She was happy that he had remembered, and besides, she loved birthdays. "I don't know."

"Well, think about it," he said. "Cuz whatever you wanna do, that's what we'll do."

"Okay," Willow agreed, still beaming. She hurried back to give him another kiss, and watched fondly as he drove away.

"Isn't he sweet?" she gushed as she joined Buffy on the stairs leading into the library.

"Yeah, the best," Buffy said, trying not to look jealous. "So, what do you want to do for your birthday? I was going to bake you a cake."

"You were going to bake?" Willow repeated, raising her eyebrows. Buffy looked offended.

"I can bake! Well, okay," she relented, "I was actually going to buy a cake and say I baked it. But it's the thought that counts, right?"

"Right," Willow agreed. "Let's sit over here." She led them to a quiet corner and they both sat down, opening their books. But Willow sat dreamily thinking about her upcoming birthday, reading the same paragraph over and over.

"Psst!" said Buffy after a moment, startling Willow, who looked up.


"I just remembered something I read in Cosmo the other month. About birthdays!"

"You read Cosmo?" Willow asked in amazement. Buffy looked embarrassed.

"Well, my mom does. I was visiting her and - anyway, they had this article about what to say when your boyfriend says 'What do you want for your birthday?'"

"Really? What did it say?" Willow asked, leaning forward to whisper.

Buffy leaned forward too. "I can't remember everything it said, jewelry and chocolate and all that, but what stuck in my mind was sexual positions."

"What?" Willow exclaimed, so loudly that a few other students looked over disapprovingly. Willow blushed and lowered her voice again. "I mean - What?"

Buffy was grinning. "It said that if there's a position you've been wanting to try, but you were afraid to suggest it, you should tell him that's what you want for your birthday."

Willow blushed even more. "I can't do that. Oz would..." She trailed off, trying to imagine how Oz would react.

"Well, it was just an idea," Buffy shrugged, sitting back. Willow sensed that she was upset, and sure enough, she heard her friend mutter something about Angel. It sounded like "...if he had stuck around till my birthday..."

"No, it's a good idea," Willow hastened to reassure her friend. "I just don't know if..." she blushed some more. Buffy grinned.

"If there's anything you want that you haven't tried yet?" the Slayer finished her friend's sentence. "Come on, fantasy time, Will. There must be something." She waited for a reaction, and got none. "Will?"

Willow hardly heard her. A new, daring, exciting idea was occurring to her.

"Yeah, there must be something," she murmured, turning her distracted eyes back to her book. "Hmm..."

After her exam the next day, Willow showed up at Giles' apartment around lunchtime, bearing pizza. "Hello? Giles? Xander?" she called, opening the unlocked door and letting herself in. There was no answer, but Giles' glasses were on his desk next to an open book, so he couldn't have gone far.

In fact, in another minute he appeared from the bathroom. "Oh, Willow, I didn't hear you come in," he said mildly, looking around in his typical absent-minded fashion. "What's that? Pizza?"

"I brought lunch!" Willow announced cheerfully, flourishing the box. "I thought you and Xander might be hungry." She set the box down and opened it, letting the aroma tickle her and Giles' nostrils. She grinned to see her mentor's nose twitch.

"Oh, um, he isn't here," Giles observed, settling behind his desk and reaching for a slice. "He went out for some supplies."

"Oh. Well, I'll wait," Willow announced, pulling up a chair and taking herself a slice as well. "I wanted to ask you a question, anyway."

"Oh?" Giles looked up, attentive. Willow fidgeted.

"Yeah, I was just wondering... if, um... Xander is, um... seeing anyone right now," she managed to get out. Giles raised his eyebrows.

"He doesn't exactly confide in me about his social life," he pointed out. Willow gave him a pleading look. "Well," Giles conceded, "that Anya person has been hanging around quite a bit, but he doesn't really seem terribly interested in her. Not," he added conscientiously, "that I'm any judge of such things, of course."

"Of course. I mean, sure you are!" Willow said quickly. "I mean, thanks. You're sure there isn't anyone else?"

"No, I certainly am not sure," Giles said firmly. "But that's all I care to say about the subject. Now, have a look at this engraving and tell me what you make of it."

