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Warnings/Ratings: NC-17 for sexual situations.
Timeline: Takes place immediately after BTVS Season 4 episode "Doomed."
Spoilers: BTVS 4th Season through "Doomed."
Thanks: To Siubhan ( for the beta.

Xander was awakened by water dripping on his head. He was lying on his side, slightly curled up, and chilly water was dripping into his ear. "Dammit Spike," he mumbled into his pillow, "thought I told you to fix that leaky pipe."

"I did fix it," replied a voice, far too close for comfort to Xander's ear. Xander realized three things in quick succession.

One, he had been tired that night and hadn't checked the ropes holding Spike to his chair as carefully as he might have intended.

Two, it had been a warm night, and so Xander had kicked off the covers in his sleep.

Three, that wasn't pipe water dripping in his ear at all. It was Spike licking his ear. Spike, in fact, lying spooned up behind him in his bed, skin separated from skin by a thin layer of boxers (Xander's) and jeans (Spike's) and t-shirts.

Xander tensed, suddenly wide awake, but fear kept him from leaping out of bed as his first instinct suggested. Spike may have been ... neutered ... by the Initiative, but he was still dangerous, and the exact limits of the prohibition against hurting people had not been satisfactorily investigated to Xander's suddenly increased standards.

So he held still, and forced his voice to remain cool as he asked, "Spike, what the hell are you doing?"

"And they let you graduate high school?" Spike clucked in disapproval. Dimly visible in the darkened room, he was lying with his head propped up on one hand, looking down at Xander, studying him almost clinically, kind of like Dr. Frankenstein trying to decide where to attach the first electrode. His breath stirred the tiny hairs on Xander's cheek. Xander breathed out slowly and tried again.

"Not that I don't enjoy being insulted by you from up close, but is there a reason you're invading my personal space?" He would swear he could feel the wicked grin spreading across the vampire's face.

"Scared of me?" Spike whispered, his voice raspy with threat or ... maybe something else. He gave Xander's ear another lick, making Xander shudder slightly.

"Answer the damn question, Spike." No, that wasn't a rasp in *his* voice. He was just hoarse from the dampness in the room, yeah. Uh-huh.

"Mm...." Another lick, slower and longer this time. "I was cold. Needed some body heat to warm me up." To illustrate his point, Spike snuggled in closer, pressing his chest to Xander's back, his legs to Xander's legs, his hips... uh-oh. Xander suddenly realized there was a hand on his hip, just resting there lightly, but providing definite implications.

"Oh yeah, right," he scoffed with his characteristic false bravado. "And licking my ear helps warm you up?" Too late he realized the unfortunate connotations of the question. Rhetorical! It was rhetorical! he thought quickly. Now he could feel Spike smirking.

"You got that right," the vampire chuckled, then wrapped his cool lips around Xander's earlobe. The younger man gasped and tried to sit bolt upright, but the hand on his hip was suddenly hard and strong, holding him down.

"Spike, cut it out, I'm serious," he instructed, trying to sound commanding. Spike merely chuckled again, sending unsettling vibrations through Xander's earlobe and all the way down his spine. The vampire lifted his head off of his free hand and brushed a bit of dark hair away from Xander's ear.

"Xaaaander," Spike cooed, imitating Anya. "You don't really caaaaare about me."

"Shut up! And get the hell off my bed. I mean it." Christ, could he sound any less convincing?

Spike, not surprisingly, ignored this. "Xaaaander, the missionary position is so booooring. Can't we try something else?" he taunted. His fingers suddenly caught in Xander's hair and pulled his head deeper into the pillow, exposing a swath of bare neck. Xander tensed even more, if that were possible, and squeezed his eyes shut, thinking desperately, He can't bite me! He can't bite me! And that isn't what I think it is pressing against my butt!