Willow frowned at the book he pushed toward her. "It's a spell of binding. I gotta go," she said suddenly, putting down her half-eaten slice of pizza and jumping up. "I'll see you later, okay?"

"What about the pizza? And Xander?" Giles asked in surprise as she gathered her bag up and made for the door.

"Great idea, I'm sure he's hungry," Willow called back over her shoulder. "Bye!"

Later that evening, Buffy and Willow were hanging out in their dorm room when Oz knocked on the door. They recognized his signature knock and yelled, "Come in!" Oz let himself in, nodding to Buffy, giving Willow a big smile.

Willow returned the grin. "Hey, you," she said by way of greeting. Oz sat down beside her on the bed and gave her a hello kiss -- a fairly chaste kiss, since Buffy was in the room.

"How was the gig last night?" Buffy asked before Willow had a chance to. Oz ran his fingers up and down Willow's spine as he answered, making her shiver.

"It was good," he said with a small shrug. This was effusive, for Oz.

"Cool," said Buffy. "You'll remember me when you're rich and famous, right? Your old pal, Buffy, the slayer? The good old days, killing demons, saving the world, geeky stuff like that?"

"Sure," said Oz. He turned to Willow. "So, thought of anything for your birthday yet?"

Willow gave Buffy a beseeching look. Remembering their conversation in the library yesterday, Buffy took the hint. "I'll just go take a nice looonnnng shower," she said, jumping up and grabbing her bathrobe. She disappeared into the bathroom. Willow waited until she heard the water splashing into the tub, and then turned back to her boyfriend.

"Um," she said, and paused as he leaned in for a kiss. She twined her fingers in his spiky hair and they kissed for a while. Finally Oz pulled back.

"Um?" he repeated encouragingly. Willow tried not to blush.

"Um, remember when you said you'd do whatever I wanted for my birthday?"

"Sure," he nodded, intrigued. He trailed his fingers across her thigh, which was very distracting.

"Um..." Willow tried to concentrate. Finally she grabbed his hand and moved it to her shoulder, where it was somewhat safer. "Well, I was wondering ... would you also do whoever I want?"

"Huh?" Oz said, furrowing his brow in confusion. Willow felt the blush rising, and spoke hastily over it.

"What I want for my birthday present is to see you do it with Xander." Oh Goddess! Had she actually said it? She fought the urge to retract. She forced herself to look at Oz, to see how he was reacting. His expression was inscrutable, even to her.

"Um," he said again, studying her face. "You're sure? That's really what you want?"

"I'm sure," Willow said, and quickly added, "I mean, if you want to. I mean, I know how you feel about guys-"

"Oh, I'll do it," Oz interrupted. "I mean, if that's what you want for your birthday, then that's what you'll get." He paused. "Assuming Xander will agree."

"I think I can convince him," Willow said uncertainly. "I hope."

Oz was kissing and nuzzling her neck. "I'm sure you can," he said, his breath puffing hot against her neck, making her shiver. "Just use your feminine wiles."

Willow giggled, then trailed off into a sigh of pleasure as he moved his mouth back up to hers and his hand rose to stroke her breast. But she pulled away and looked nervously at the bathroom door.

"Not here," she said apologetically. Oz took a breath that was half pant, half sigh. He removed his hand.

"I got the van parked outside," he said hopefully. Willow grinned and reached into her bag for the box of condoms.

It was late in the evening when Xander's mom came down to the basement and told him he had a phone call. Bounding up the stairs, he picked up the phone to hear Willow's familiar cheery voice.

"Hey, Will!" he said, pleasantly surprised. "What's up? It's Friday night, shouldn't you and Oz be out sowing some oats?"

"Oats!" said Willow pertly. "That's, that's what we're doing, oats. We thought you should come sow oats with us."

"Me?" Xander said modestly, although inside he was delighted. Life in his parents' basement wasn't exactly a hive of social interaction, even when Anya dropped by.

"Yeah. We're at Oz's place," Willow said. "Half an hour?"

"I'll be there." He hung up and bounced past his mom to go find some oat-sowing clothes.

Xander arrived at Oz's swanky bachelor pad to find that Oz and Willow had already gotten started on the oat-sowing. They had liberated some beer from somewhere and were sitting around barefoot, and barechested in Oz's case, painting each other's toenails purple. At least, in the dim lighting from a single regular bulb and a single blacklight, it looked purple. Some funky alternative music was pounding from the stereo, and the air smelled like Willow's favorite incense.

"Hey," said Xander, sitting down on the floor with them. "So this is what college is all about? Illicit booze and toenail paint?"

"Pretty much!" Willow grinned, holding up the bottle. "Shall I?"

"Um, no thanks. I'll just watch."

Willow and Oz exchanged a meaningful look that meant nothing to Xander. "We were kind of hoping you'd do more than that," Oz said. Xander blinked in confusion.


Another mysterious look exchanged, and then Oz got up and moved away to fiddle with the stereo, out of earshot. Willow scooted a little closer and put her hand on Xander's arm.


"What's going on, Will?" he asked, suddenly a little apprehensive. She quickly moved to pat his arm reassuringly.

"Oh, no, it's not anything bad," she said hastily. "It's just, well, it's almost my birthday-"

"Birthday!" Xander consulted his mental calendar. "Tomorrow! Birthday! I'll get you a pres-"

"No, no, it's okay," Willow cut in again. "You don't have to -- I mean, I sort of asked you here so I could tell you what I wanted. For my present."

"Oh." Xander was still confused, but he relaxed a little. "Okay, so ... what is it?"

For a moment Willow seemed to lose her nerve. "What I want for my birthday...is..."

"Come on, Will, just spit it out."

She took a deep breath, and let it all out in a rush. "IwannaseeyouandOzmakelove."

Xander blinked slowly, and felt his mouth fall open. "Wh..." But no, he didn't really need to hear her repeat it. "Hu...um...why??" he stammered.

Willow looked anxious, but now that it was out her confidence began to return. "I don't know," she said. "I just do. Lots of girls like to see two men...doing...that."

"They do?" Xander said, amazed.

"Yeah," Willow asserted, "especially two men they think are really sexy and stuff."

"Um..." Xander licked his lips in astonishment. "Um, if you say so." He was pretty skeptical about that, but if Willow said it -- especially in front of Oz, with their history -- it must be true.

"Anyway," Willow continued, returning to the topic at hand, "Oz is willing, and he's, like, done it with other guys before, so if you're worried about not knowing what to do, you don't have to." She gave Xander a sweetly beseeching look, her eyes large and round and anxious. "Will you do it? Please? For my birthday?"

Xander wondered why he'd never noticed how persuasive Willow could be. For that matter, why had he never known she was into kinky stuff like this? A new thought occurred to him, and he laughed out loud. Willow gave him a perplexed look.

"Funny, what's funny?" she asked nervously. Xander shook his head, choking down the laughter.

"I was just wondering what Larry would say," he sighed. "He always thought I was gay anyway. I was so sure he was wrong." He quickly added, "Not that I think I'm gay, I mean, just the other night with Anya, well, not that that was really about anything, actually I don't really know what it was about, it was just weird. But I'm not. Gay. I don't think."

"It's okay," Willow said reassuringly. "Doing it once doesn't make you gay. And anyway, you're doing it for me, right?" She smiled winningly. Xander groaned inwardly. When had he ever been able to resist Willow when she asked for something? He tore his eyes from her to look over at Oz, who had long ago given up the pretense of messing with the stereo, and was just trying to stay out of the way.

Seeing Xander look at him, Oz came back over. "You know," he said seriously as he lowered himself crosslegged onto the floor beside Willow, "you don't have to do it."

"I know," Xander said, gulping once. "Um, I'd like...to think about it."

"Sure! Sure, of course," Willow said quickly. "We don't want to rush you into anything, or ... anything."

"Yeah," Oz seconded. "Let's just hang out." He reached for the cooler. "Beer?"

"Yeah," Xander said fervently, accepting the can.

"Ooh! You need another coat," Willow said, looking at Oz's toenails. She unscrewed the cap of the green nail polish. Oz stuck out his foot and she went to work.

"Want me to do you?" Oz asked Xander, holding up the bottle of purple. "Um, I mean...."