"Shut up," he managed to force out again, though he was holding his breath and trying not to notice the tightness in his groin. "You don't know anything about Anya, she..." He broke off. Well, it wasn't really necessary to tell Spike exactly how kinky his girlfriend could be.

"Oh, I know," Spike breathed back, his lips against the junction of Xander's neck and shoulder. How could a dead guy's breath be so hot? "She helps pass the time, but she doesn't really do it for ya, does she? You're just using her, you little tramp." He fastened his lips tightly on the skin, his teeth grazing lightly, his tongue brushing. Xander strove to control the gasp that rose to his lips.

"You don't - you're in no position to judge me, Mister I Laugh At Other People's Suffering Especially When I Was The One Who Caused It," he objected. Spike grunted.

"Oh, no?" he said softly, wetly against Xander's skin. "I'm in no position, am I? Well, how about this position?" And like lightning his hand slipped inside Xander's boxers and wrapped around his half-hard cock. This time Xander did gasp, his back instinctively arching, his erection jerking to completeness even as he tried -- half-heartedly, he might someday have to admit -- to pull away.

"No...." he said breathlessly, but by now they both knew it was a lie. Still, Spike clicked his tongue in mock disappointment.

"No?" the vampire asked. "Well ... then I'll just have to find another position. Lessee, how about this one?" With dizzying speed, in a single movement he slid down the bed, pushed Xander back onto it, tugged the boxers down, nudged Xander's knees apart with his shoulders, and struck a saucy pose, resting his chin on one of Xander's knees, grinning up the length of the boy's body. His fingers were still gripping Xander's now-exposed erection, sliding casually up and down the length as he watched Xander's face. "Howzat?" he grinned, his teeth flashing too white in the dimness of the darkened basement.

"Spike..." Xander sighed, or at least he meant to sigh it, in an exasperated my-tolerance-has-its-limits sort of way, but it came out more like a moan. He cleared his throat and attempted to ignore the urgent message from his cock as he asked, "It's the middle of the night. Shouldn't you be out roaming the streets, looking for mayhem?"

"Sod that," Spike opined lazily, still stroking. "In case you haven't noticed, I prefer causing mayhem to looking for it, and it's a lot harder to cause it when you can only hit demons and not people. Anyway," he continued, smirking again, shifting his face closer to the throbbing column of flesh in his hand, "you said you were moist and delicious. And I can't bloody wait to find out if you were right." Still smirking, he wet his lips with a darting pink tongue, opened them, moved them to the very tip of Xander's cock... and then stopped, gazing mischievously up into Xander's eyes.

The effect of having a willing mouth -- even Spike's -- that close to his dick overwhelmed Xander's senses. Against all the dictates of his faintly protesting conscience, he let his eyes drift shut and his hips thrust helplessly upward. Spike grinned again, and the corners of his mouth were still turned up as his lips closed greedily around the tip of Xander's cock, sucking firmly and bobbing his head to take more and more of it into his mouth.

Xander, his head thrown back against the pillows, hardly even noticed as, with a skill that spoke of long experience, Spike shifted his body up enough to pull the boxers down and off, then lifted his arms to pull the t-shirt over Xander's head, never losing contact with the throbbing erection between his lips. Long, pale, cold fingers slid across Xander's belly to pinch his nipples, rubbing them between fingers and thumbs as the younger man thrashed with guilty abandon on the bed.

Suddenly -- so suddenly that Xander gave a loud yelp of dismay -- the enclosing wetness was gone from his cock, and he looked down across his heaving chest to watch Spike -- unexpectedly naked as well -- moving up his body, nibbling lightly. Very lightly, almost experimentally in fact. Xander realized that Spike was testing the limits; when he began to suckle one of Xander's nipples, he grinned, but when he tightened his teeth around it, the vampire winced in pain and just as quickly let go. Xander wasn't sure whether to be reassured or further alarmed.