"I got it," Xander said quickly. "Uh...oh, what the hell." The tensely charged atmosphere was wigging him out, but he pulled off his shoes and socks and held out one foot. Oz took it into his lap and began to paint the toenails.

"This is fun. Isn't this fun?" Willow said cheerfully, inspecting her handiwork. "Your toes are quite green, sir," she told Oz proudly. He grinned and leaned over to kiss her.

Xander watched them softly touching lips and felt a twinge of... something. Was it jealousy? He couldn't be sure. He had never really felt jealous of those two before; his history with Willow was... well... history, and his jealousy had mostly been for Buffy and Angel. But now....

"More snacks?" Willow said, reaching into the Doritos bag and finding it empty. Oz jerked his chin toward the desk, where several more bags sat. Willow jumped up.

"Don't move that foot!" she instructed, pointing at Oz's foot which she had just finished. "It needs to dry."

"Yes ma'am," Oz replied, saluting smartly. She grinned cheerfully and moved off.

Xander watched Oz carefully wielding the tiny brush. He swept it across each toe in turn, and Xander's nails were purple. He wasn't sure he liked the color. And when Oz put down the bottle and began massaging the foot, Xander wasn't sure he liked that either.

"Relax," Oz said coolly as he rubbed his thumbs firmly over the sole of Xander's foot. Xander had tensed, mostly because he was ticklish there, but he made a conscious effort to unclench his muscles and just enjoy the footrub. Now Oz moved his hands farther up, strongly massaging Xander's calf, letting Xander's foot press into his bare chest. Xander leaned back on his hands, just watching and waiting to see what would happen. He could hardly believe that he was actually getting aroused, just from having his lower legs rubbed. And by Oz!

But that was exactly what was happening. As the other man massaged him, Xander felt his groin tightening and his breath quickening. He was vaguely aware that Willow was standing by the desk, watching, but most of his attention was centered on Oz, who seemed fully absorbed in his task.

And then, wrapping his hand around Xander's ankle, Oz gave a swift tug and pulled the leg under his armpit. This forced Xander's butt to slide closer on the floor, and Oz leaned forward, and their mouths met.

Xander wasn't sure what to do. His butt was on the floor, his leg draped fairly intimately across Oz's, his hands still on the floor behind him, supporting him. And Oz's hands were on his shoulders, holding him loosely -- not restraining, just steadying. The feel of Oz's mouth on his was weird, in he wasn't sure a good way or a bad way. Oz's chin was scratchier than a woman's, but his lips were as soft, his tongue -- when, an instant later, it slid gently into Xander's mouth -- as warm and knowing. Xander groaned in surprise and burgeoning desire.

Abruptly, Oz broke off and pulled away. He lifted Xander's leg off his and gently laid it on the floor. "Sorry," he said, licking his lips unconsciously. His breathing was rapid, but more controlled than Xander's.

"It...it's okay," Xander replied hesitantly. Willow, who had been holding her breath and standing like a statue to avoid interfering, broke forward from the desk and came back over, holding the bag of chips.

"Don't wanna push," Oz said apologetically, glancing up at his girlfriend. She gave him a nervous smile and looked at Xander, then back.

"I didn't know," she said, her tone tinged with wonder. Oz dipped his head self-consciously and gave a half-shrug.

Xander realized suddenly that, although this had been Willow's idea, Oz wasn't unwilling or reluctant. In fact, he was more into it than Willow had expected. Xander wondered what that said about their relationship...or about Oz's past. He decided that was none of his business.

"Um, guys?" he said tentatively. The gazes they both turned on him were so intense he drew back a little, but he forged on. "How exactly does this...um...work?"

Oz turned to look up at Willow, who was standing beside him. She gave him a helpless look and a little shrug. He squared his shoulders and turned back to Xander.

"Well," Oz said matter-of-factly, looking Xander in the eye, "we could start off slow. I could go down on you." Willow gave a little gasp. "And then see what develops," Oz continued. "Or, if you wanted to throw caution to the wind, we could just go for it."

Xander was a little unclear on the concept of 'just go for it' in this context, but he knew it wasn't for him. "I don't know about that," he said carefully. Oz didn't look surprised. Looking up at Willow, Xander realized she was intensely aroused. She swallowed through a dry throat and moved backward to sit in an armchair, which was conveniently positioned to face the bed.

"Whatever makes you comfortable," Oz said calmly.

How do I get myself into these situations? Xander asked himself, thinking of Anya and her unconventional proposition. Well, the truth was, he would do just about anything for Willow, and at least he knew and trusted Oz. He looked over and met the other man's eyes. "Well," he said hesitantly. "Um, maybe you should...kiss me again."

Something kindled in Oz's eyes and he moved forward, a little too quickly, but by the time their mouths touched again he had controlled himself. His kiss was gentle and nondemanding, but Xander knew he would never get anywhere that way. Anyway, it wasn't like he was some shy virgin who needed to be handled like glass... He rubbed sweaty palms on his jeans and reached up to put both hands behind Oz's head, pulling him closer. Oz had his arms around Xander's back, holding him, stroking his back lightly. At this cue, he intensified the kiss and it became almost brutal -- Xander opened his mouth and Oz's tongue took possession. Kissing fiercely, they fell back onto the floor, Xander on the bottom with Oz on top of him, and although he was taller than Oz, he found that the other man was stronger.

Oz pulled up a little and used one hand to pin Xander's wrists above his head. Xander struggled a little, feeling suddenly shockingly vulnerable, on the floor with the wolf-boy straddling him, although his incipient erection sent a different message. Oz used his free hand to tug Xander's shirt up, exposing a lot of bare stomach and chest, which rippled nervously at the sudden touch of cooler air. Oz ducked down suddenly and pressed his open mouth to Xander's stomach, making him cry out and jerk upward. His erection was complete now, straining against the confines of his jeans, and he held his breath waiting for Oz to move his mouth down... but instead he moved up, pushing the shirt up as he went, and fastened on one of Xander's nipples. Xander moaned and dug his newly freed hands into Oz's hair, sliding them down a little farther to explore the contours of the other man's shoulders and upper back. Oz moved to the other nipple and worried it lightly with his teeth until it was as stiff and hard as the first -- and then he released it and sat up, tugging Xander's shirt over his head and tossing it aside.

"Bed," Oz said pithily, rocking back onto his heels and then standing. He held out a hand to Xander, who took it and allowed himself to be pulled upright. As he rose, he came within Oz's personal space, and the heat from their bare chests mingled. Xander wasn't sure whether the head rush was from standing up too quickly or just plain lust. And then Oz's fingers were undoing his button-fly, and Xander gasped and fell backward onto the bed. As his ass hit the mattress and bounced slightly, he caught sight of Willow, leaning forward in her chair, watching intently.

Oz finished undoing Xander's pants and tugged them open, pulling them down. Xander, almost involuntarily, lifted his hips and allowed his jeans and briefs to be pulled off. Oz dropped gracefully to his knees, and Xander suddenly felt a flash of apprehension shoot through him like an electric shock. Until this instant, somehow, he hadn't actually realized that it was actually going to happen. It was as if the entire episode had been a dream, and suddenly he was waking into the reality. He half-sat up, a protest rising to his lips, but then again he saw Willow, saw the aroused expression on her face, and slowly sank back down onto his elbows. The absurdity of the situation flashed through his mind in a rush: how many months, or even years, had he spent imagining being naked with Willow, and now here he was about to be sucked off by her boyfriend. Life was ironic.

All thought of hiding behind sarcasm -- indeed all thought, period -- disappeared from Xander's brain at the first touch of Oz's lips on his straining cock. The other man's mouth was hot, wet, and strong, and boy did it know what it was doing. Xander tossed his head back and moaned loudly, heedless of who could hear. His fingers clenched in the bedspread as Oz licked delicately up the shaft in a spiral pattern, reached the top, placed his lips just around the very tip, and sucked firmly. All semblance of resistance fled as Xander moved his hands into his friend's hair, pulling him urgently closer. Oz grinned a little -- momentarily baring his teeth in an unsettlingly lupine manner -- and opened his mouth wider, leaning forward to enclose almost Xander's entire length. His tongue continued to swirl around the head in a devastatingly random pattern; one hand was on Xander's hip to steady himself, the other stealing under Oz's chin to caress Xander's balls.