Now Spike was moving up again, his lips teasing Xander's chest, his neck -- he tensed, but Spike moved on, over his chin and up to his face. "Well, it ain't drinking blood, but it's the next best thing," he said with his wicked grin. Xander shuddered in a confusing mix of revulsion and arousal. For the first time, they kissed, Spike's mouth hard and wet and forceful, teeth grinding against teeth. Xander whimpered and reached for his painfully hard dick, but Spike batted his hand away and seized it again, rubbing the saliva and the oozing juices across the tip and down the length of the shaft. But then Spike felt the gathering tightness in Xander's balls against the back of his hand, and he pulled it away, clucking into the young man's mouth.

"Ah-ah-ah," he chided softly. "Not so fast there, my little nummy treat. That's for me, that is."

"Wha?" Xander slurred in confusion, but even as he was voicing the interrogatory syllable, Spike was rolling away from him, one hand on Xander's hip pulling him back onto his side, only this time they were spooned in reverse, with Spike in front. The blond vampire lifted himself up onto hands and knees, pulling Xander along with him, and Xander finally realized what he was getting at.

He looked down at Spike's back, pale and speckled with miscellaneous scars, strongly muscled, yet somehow still vulnerable-looking. For a moment the entire scene struck him as utterly absurd, and he shook his head.

"Why can't I attract a nice, normal girl?" he wondered aloud. Spike grunted in annoyance.

"You wanna talk, or you wanna shag?" the vampire scolded. Xander hesitated, actually poised for an instant to consider the question, but then Spike pushed back against him, his tight buttocks rubbing Xander's upper thighs, his cold experienced hand reaching back to find Xander's cock again, and the arousal surged back into Xander with a vengeance. He put one hand on Spike's hips to steady them both, shoved Spike's hand off his cock, took it in his own hand, and pressed it against Spike's opening.

Even with the saliva and the precum, there wasn't enough lubrication, but Spike clearly didn't care, and who was Xander to argue with a vampire? So he forced his way in, actually encouraged by the grunts of pleasurepain tearing from Spike's throat, although they were almost drowned out by the sound, thundering loud in his ears, of Xander's own harsh ragged breathing and his groans of pleasure. Spike was thrusting his hips fiercely backward, trying to take it all, so Xander gave it all to him; within moments he was fully embedded in Spike's tight body and he paused to rest his sweaty chest against Spike's sweaty back, savoring the sensation.

But Spike was not one for slow savoring of the moment. With an impatient grunt he tossed his head and shook his hips, almost bucking Xander off before he regained his equilibrium and took up the hard, driving rhythm that Spike clearly wanted. He pounded in and out, in and out, his balls slapping against Spike's ass with each stroke, gasping, while Spike balanced on one hand, the other working urgently between his thighs. Xander was already so close it didn't take long before he tumbled over the edge, voicing a loud moan which he quickly muffled against the nape of Spike's neck lest his parents overhear, even from two stories above.

As Xander collapsed liquidly on top of Spike, the vampire's hand moved more hastily, then more slowly as he climaxed as well, groaning into the pillow.

They lay still for a moment, limbs tangled together in a sweaty mass, before Xander finally pulled free, rolling off Spike to lie panting on his back, staring up at the dimly visible ceiling. He shivered slightly as the sweat -- and other liquids -- on his skin began to dry in the night air. Leaning down, he fished around at the end of the bed until he located the wad of sheet and thin blanket, and pulled them up over himself. Spike lifted a corner of the covers and slid underneath as well, still lying on his stomach, letting his arm and thigh brush Xander's.

Xander mused tiredly that he should probably make Spike get up, and tie him to the chair again, but he just didn't have the energy. "Oh, all right," he sighed, "but you get to sleep in the wet spot."

"Bloody wanker," Spike said, muffled by the pillow, but without his usual acidity. "By the way, we're out of Weetabix."

Xander didn't even want to know. He lay back and closed his eyes.

"And the sad thing?" he muttered to himself. "Still more romantic than Faith."

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