Xander felt sweat standing out on every inch of his naked body, and too he felt the heat building in his groin, gathering toward the explosion. He pried his eyes open and saw Willow, standing now by the side of the bed, having left her chair in favor of a position with a better view. Her lips were parted, her eyes lidded, and she looked utterly enraptured.

Unexpectedly, the sight of Willow watching them sent a new surge of pleasure through Xander's body and he climaxed swiftly, nearly tearing out Oz's hair as his hips bucked upward and he shouted his delight to the ceiling.

Oz's throat worked as he swallowed quickly, gulping Xander's seed down with alacrity. He stayed with him until the spasms stopped and Xander flopped down on his back, panting. Oz let Xander's softening cock slip out from between his lips and sat back on his heels, wearing a look of quiet triumph. He turned his eyes to Willow and smiled slightly. She returned the smile.

"What now?" Oz asked hoarsely, licking his lips. Willow moved toward him as he rose, and they both looked at Xander, who still lay limp and gasping on the bed.

"I think you wore him out," Willow said with a teasing smile. "Give him a minute to catch his breath."

Oz nodded acquiescence, and suddenly Willow reached out, grabbing him by the back of the neck, pulling his lips down to hers. She rubbed her tongue across his lips, tasting the essence of Xander on them. Oz put his arms around her and pulled her against him, rubbing her against the bulge in his jeans.

Willow pulled back, shaking her head. "No," she said firmly, and Oz backed off obediently. Willow held something out to him, which Xander couldn't identify from his angle, but Oz took it without question and moved back toward the bed, while Willow moved back to her chair.

Oz paused to pull off his jeans -- leaving his boxers on -- and climbed onto the bed, laying his body carefully alongside Xander's without actually touching. "You okay?" he asked. Xander blinked at him.

"Um, yeah." Oz nodded, and there was silence for a moment. Tentatively, Xander put out a hand and dropped it onto Oz's bare chest. The skin there was warm, lightly furred, and slick with sweat. Xander snuck a peek downward, and realized to his surprise that Oz was hard under his boxers.

Taking a deep breath, Xander began to trail his hand down across Oz's stomach. He was surprised again when a hand closed around his wrist, stopping him. He looked over at Oz.

"You don't have to," Oz said quietly. "Only what you want."

Xander swallowed, trying to get some moisture into his dry mouth. "I want to," he said, not entirely truthfully... but he was curious. Oz held his gaze for a moment, then nodded slightly and released his wrist.

Xander pushed himself up onto his side, resting his left elbow on the bed and his head on his hand. With his other hand, he explored the contours of Oz's chest and stomach, feeling with interest how the muscles contracted and the skin moved over bones as his hand passed across them. Then he reached down farther and pushed the boxers down. They caught on Oz's erection, and Xander paused, embarrassed. Watching his face, Oz reached down himself and freed the clothing, shoving it down and kicking it aside.

Xander took a moment to look, and yes, to be shallow and compare. He had never been this close to another man's penis before, unless you counted the day he was conceived. Oz was thicker than Xander, but shorter too. He was also very hard. Xander found it a little intimidating, okay, a LOT intimidating, but he figured he had come too far to chicken out now. He reached out slowly and wrapped his hand around it. Oz jerked a little, but managed to mostly hold still.

Xander grinned slightly, and began to move his hand up and down. He tried to imagine himself masturbating; what did he do? Oh yeah...he twisted his hand like this. Oz gave a strangled gasp and widened his eyes at Xander, who grinned some more and continued to pump him.

Abruptly, Oz batted Xander's hand aside and sat up. "Enough," he said thickly, and Xander's initial dismay faded as he heard the arousal in Oz's voice and realized he just didn't want it to end so soon. Now Oz held up the thing Willow had given him, and it turned out to be two things: a condom, and a small bottle of lubricant. Xander's mouth went dry again as he realized what it meant. He sat up too, realizing as he did so that his erection was back. Jerking off another guy was a turn-on: who knew?

Oz looked over at Willow for directions. She seemed to be having some difficulty breathing, but she used her chin to indicate Xander and gasped, "Let him."

Oz turned to Xander and, with lightning speed that amazed him, unrolled the condom onto Xander's cock. He pressed the bottle of lube into Xander's hand and dropped down on his stomach on the bed.

"No!" Willow called, and they both looked over at her in surprise. "Face to face," she instructed. Xander blinked at her. Oz flipped over onto his back and spread his legs, giving Xander an expectant look.

Xander looked from the tube in his hand to Oz and back. "Um, what do I-" he muttered, embarrassed.

Oz lifted himself up a little and said, "Put some of it on you, and a lot on me, and then...put them together."

"Ah," Xander nodded, feeling foolish. He uncapped the lube and squeezed a bit into his hand. It felt cool and strange. He rubbed it on his condomed erection, feeling his excitement returning. He squeezed some more into his hand, tossed the tube aside, and moved toward Oz, hesitating again.

Oz met his eyes and gave him a nod. Taking a deep breath, Xander put his hand between Oz's buttocks and carefully spread the gel across his anus. Then he shifted himself into position; Oz lifted his ankles onto Xander's shoulder, which surprised him momentarily. He took his cock in one hand and carefully brought the tip of it into position.

As Xander hesitated again, Oz gave an impatient groan and thrust himself upward. The tip of Xander's cock pushed inside him and they both gasped. Instinctively, Xander's hips thrust again and he slid in another inch. A few more thrusts and he was all the way inside, both men grunting and gasping as their bodies moved against each other.

Xander felt lightheaded from all the new stimuli. Admittedly, he didn't have a lot of experience with women either, but Oz definitely felt different from any -- okay, either -- of the women Xander had fucked. He was tighter, and the angle was much different. Plus, there was the not-so-little matter of Oz's erection pressing into Xander's stomach with each downward thrust. Xander reached down for it again, using his hand that was still slippery from the lube, and his fingers slid slickly across the length, making Oz gasp and cry out. Inexperienced as he was, Xander didn't see the signs, and so he was quite taken aback when Oz began to orgasm, tossing his head and moaning as the thick cream shot out of him. He also, not incidentally, clenched his muscles tightly around Xander as he came, the shock of which was enough to send Xander over the edge as well, gushing out into Oz as he groaned in release.

A few long, delicious moments of sated silence passed while they waited for consciousness to return. "Whew," Xander gasped, that being about as coherent as he could manage. He pulled out carefully, removed the condom, and put it aside. He and Oz lay back, tangled together in a heap of sweaty arms and legs, panting. Oz's lips curved up slightly, which on anyone else would have been a huge grin.

Willow stood at the end of the bed, looking at them, her eyes shining with a strange light. "You guys are so beautiful," she said softly. Under her shirt, they could see that her nipples were hard. Oz gave her a lazy grin. Xander merely stared, too exhausted to think anything except how much he adored her.

Willow put her hands on the bed, then her knees, and crawled across it to where they lay. She straddled them both, putting one knee between Oz's legs and the other between Xander's. She looked from one to the other, indecisive, and finally leaned down to kiss Xander.

Xander was sure he had died and gone to heaven. Willow's tongue was sweet and warm where it twined against his; her hand was on his bare chest, and her skirt fell down to tickle his groin. She was moaning and twisting against him, and he realized when the kiss broke that Oz's hand was under her skirt, stroking the heat between her thighs. She straightened up a bit and pulled her sweater over her head in one smooth motion, exposing her beautiful rosy skin, smooth stomach, small perfect breasts. She grabbed Xander's hand and pulled it to one breast, sliding down to lie between them, pressing herself against Xander's side.

Xander fondled her breast and opened his mouth to her questing tongue. Behind them, Oz spooned up against Willow and put his open mouth to the nape of her neck, his hand still between her thighs. "You enjoyed that almost as much as we did," he observed, speaking into Willow's skin. She took a shuddering breath and nodded, reluctant to stop kissing Xander. Her hands trailed across his naked body, making him shiver.

Oz moved his mouth around to Willow's earlobe and suckled it gently before asking, "What do you want now?"

Willow writhed slowly under their combined hands and mouths. "I want..." she murmured against Xander's lips. Her low, throaty voice reverberated in Xander's ribcage, where hers was pressed against him, and seemed to go directly to his groin. Unbelievably, he felt himself beginning to harden again. He pulled back slightly to look down at Willow. Her breast was silky in his hand, a sweet weight, the nipple tight between his fingers. Her mouth was swollen from kissing, her hair tangled and sweaty. She was beautiful.

"I want..." she said again, and she lifted her hand, in which suddenly there was another condom. "I want to see him do you," she said softly to Xander. "Do you think you can take him?"

Xander felt a twinge of mingled apprehension and excitement. "I don't know," he said honestly. "He's awfully big..."

Willow reached down and carefully unrolled the condom onto Xander's erection. "He'll take it real slow," she promised. Oz moved aside as Willow took hold of Xander's far hip and pulled him over her. She spread her legs and rubbed herself against his cock. Xander gasped and buried his face in her neck, tasting the sweet saltiness of her sweaty skin. Her breasts pushed against his chest as she reached between them and guided him inside her.

Xander moaned again at the sensation of Willow enclosing him. She was hot and, he could tell even through the condom, very very wet. Her hands were on his hips now, holding him still. "Don't move," she whispered, her breath stirring his hair. He sighed and clung to her.

An instant later, Xander felt the bed move as Oz came up behind him. He suddenly realized what they had in mind, and his body twitched, but he put his trust in Willow and held still. He felt Oz's hands lightly touching his ass, moving his legs apart a bit, and then the fingers, thickly coated with lube, probing into his most sensitive orifice. He held his breath, his nose filled with Willow's scent.

When Oz inserted the first finger, Xander's hips bucked of their own accord, and he opened his mouth to gasp, pressing his teeth lightly into Willow's shoulder. Oz moved slowly, pressing the slippery finger inside, curving it forward -- Xander gasped again as somehow that finger found a sensitive spot and teased at it. He concentrated on relaxing, feeling Willow shift underneath him, the walls of her tunnel clutching at his cock. He groaned and felt Oz adding a second finger. And then a third.

"Say stop any time," said Oz softly behind him, and then the fingers slid out -- Xander gave a groan of disappointment that surprised him -- and were replaced by something else. Something thicker and smoother...Xander gasped again and concentrated on relaxing his sphincter, meanwhile clamping down his teeth on Willow's shoulder.

Oz moved very, very slowly -- agonizingly slowly. He seemed to want it to take forever. His hands were cool on Xander's hips, holding him gently, thrusting slowly. Slowly, Xander felt himself filling up. Then Willow lifted her knees, tilting her own hips to take Xander even deeper inside her. She tightened her internal muscles around him, making him grunt. Instinctively, again, his hips thrust at her, with the added result of thrusting himself back onto Oz. Xander groaned hoarsely. Oz's mouth fastened onto the back of his neck -- it must be some residual wolf thing -- and his hips moved faster, now that he was sure Xander could take him. For each thrust of Oz inside Xander, there was an equal and opposite thrust of Xander inside Willow, and their three voices filled the air along with the smells of incense, sweat, and sex. It wasn't long before Xander's overstimulated body exploded again, and he went limp, collapsing atop Willow, barely even noticing Oz's corresponding spasms behind him.

Xander was still in a semi-conscious fog as Oz pulled out of him and gently rolled him aside. When Xander finally regained his senses, the air was filled again with Willow's high whimpers, and he discovered her thrashing against the pillows with Oz's mouth between her thighs. Xander leaned over and did something he had wanted to do all night... all year... all his life: he took one of Willow's nipples in his mouth and suckled, rubbing his tongue across the hardened tip. She cried out and dug her fingers into his hair, climaxing in a rush. Oz continued to lap at her for another minute, while she twitched and sighed breathily.

Finally, Willow reached down and pulled Oz up to lie beside her; she settled Xander on her other side. "Ooh," was all she had to say. Oz grinned across the expanse of her breasts at Xander.

"Happy birthday," Oz said quietly. Xander echoed the sentiment as a slow smile of utter contentment spread across Willow's face.

"Yeah, happy birthday, Will."

Willow closed her eyes happily. "The best birthday ever."

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